30 September 2007

Cat O' Nine Tails goes to printer! Coming Soon!

Many of you who get the Romantic Times Magazine will receive the newest issue Monday, October 1. In it will be an ad for Highland Press advertising three HP books - Into The Woods by RR Smythe; The Sense of Honor by Ashley Kath-Bilsky; and my one-author anthology, Cat O' Nine Tales. The other two books are already out; mine goes to Press on Monday, so there will be a small delay before they reach Amazon and other online outlets.

This collection has eight of my stories -short stories and novellas - many have received awards. Its ninth tale is a new novella. Highland Press is putting them into the Collector's Edition, tradesize paperback, because they received so many requests to have my works under one cover for collectors.

So do hang on!! If you would like to be notified of when the books are hitting the shelves, you can go to my website and use the contact me button to email me and get on the notification list. That way you will know precisely when the books are shipping.

The stories are: Bad Cat; Getting It In The End; Double, Double, Toil & Trouble; Rider in the Storm; Devil in Spurs; All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula-hoop...And A Mother; Blue Christmas Cat; Chicken What Du Hell?; and A Very Special Man.

They are an eclectic mix of Contemporary, Historical and Paranormal Romances, and each story has a very unusual feline. So this book will delight Romance readers who especially love cats. A super gift just in time for the Holidays!

Because I am a deep cat lover, half of all my royalties will be donated to Alley Cats to help them with their great efforts in rescuing feral cats worldwide. (www.alleycats.org)

Deborah Macgillivray

it's available for order now through Highland Press
and will be through B&N and Amazon within the next two weeks

19 September 2007

Riding the Thunder is released!!

Riding the Thunder by Deborah Macgillivray (award-winning author of A Restless Knight)
[mass market paper Dorchester Love Spell; October, 2007; $6.99; ISBN: 0505526921; ISBN-13: 9780505526922]
Paranormal Contemporary Romance
Setting: Kentucky, USA

Watch the Trailer>>>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JARtVbE2Fg0

Ballad Version (Music by Mike Duncan, mike-duncan.org)

Rock Version
(Music by Mike Duncan, mike-duncan.org)

Second book of the Seven Sisters of Colford Hall series (sequel to The Invasion of Falgannon Isle)

Book Description

A Storm's Coming...

It was all part of the plan. While his brother was in Scotland dethroning the Lady of Falgannon, Jago Mershan was headed to Kentucky. There he would do his share in avenging his father on the Montgomeries. Only, there was a monkey wrench in the works Just looking at his alleged enemy's granddaughter made Jago think of his classic black '67 Harley Electra Glide, a motorcycle with clean lines and sleek curves that promised the ride of a man's life. Asha was all woman--and the only woman for him. He'd bet she could go from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye...and not even her claims of paranormal happenings in the diner she ran could put him off. He knew magic: He had a special name for the sights, the sounds, the tastes and smells of that perfect ride. There might be a storm coming, but it was one of passion, and together he and Asha would be... RIDING THE THUNDER

To Read a chapter: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/Thunderchapter.html

To Order>>>>

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0505526921 Amazon.com
http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0505526921 Amazon.co.uk
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?z=y&EAN=9780505526922&itm=4 Barnes and Noble

Name that Cat Contest - http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/Thundercontest.html

Romantic Times ad in November 2007 issue "This second story about the Mershan brothers is as interesting, fast moving, suspenseful and fun as the first one." - Susan Mobley, Romantic Times

*****I fell in love with the characters in this story and wanted a happy ending for each of them. Ms. MacGillivray’s storylines do more than give you an escape from reality, they allow you to dream of a world where happily-ever-afters are possible and love conquers all. Beautifully done! - Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

*****The great thing about Macgillivray's "series" novels is they get better with each release. - Amy Wolff Sorter, author of Soul Obsession

*****This is a very compelling tale about lost lives and loving forever. It takes you back through visions to an earlier time and literally a time warp in some cases, like the haunting. I love the jukebox playing only music from the Sixties and that it is always apropos to what his happening in the story. The motley cast of characters is also a great ensemble, with side plots all throughout the story and meshing so well tying it all together. The past and the present meet and come full circle to give justice to a wrong done. This is a tear jerker at times but be prepared to laugh, cry, and sing along to your favorite oldies. If you like young love, time warps, haunting ghosts or jukeboxes, and even riding the thunder on a Harley, this is the one for you. - Lainey, Coffeetime Romance Reviews

16 September 2007

In Her Bed - Best Historical Romance Nominee

Night Owl Romance just announced their Nominees for Best Books of 2007. And I was honoured and delighted to see In Her Bed was nominated as Best Historical Romance.

