25 November 2007

5 Star Review for In Her Bed

*****The Perfect Augmentation!!!, November 24, 2007
By A. Will (Ft. Campbell, KY USA)

"In Her Bed" by Deborah MacGillivray

So often I've read books that have secondary characters in them that I've wondered what was going on with them while the main story was taking place. Where did they go when they disappeared? What happened to them? Who were they with? Deborah MacGillivray has such a talent for bringing to life these secondary characters by giving them their own storylines and their own books!

For those who haven't read "A Restless Knight", I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading this first before you read "In Her Bed." These two books are linked not just by the characters, but they take place at the same time. "A Restless Knight" slightly precedes "In Her Bed." This is why it is important for you to read "A Restless Knight" first.

Damien St. Giles, Lord Ravenhawke, thinks he's in love with his cousin's bride and it is tormenting him to watch the two of them together. Although he is happy for them, he can't shake the pain his heart feels for the woman he thinks he's been seeing in his dreams for years.

Aithinne Ogilvie is in desperate need of securing her future and the future of her people. She needs to be with child and sends her three brothers and servant to find her a man who will serve that purpose. Unknown to her, they bring her the cousin to the infamous Black Dragon of Challon, who is her cousin Tamlyn's new husband!

(Taking a deep breath...LOL)

On the night of the Beltane celebration, Damien finds himself drugged and chained to the bed of Aithinne Ogilvie. In his altered state of mind, he thinks it is Tamlyn who he makes love to; he has no clue it is her cousin who has captured him.

Aithinne is devastated when Damien calls her by her cousin's name. She had already fallen in love with this man who she bedded and had made passionate love to. Heartbroken, she gives him a potion that will make him forget her and their time together. (by this part of the book, I was in tears!!!!)

When Lord Ravenhawke and his cousin come to lay claim to Aithinne and all her holdings, Damien is drawn to this woman who resembles Tamlyn.
Damien can't ignore the fact that his body, heart, and soul desire Aithinne more than he understands or cares to admit. He craves this woman who feels she is a poor comparison to her beautiful, perfect cousin.

My heart ached for Aithinne and I cried, ok, sobbed at her anguish that she may never have the love of Damien the way Tamlyn and Julian love.

"In Her Bed" completely augments "A Restless Knight" but holds its own story well.

My heart was captured by the love story between Damien and Aithinne! There was so much passion and desire between these two people who have lived their lives in the shadows of their cousins.

Once again, I give my highest rating of * * * * * stars to another of Deborah MacGilllivray's books!

I cannot wait until the next book in "The Dragons of Challon" series and have found myself yet again in love with another Dragon!

Hugs and kisses and happy reading!

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