28 September 2016

New Dragons of Challon novella

I just finished the third Dragons of Challon 
novella for
Prairie Rose Publications

Arrow to the Heart 

will be release in a few weeks in print and kindle anthology

available from Amazon, Books a Million and Wal-Mart

19 September 2016

Talk Like a Pirate Day free lunch

I got to wear my pirate hat that hubby got me last year.  Anyone dressing like a pirate got a free lunch at Long John Silver's.  Cool deal, argh!!

Candy dressed for Talk Like a Pirate Day lunch!!!

Free dinners because we wore our pirate hats at Long John Silver's!!!


Snoopy is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day, too!

18 September 2016

Kentucky Highland's Celtic Festival

me at Michael's Inn enjoying Drunk & Sailor at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Celtic Festival

me with Erika Napier -- I think I am surrounded by Hobbits!

Candy with dear friend Erika Napier

Candy in front of Napier Arts

Erika Napier testing a new venue for people, panning for gems and stones.  It went over with a boom!

The biggest crowd for the Highland Games ever!


Plenty of great items for Christmas on sale.

Can you get any more Celtic than this lass?

was a BIG crowd, nearly three time the people as last year, and that was ins spite of the rain showers


Bob Watters (Cap'n Amos) with Whitney Christensen

Drunk & Sailor giving a rousing show!!

Candy at Michaela's Inn

Candy and I am ready to head home after a wonderful evening!!!

Videos of Bob Watters and Drunk & Sailor

12 September 2016

Pagan Pride Day in Louisville -- was a perfect day!!

Me on Pagan Pride Day in Louisville

Candy at the Pagan Pride Day



Candy with Dragon Bob of Once Upon a Dragon Time

Candy getting a hug from Cap'n Amos (Bob Watters) of Drunk 'n Sailor


Erika Napier working the coward

Monica Boes one of the Princesses of Louisville helping Dragon Bob with his show.

Whitney Christensen arriving with Bob Watters.

Monica Boes


Bob Watters socializing 

Lady Blacksmith!!

Bob Watters and Erika Napier

Ghost Stories on the Square

Me having supper on the square before Ghost Stories on the Square takes place. 
PERFECT evening for it.


Candy looking great after a minor set back with her heart.

Crowd gatherings for the storytellers.


Nancy Paradis's amazing kiddos -  Mallory and Macy!!


The two Barbaras --- Barbara Todd of BD Beads and Barbara Manely, with Barbara M. opening the Ghost Stories

The Langlois.come to join the festivities -- all they way from Canada

The first storyteller opens with a cautionary tale about black bubble gum

One Nineteen West Main was all aglow 

Twilight brought on a parade of colors


Beautiful lights cast into the trees - a beautiful eerie effect

A tale of BB and CC and the Ghost in the Closet


What a wonderful night....