01 September 2007

Fallen Angels' review of In Her Bed

In Her Bed

By Deborah Macgillivray

Damian St. Giles’ cousin, Julian is about to take a bride, Tamlyn. Unfortunately, she is the same woman Damian has been dreaming of, and he is in love with her. Aithinne needs an heir to keep those who want her land at bay. Her brothers kidnapped a suitable male to be the sperm donor, and Damian is the man who they capture for the job.

In Her Bed is the sequel to A Restless Knight, and it is a fabulous continuation of the story. The focus of this story is Aithinne and Damian. The author pulls us into the story from the start as the reader can feel the anguished experienced by Damian as he believes he is losing the love of his life to a man he has admired and sworn his loyalty to. Aithinne is a strong woman who has to hold her family and holdings together. She has always felt inferior to her cousin, Tamlyn especially when they are compared to physically. She looks very similar to Tamlyn but despairs over her freckles which she doesn’t like. Their relationship starts off rocky as Damian is held against his will and drugged. However, the author weaves an erotically charged storyline that brings out the hidden depths to these two characters. They are just wonderful together as they try to work out their difficulties. Tamlyn and Julian as well as the other Challons make appearances in this book so the reader is brought up to date on their lives. However, it is Damian and Aithinne who will win the readers’ hearts. In Her Bed is a first-rate page-turner that will win Ms. MacGillivray even more fans!

Reviewed by: Susan T, Fallen Angels

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