27 May 2017

Summer Concert Series #2

me in my new straw hat

Candy looking adorable as ever!  

The little one had to be the winner of the Cut Kid of the Night title!!

This time they had the Allen Lane Band.  A Waylon Jennings - Johnny Cash sort of band.

The crowd was large -- Barbara Manley in the white shirt and sunglasses.

22 May 2017

Full Cover test for A Restless Knight

Coming very soon!! 

This is not a reprint but a restoration.  The expanded version with a lot of new material that didn't make it into the Kensington release.  Very excited to see the short as I originally intended it.

18 May 2017

Homemakers annual meeting

Candy and I trooped to the annual meeting of the Homemakers.  It was a lot of fun, and packed with business...lol

me in my tartan jacket

Candy in her Schell Kepler shirt looking rather dashing!

During the breaks
 the other member-at-large...lol

Christine Duncan kicking off the meeting

Christine Duncan was named Home Coming Queen.  She was quite surprised!!

13 May 2017

Farmers and Artisan's Market opening and Lunch at Keepers

What a BEAUTIFUL morning for the opening of the Farmers and Artisans Market!!

Candy took these of me at the Market.

Me cooling it in the shade at Keepers Seafood and More in Smithfield.

Candy at Keepers Seafood and More

Candy at the Farmers and Artisans Market

Bought two pairs of earrings from Barbara Todd at BT Beads.  They will be great for the Renfaire in two weeks!


And then we have lunch at Keepers Seafood and More in Smithfield

Enjoyed the beautiful day on the Scuttlebutt Deck.