30 June 2016

Invasion of Falgannon Isle and Riding the Thunder in Montlake promotion

Two of my Sisters of Colford Hall series, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle and Riding the Thunder are being included in a Montlake/Amazon Publishing promotion.

99 Romances for $0.99 Deal in the US marketplace, starting 7/1/2016 and running through 7/31/2016.
Beginning 7/1/2016, you will see the promotion here: https://www.amazon.com/b?node=13819721011

The Mershan Twins, Trev and Jago, are out to take down the Montgomerie Twins, Asha and Raven, in an act of pure vengeance.  But the arrogant men soon learn there is magic in the air and the ladies are surely witches for they certainly turn their well-ordered lives upside down.

One Hot Knight is released in Print and e-book

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29 June 2016

25 June 2016


I will be teaching my second in the series of writing workshops for

113 E Main Street
La Grange, Ky 40031

July 1, 2016

They are also showcasing many of my books

22 June 2016

Release of One Hot Knight -- Gambit,Check and Mate (A Dragons of Challon ™ novella

I just learned that One Hot Knight anthology will be released on June 30th on Kindle.  Print version will follow shortly after that.  My novella - Gambit, Check and Mate is a Dragons of Challon ™ novella.  Fans of the series will be treated with a visit from Challon and Tamlyn and see how their marriage is progressing...lol.   From Prairie Rose Publications.

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20 June 2016

The Selkie's Daughter - a Dragons of Challon Novella™

The Selkie's Daughter
a Dragon of Challon 
was released last Christmas as part of an anthology
One Christmas Knight
I just signed another contract to have the novella released as a stand alone title for Kindle

Check back for release date

13 June 2016

Kentucky Renaissance Faire

Moi holding court at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire -- all 95 degrees!!

Candy managing to look super cool on a hot day

Mia  - of Nuttin' But Mud act.

Nice shade!!

Long time friend Kevin Briscoe was in with the Brotherhood of Steele

Candy made him a winter pirates hat with skull and crossbones on the sides



Sir Alexander Mackai 

Dragon Bob

Lilac Faery

Baby Pirate and Pirate Daddy

12 June 2016

Excerpt from Gambit, Check and Mate - A Dragons of Challon™ novella

Gambit, Check and Mate

a Dragons of Challon™ novella

When she walked the three steps to him, he extended his hand, palm up.  As she placed her hand in his upturned one, she was hit with a jolt, a power, an invisible lightning that sizzled through her fingers, the sensation traveling up her arm.  It caused her to jump.  In winter, when the fireplaces were kept burning hot, the air dried around them, and oft when you touched someone it caused a shock reaction.  This was stronger.  Much stronger.

Cianna glanced down as his fingers lightly closed around her wrist.  Was he trying to steady her?  The room seemed to sway.  Mayhap it was only her, as once more, a dizziness sensation filled her.  She looked up into his face, her eyes widening.

“Who are you?” she whispered in awe.

He gave her an indulgent half-smile as though she were a simpleton.  Had he not felt the burning explosion that coursed through her––that came from him?  In spite of lightheadedness, she had not imagined it.  Her hand felt slightly numb, and the scorching vibration had moved up her arm and traveled to her shoulder.  How could he not be aware of this?  It grew so powerful it felt like he had a hand on her shoulder and was gently forcing her onto her knees.  What sort of witchery was this?  A dark magic unlike any she had ever experienced.

“Iain Sinclair––as you well know,” he answered.

Once more, she looked down.  She began to pull away from him, the need urgent to break this hold, to get free of this power that emanated from him, fearing its significance.  His long fingers tightened, flexing around her lower arm to where she could not draw back from him.

Cianna’s eyes rose to stare into his.  The whole time they had spoken he had wrapped himself with shadows.  She had been aware of the force of his eyes, the incisiveness of the intelligence behind them.  Only, she had not seen the shade.  Now, she was close to him, and there was no escaping the brilliance of their hue.

He had green eyes.

“What are you?”  Her whispered words slipped from her lips.

“I am a man who usually gets his way.”  It sounded like a threat.

He slowly released her wrist, turned and strode out the door.  In the hallway, he stood in full sun, lingering a moment to look back at her.  Again, she had a perception of a stone wall.  There was no emotion there.  His mind and heart was totally shut away from her.  The Kenning would reveal nothing.

Without a word, he walked away.

© 2016, Deborah Macgillivray, All Rights Reserved.

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One Hot Knight Anthology

So exciting about this upcoming anthology

I have a story -- a Dragons of Challon novella in it called

Gambit, Check and Mate

for fans of the series you get a nice visit with Julian Challon and his Scottish wife Tamlyn...and see how they are faring in married life.

It also serves as a bridge to the Sisters of Colford Hall series.  So it was great fun to do!

Also in the series are two fellow Kensington authors

Cynthia Breeding
Lyndsay Townshend

and also with

Angela Raines
Keena Kincaid


available in eBook and Print

House warming on hot June night

(Kaley Birchfield, Raine Beau, Moi and Candy Thompson)

Candy and I attended the house warming party for 
Nancy Schema Paradis 
On this very HOT June evening.  We were treated to Steve-O's Chicken Alfredo, and there were salads and deserts to tempt everyone.  Nancy and her lovely children Macy and Mallory held the attention of the younger set with a pool party in the back yard.   A fine time was had by all!!

Photos by Nancy

07 June 2016

Coloring book night

Candy in yellow.  I am in the green jacket and the hat,

Coloring book night 

 East Main Street

A wonderful evening hosted by owners Rebecca and Bill Chambers.  We had wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs.  Great nattering on a wide variety of subjects and just a relaxing enjoyable night you cannot find anywhere else!!!

I am working on Sherlock and Watson -- 

Candy is working on kitty cats!

she came with her ladybug shoes!!