31 August 2017

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, Book 3 of the Sisters of Colford Hall

Not even the ancient stone walls of her family’s English estate can protect the third Montgomerie sister from her magical destiny —or from the wolfish charms of Trevelyn Mershan, who has come to share it.

# 12,915
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#10 in Kindle Store/ Prime Reading/ Romance/ Paranormal
#37 in Kindle Store / Prime Reading / Romance / Contemporary

So very excited about new covers for Dragons of Challon #3 and #4

(big thank you to cover artist Jon Paul Ferrara for One Snowy Knight
and cover model John de Salvo)

coming soon!

26 August 2017

Relaxing lunch at Keeper's

me trying to keep a straight face despite Candy going "Smile....smile..." lol

Dopey smile version....mwhahaha

Candy trying to appear innocent...lol

Keeper's Flatbread chicken....YUM!!

my delicious butterfly shrimp dinner

It was another simply gorgeous day to keep back on the Scuttlebutt Deck and enjoy!

3350 Lake Jericho Rd
Smithfield, Kentucky

Today at the Kentucky State Fair

Me at the Kentucky State Fair today -- It was a GORGEOUS day for the fair.  We went before lunch so traffic was easy.  New parking for the fair really helped.  It was a fun day all around!

Candy in her shirt of many colors!

The day was BEAUTIFUL.

Outside on the fair grounds.

Candy's entries on display

Some of the other entries I liked

A crochet winner.

Sadly, this beautiful quilt -- Game of Thrones -- didn't win.  It was amazing!

Some of the beautiful cakes

This handmade rocking how was GORGEOUS -- sadly, it only got third place.

Candy got to see Tobacco up close -- showed the various stages of curing and even a  live plant

The weather was so beautiful, and it was a really happy day!

24 August 2017

New cover for One Snowy Knight

Cover artist -- Jon Paul Ferrara - Jon Paul Studios.
Cover model - John de Salvo

People close to me know I am cover mad.  I have been very fortunate that my first covers were so good from Kensington and Dorchester.  However, when Prairie Rose Publications relaunched the Dragons of Challon series I wanted the series to have covers that really fit.  I have been so thrilled how the series is turning out, with the expanded original stories and new series branding covers.

Before my first contract I had high hopes -- I wanted a couple models and one specific cover artist.  Nathan Kamp and John de Salvo were the models.  I was lucky to have Kamp on the first cover of One Snowy Knight, and had him again for the Brazilian translation cover. 

The cover artist I always hoped for was Jon Paul.   Last year when I was contemplating the new direction for the series, I saw Jon Paul posting several of his covers on Facebook.  I have always admired how he truly captures Romance.  One day I saw a cover with a knight in the snow, and though, "Oh, how perfect for One Snowy Knight!"  We have been friends on Facebook for years, and I have followed his artistry for 17 years on the internet, and before.  So, I took the chance and emailed him and asked the status of the cover.  I figured I would get a thanks, but sorry.  Imagine my joy when he said the cover was mine.  All the necessary permissions from John de Salve were just completed -- on my birthday.  So I am over the moon to have my wish come true on my birthday!

Behold by new cover for One Snowy Knight -- cover artist Jon Paul Ferrara with John de Salvo as model.  Sometimes, it just doesn't get any better than this!!

So thank you to John and Jon Paul for making my dream come true!!

23 August 2017

Happy Birthday - part 2

Me enjoying birthday lunch

What a gorgeously perfect day to celebrate my birthday.  The weather couldn't be more perfect.

Candy - Pretty in Pink

Candy made me this cool hat for a present

Went into the city and came back the scenic route ---stopped to lunch along Harrods Creek.

The ducks came up to share lunch with us.

A good time was had by all!

Celebrating birthday (part 1) at Outback Steakhouse

Not too bad for an old broad...lol

Candy looking good as we wait for steak, salad and cheesecake.  Outback provided the Cheesecake free because it was my birthday!

She made me a Woodstock to go with all my Snoopys.

It was a good day, though a bit rainy!  And I had good news when I came home.