03 November 2007

5 Star Review for In Her Bed from Beverly Romance Books

Stupendous Sensual Sequel!, November 1, 2007
By Beverly Romance Books "Beverly" (St. Petersburg, Florida)

DeborahAnne MacGillivray debuted on the Historical Romance scene with "A Restless Knight," one of the best Scottish Medieval Romances ever written. It was amazing to believe this book was a debut. The release of the sequel, "In Her Bed," will awe historical romance readers even more with another beautiful storyline with depth of research and character development. Very few writers have the ability to continue a series without having the following books go flat, thus disappointing fans. Not with DeborahAnne MacGillivray! Nobody does it better!

Continuing where the previous story left off, Julian Challon, known as The Black Dragon, has been declared the overlord of all Scottish lands surrounding Glenrogha by decree of King Edward I and marriage to the beautiful Lady of Glenrogha, Tamlyn MacShane. We leave the Beltane festivities and upcoming marriage celebration of Julian and Tamlyn who have found true love and happiness in this arrangement, only to have Julian's cousin and right-hand man, Damian St. Giles, Lord Ravenhawke, confused, depressed and missing.

The handsome Damian feels he is in love with his cousin's future wife, Lady Tamlyn, as he believes it is she that continues to rescue him in a recurring dream he has had for years. Damien's duty toward his cousin, Lord Challon, and to King Edward, is to become the Lord of Lyonglen, lands rightfully his as the old Barron's grandson, which just happen to be close to Glenrogha and currently occupied by Lady Tamlyn's look-alike cousin, Lady Aithinne Ogilvie. Lady Aithinne has been under the guardianship of the old Lord of Lyonglen for years and now that he has passed away, upon hearing the rumors of King Edward's invasion and The Black Dragon is concerned about the precious lands and people of Lyonglen. She is also troubled as many Scottish lairds have tried to steal Lyonglen through marriage to her. In her attempt to save herself and Lyonglen she feels she must convince everyone that she had married the old Barron of Lyonglen before his death and that she is with child; a child that would be considered the true heir to Lyonglen. But Aithinne is an innocent virgin, so she turns to the old healer Oona to produce a potion that would draw a handsome and strong man to her bed for a period of time so that she can conceive. She sends her brothers out to the Beltane festivities to find and bring back a strong and handsome man for her to bed, not realizing they would return with the true Lord Ravenhawke, the long lost grandson of the Barron of Lyonglen.

Oona's powerful potion works and for seven beautiful nights Aithinne has the handsome Damian in her bed, bound and captive, being fed the potion until she can conceive. With this powerful potion Aithinne and Damien experience passion beyond their wildest dreams. While Aithinne discovers passion that soon turns to love, Damien, confused by the potion and the beauty in his bed that strongly resembles Tamlyn, believes he is with Tamlyn, and cries out Tamlyn's name during intense passion. Not realizing her own special beauty, Aithinne has always felt second best to her beautiful cousin and is crushed at discovering Damien's love for Tamlyn. Once Oona confirms that Aithinne is with child, Aithinne realizes she must let Damien go, not realizing who he truly is and that Tamlyn is in love with and is going to marry The Black Dragon. Damien is given another potion in order for him to forget and he is released. He returns to Glenrogha even more confused, arriving just in time to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Julian and Tamlyn and witnessing their intense love. How could Tamlyn bed him so passionately when her love for Julian is so obvious?

Aithinne is left alone, hurt, and in love, but happy to be carrying Damien's child. When Damien returns to Lyonglen as Lord Ravenhawke, the grandson and rightful heir, chaos begins. Aithinne is carrying Damien's child and is in love with him, but he does not remember her. Once Damien takes over the duties as Lord of Lyonglen, the more time he spends with Aithinne, he begins to remember parts of the recent past until finally he remembers all and that it was Aithinne he has bedded. He comes to realize that not only has he fallen in lust, but in love and that the child Aithinne carries is his. But most important, he realizes it has been Aithinne who has been the woman in his dreams, not Tamlyn. Can Damien forgive Aithinne for her deception? Will Aithinne forgive her own deception as well, now realizing her error, but most of all; can she forget Damien's declaration of love for Tamlyn during their time of intense passion and ever come to realize that Damien's love for her is true? Or will both realize that their love is stronger than any deception, dream, magical potion or spell can produce?

Once again the beauty and magic of "A Restless Knight" is re-created and becomes something better and difficult to describe in its intensity. A fan of medieval romance cannot read anything better or more enjoyable. This sensual story of love keeps the reader spellbound to the pages in a way only DeborahAnne MacGillivray can. "In Her Bed" is a stupendous read and a true match to the first book in the series. It is a definite keeper for those who love Scottish folklore and the true magic of love.


Unknown said...

What a stunning review. I really have to get this book and read it. It sounds so good... almost as yummy as the cover you designed for my historical, Sparta Rose. I'm still in love with it.


Deborah Macgillivray said...

Beverly Books always is a good reviewer for historicals books, but this one is outstanding.

I am happy you love your cover. I think it turned out very well.

Laura Elliott said...

Hey! Great review, congrats!

Anonymous said...


Just dropping in, possibly a day early, via the blog chain. Love the cover of your book!

Hope to see you at my blog:

Michele Ann Young said...

Great review. I love both of these books.
Nice blog too!
Best wishes
Michele Ann Young