Click To Vote

I was also thrilled to see my friend Dawn Thompson was there for Best Vampire Romance with the second in her Blood Moon Book, The Brotherhood as well Rowena Cherry for Insufficient Mating Material and Jacquie Rogers with Faery Special Romance, both nominees in Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy category.

Riding the Thunder book of the month for The Plano Book Club

The Plano Book Club -- part of the DFW Tea Readers group -- has chosen Riding the Thunder as their book of the month for January 2008. Their members will read the book, discuss it at their dinner on Janruary 16th, and then I will do a call in so they can ask questions.

I am excited about this book, my first with a Kentucky setting. My Historicals and the first Dorchester book, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, are set in Scotland, but this is the first novel to touch upon the Kentucky side of my heritage. Thus, I am eager to see how readers like it.

So far, the book has been getting wonderful reviewers, and will be release within the next few days.

I thank the ladies for honoring my fourth novel by making it book of the month.

15 September 2007

A Wondeful review from a reader

M. Hebdige "Nanette Hebdige" (California, USA) - See all my reviews The fact that this book already has over 40 reviews from enchanted readers tells you that this is an unforgettable story with incredible characters, unbelievable emotion and great sexual tension. With fabulous narrative and a beautifully developed plot, the story begins the saga of the Dragons of Challon. Set in the period of Scotland's history, full of bloodshed and cruelty at the hand of English King Edward, known as Longshanks, it is a time of savagery but also a time where out of Scotland's darkest hour emerges the face of William Wallace, as a victorious champion for his people. The story revolves around an English Knight, Julian of Challon, who has lost favor with his English King and the youngest daughter of a Scottish Laird, Tamlyn MacShane. Julian is fleeing the horrors of Berwick, a town massacred by Longshanks to teach a lesson to the Scottish people. The horrors beheld by Julian and two his two bastard brothers is unimaginable - he is plagues by horrid nightmares and he carries the guilt of the death of his youngest brother Christian that also perished at Berwick. Tamlyn, the youngest of three sisters and gifted with fey knowledge, is awestruck by the visions that she is able to see from Julian's past. In her dreams, she relives Julian at the battle of Berwick and witnesses the death of Christian, so she is aware of the unbelievable pain that Julian is carrying inside. The development of the story and its characters will leave you breathless with its beauty. Both Julian and Tamlyn are reincarnated lovers from a pagan time and the fey magik is sprinkled throughout the story. The splendor and lore of the Scottish highlands is retold here with a magickal wand. You can almost smell the heather on the hills and feel the mists of the Loch envelop you as you read. A truly magnificent novel, skillfully executed by this accomplished story teller. You will be waiting with baited breath for all the continuing chapters in the Dragons of Challon. The story of Damian St Giles, Julia's cousin and of Lady Aithinne Ogilvie, also Tamlyn's cousin is told in the next book "In her Bed" which is already out in paperback.
The amazing think about this book: It's out 16 months and is selling stronger than ever!
It was #8 on the bestselling historical romance on Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's been #1 many times over the past year, going to #123 in sales. Amazon was was not as strong, never getting lower thatn #3100 range.
today: Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1729 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
Popular in this category: #11 in Books > Romance > Historical
Talk about dreams coming true. I always swore I was never very lucky in life. For once, my luck has held true.

14 September 2007

Author's 13 Degrees of Reality

To a writer, there are degrees that happen that mark the "reality" of you are having a book published. With each level that reality becomes stronger.

  1. The Call -- an editor actually WANTS your book!
  2. The Contract - signing on the line...suddenly it's no longer a hobby
  3. The ISBN Numbers - your very own ISBN Number for you book
  4. The Advance - Woo woo MONEY!
  5. Listing on Amazon.com, then Barnes and Nobles - seeing your book listed for preorder is a buzz
  6. Jpg over cover art - you've imagined it, now you see if they do right by your book
  7. Edits - scary stuff! You have to learn when to accept changes and when to fight them
  8. Cover flats - holding the front and back of your cover
  9. Galley edits - you see your book in print format for the first time - it's DIFFERENT than reading on a computer
  10. Holding the Book - you get that box of author's copies - It's REAL.
  11. The Reviews - highs when people get your book, disappointment when Miz Clueless posts, "this book sucks".
  12. Second contract - doing it once is cool. Second time it's much tougher
  13. Fan mail! - lovely when people take the time out of their busy lives to tell you how much your book touched them.

