19 August 2017

Very successful and wonderful book signing at Keepers

me having lunch before the book signing at Keepers

I wish to thank Pamela Foree and her husband for inviting me to come have the signing.  I was amazing by all the books I sold, so it was one of the best signings I have ever done.

Plus you get to sit on the Scuttlebutt Deck and enjoy the beautiful summer day.  Doesn't get any better than this.

Two shots by Pamela Foree of me while I am setting up

Candy have a good time

They had a notice on the marque announcing the book signing.

In the main lobby, the had my banner placed
and on the table were postcards and bookmarks.  Everyone kept taking them, so good PR

starting to set up the books for signing.  I nearly ran out!!

Before the place filled up.. It was busy for the opening weekend of the country fair.

Hubby is miffed.  I was supposed to bring him back carryout of a seafood platter and forgot...lol

I sold LOTS of books, and enjoy the beautiful setting.  Again, I thank the owners of Keepers for inviting me to come.

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