19 November 2009

Kensington is flying high in 2009!

In a year in which many publishers will settle for finishing flat with last year, Kensington Publishing completed its fiscal year ended September 30 ahead of budget and with net sales up about 7%. CEO Steve Zacharius said the increase occurred across all formats and was led by gains in the Zebra mass market and Kensington trade paperback imprints, plus substantial gains in e-book sales.


18 November 2009

Teflon Panties Review of One Snowy Knight

Teflon Panties Reviews

They are new, but insightful. And I thank them for picking me to launch their review site. Check them out!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Contest: Print copy of One Snowy Knight plus Godiva Mug & Cocoa

What a better way to spend a snowy night than with a great book and a steaming cup of hot cocoa?

Review: One Snowy Knight by Deborah MacGillivray

17 November 2009

5 star review for One Snowy Knight from Fresh Fiction

A wonderful and endearing medieval tale of loss and love."

Reviewed by Mandy Burns
Posted November 17, 2009

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Fresh Fiction Review

Noel de Servian is a war-weary knight ready to take hold of his future and find a home to call his own, something that's been missing in his life since his parents' death. He will always be eternally grateful to be part of Lord Challon's Black Dragon sons; they fostered him and gave him a family when all was lost. For his many years of serving as one of King Edwards' English knights, Noel is finally getting his greatest wish, which he hopes will help him feel complete. Unfortunately, the road he travels is a long one and only getting longer; his horse has taken off leaving him in pain on the frozen ground during a blizzard in a foreign land. He can't help wondering if surviving some of the worst horrors in life will all be for naught.

Lady Skena MacIan is a strong and determined Scottish lass working to keep her people safe and fed during time of war. Her husband died during one of the worst battles in English history leaving her alone to protect her twins and what is hers. Her children are very precious to her, so when she is unable to find them on a cold, blizzard-filled night, she begins a search she prays is a successful one. As she comes upon her lost children, they are unable to contain their glee that the Winter Goddess has finally granted their wish of bringing them a strong brave knight to keep them safe. Though skeptical that her children know what they are talking about, Skena follows them to a lump of snow hardly believing what she sees. Below a layer of snow does indeed lay a knight.

This is the third book in the Black Dragon series and Deborah MacGillivray once again endears you to the magic of her characters from the first page to the last with this tale of loss and love. Absolutely magnificent!


10 November 2009

slam bang endorsement for A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

"Macgillivray has gained a gut-level understanding of the story that her readers are following, so she just has to follow her nose through her story to turn out a slam-bang perfect of its kind novel
(yeah, she's that good)."

Jacqueline Lichtenberg, author & reviewer

Alien Romances


Astrology Just For Writers Part 6: Targeting a Readership Part 3

02 November 2009

Nice mention from author Kari Thomas

Bringing in the Christmas spirit is the Best Selling book ONE SNOWY KNIGHT (Zebra, ISBN: 978-1-4201-0450-9) by award-winning author Deborah MacGillivray. This book has already went through three RE-prints from its original Release date; it's so popular!

Widowed and now a single parent, Scottish Lady Skena MacIain is praying for a Christmas miracle. It comes in the form of Knight Noel de Servian, a mysterious, wounded man that needs her as much as she has needed him. Slowly, their passion burns. But secrets from Noel's past will surge forward and threaten all they hold dear.

Not wanting to give away the story details, I will nonetheless state that this book is one of those definite DON'T MISS and a "forever keeper" on my shelf!

Kari Thomas