12 September 2007

Paranormal Romance Review for In Her Bed

"Brilliant Addition to Knights of Challon Series"
For years, Damian St. Giles has been in love with a woman who has haunted his dreams; the only woman whom he knew he would ever love. He had found her, only she was totally in love with and betrothed to his beloved cousin Julian. Suffering and unable to take his eyes off of her at the Beltane celebration, he attempts to bury his pain in drink when three identical looking men offer to share their special brew with him. Later waking up naked in an unfamiliar bed, he feels as though he might be dreaming, for with him is the woman of his dreams totally intoxicating and willingly responding to his passionate caresses.

Aithinne Ogilvie had an enormous burden on her shoulders, in order to keep the people of Lyonglen safe and protect her inheritance from surrounding nobles and the insatiably ruthless King Edward "Longshanks", she sent her three brothers to find a decent looking 'stud' to impregnate her. Her thinking was to produce an heir in order to keep her lands. It being nothing more than a matter of necessity, Aithinne was unprepared for the beauty of the man she found drugged and chained in her bed, a man who would capture and chain her heart.

Oh my, if I thought Ms. MacGillivray's A RESTLESS KNIGHT was fabulous -- I can only say that IN HER BED will absolutely take your breath away! Not only is this an incredibly sensual romance that will grab you from the very first page and keep you reading throughout the night, but the highly detailed and precise historical research will transport you mind, body, and soul to the center of the action.

The author does a wonderful character study of Aithinne as not only a beautiful woman, but one who has deep insecurities in comparing herself to Tamlyn (A RESTLESS KNIGHT) whom she greatly resembles; yet, in her own mind, always coming in second and not quite as 'perfect' as her beloved cousin. The author shows how Aithinne falls hard for the extremely handsome St. Giles and is heart-broken knowing that it is her cousin whom he loves, and grieves over the fact she would never see him again after 'using' him to impregnate her. Later, knowing she is definitely pregnant, Damian and Julian show up at her gates to inform her that the king has passed the Charter of Lyonglen to a new lord -- namely Damian St. Giles! Torment follows Aithinne of her deceit knowing that if Damian ever remembers the nights of passion they had while she held him captive he would despise her.

Damian struggled with flashes of memories of his "lost week" and was astounded when he first laid eyes on Aithinne who looked enough like Tamlyn to be a twin. Although drugged to wipe out his memory the author slowly and with a deft hand uses glimpses of people, as well as snatches of conversation to bring forth more and more memories, and when too many coincidences occur Damian takes control of the situation with both humor and a captivating sensual control.

The dialogues are witty, with plenty of double entendres and scenes that are steaming with titillating sensuality right along with scenes that are laugh-out-loud hilarious! The author seamlessly interweaves the unforgettable characters of Tamlyn and Julian from A RESTLESS KNIGHT and introduces us to Aithinne's identical triplet brothers Dewey, Lewis, and Hugh who are a delight and bring to mind the antics of 'Three Stooges'-- funny and completely endearing. IN HER BED to my mind is nothing short of brilliant for this fast rising star of historical romance.

Marilyn Rondeau, Paranormal Romance reviewsReviewed by Marilyn RondeauPosted September 12, 2007

09 September 2007

Reviewer's Top Pick for A Restless Knight

A Restless Knight

Score: 4.5 / - Reviewer Top Pick

Reviewer: Tammie King of Night Owl Romance Reviews

Lady Tamlyn MacShane is a strong Scottish woman an Ogilvie. The Ogilvie are a bit different than other clans as the women inherit and they also get to choose their own husbands. Lady Tamlyn has not chosen a husband yet and turbulent times have befallen the whole country. The English have taken Tamlyn's father and Julian Challon, aka the Black Dragon, has been sent to Scotland. The King of England has given him Lady Tamlyn as a bride, but Julian must find her first. Lady Tamlyn has pulled a small hoax on Julian. When he finds a woman being molested by his men he saves her, but Lady Tamlyn does not tell him who she is.

