02 February 2015

Amazon Publishing offers special deal to Turbo Tax app users on Kindle

Very excited to announce Amazon Publishing is rewarding people who use Turbo Tax app through Kindle.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?node=10566987011# If you are using Turbo Tax through Kindle store - check it out - they are promoting Amazon's authors, nearly 3000 titles half off. From now until 7/31/2015
My Titles are included - Riding the Thunder, A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, and The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Dawn's titles are also included - Blood Moon, The Ravencliff Bride, The Waterlord, The Bride of Time, The Ravening, The Brotherhood, and the Falcon's Bride.
Her Dawn MacTavish tiles are included, too - The Marsh Hawk, Renegade Riders, Counterfeit Lady, Prisoner of the Flames, and The Privateer

01 February 2015

these boots were made for walking

My new boots....sadly while they are made for walking, I cannot walk in them very far because of the knee problems.  Candy Thompson made the boot-toppers with peacock buttons, perfect for them.

If you like the boot-stoppers you can buy Candy's toppers at  - ask for Becky

Serendipity Cafe and Gifts

(502) 222-4216

Sásta Lá Fhéile Bríde -- Happy St. Brid's Day

One of Jonathan Earl Bowser's most beautiful and enduring imagines, so perfect for St. Brid's Day.  Entitle REGENERATION, apt for this day.  Also, a hope for me.  I have been dealing with physical therapy for the past two months, and may be for a couple more.  I had several bad falls this past year, and the damage to my knees really has put me in a struggle to get back to walking without pain.  I am determined to be ready for the spring and summer coming, and won't let this slow me down for long.

Wishing you a new beginning to your year, a promise of spring.

Someone, please!, put sunglasses on that ground hog.