Julian needs saving from the horrors that he has experienced. One of his brothers is dead and he has been sent to Scotland. The King thinks that sending Julian to Scotland is a punishment, but to Julian it's the best thing that could have happened. He sees the place as his destiny and a place to find peace for himself. When he meets a woman who makes him burn he falls in love. He knows he has to marry the Lady Tamalyn, but he wants to keep his love with him. There is a huge difference between duty and love and Julian just needs his woman to understand that. When Tamalyn hears this she line of bull she gives it to him good. How will Julian deal with Tamalyn's deception and can Tamalyn heal Julian's soul.

This is another winner from Deborah MacGillivray. I loved the interaction between Lady Tamlyn and Julian. Tamlyn complimented Julian well and he provided her with the challenge she needed. Each of them had to come to terms that life together was better than life apart. Ms. MacGillivray made me want to visit Scotland again and relive that wonderful presence that just engulfs the whole country. Mystery and magic are inherent in Macgillivray's work and her writing will sweep you away on your own visit to Medieval Scotland. So, get ready to be swept back in history.

This is the first book in a series and I read the second one first. Both, A Restless Knight and In Her Bed can be read alone. Each of the books takes place during the same time and interweave between each other. A Restless Knight deals with Tamlyn and Julian and In Her Bed deals with Julian's brother Damian St. Giles and Tamlyn's cousin Lady Aithinne Ogilvie. So, picking up both of these books at the same time will be a real treat for any reader.

Tammie King
Night Owl Romance

05 September 2007

Name That Cat Contest

Riding the Thunder, my fourth novel, second for Dorchester's Love Spell is released in a little over
two weeks. To celebrate, I have just launched
my "Name that Cat" Contest

Deborah Macgillivray

You can win copies of my books and Mike Duncan's CD

04 September 2007

New version of Riding the Thunder's Book Trailer

Riding the Thunder by Deborah Macgillivray

Book 2 of the Sisters of Colford Hall

Dorchester LoveSpell - Release: September 21, 2007

To order:

Barnes & Noble Amazon.co.com Amazon.co.uk
Amazon.ca Dorchester Pub.com

Book Trailer for my book RIDING THE THUNDER - released in two weeks!!
Song is a remix version of "Lost for Words" by Mike Duncan (mike-duncan.org)
used with permission. Mike's song is actually a part of my story!

Riding the Thunder (Remix version) from D Macgillivray and Vimeo.

02 September 2007

A lovely note on a romance loop

From: saritaleone
To: CataNetwork-Readers
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 11:50 AM
Subject: [CataNetwork-Readers] Re: The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
I loved this book! I've actually read it twice, I liked it so much! Thecharacters are so realistic I could hear them talk, right down to theiraccents. The cat is unforgettable and the ending is perfect--a happy, romantic ending to a story that has its share of troubled history. Thechemistry between B.A. and Desmond is electric! I laughed out loud atpoints, cried at others but was always entertained. I definitelyrecommend this one; it's a keeper. [:)]

Sarita Leone

01 September 2007

Fallen Angels' review of In Her Bed

In Her Bed

By Deborah Macgillivray

Damian St. Giles’ cousin, Julian is about to take a bride, Tamlyn. Unfortunately, she is the same woman Damian has been dreaming of, and he is in love with her. Aithinne needs an heir to keep those who want her land at bay. Her brothers kidnapped a suitable male to be the sperm donor, and Damian is the man who they capture for the job.

In Her Bed is the sequel to A Restless Knight, and it is a fabulous continuation of the story. The focus of this story is Aithinne and Damian. The author pulls us into the story from the start as the reader can feel the anguished experienced by Damian as he believes he is losing the love of his life to a man he has admired and sworn his loyalty to. Aithinne is a strong woman who has to hold her family and holdings together. She has always felt inferior to her cousin, Tamlyn especially when they are compared to physically. She looks very similar to Tamlyn but despairs over her freckles which she doesn’t like. Their relationship starts off rocky as Damian is held against his will and drugged. However, the author weaves an erotically charged storyline that brings out the hidden depths to these two characters. They are just wonderful together as they try to work out their difficulties. Tamlyn and Julian as well as the other Challons make appearances in this book so the reader is brought up to date on their lives. However, it is Damian and Aithinne who will win the readers’ hearts. In Her Bed is a first-rate page-turner that will win Ms. MacGillivray even more fans!

Reviewed by: Susan T, Fallen Angels