29 June 2015

Kentucky Highland Renfaire weekend 5 - Tournament Weekend

Me in my medieval dress.  The day was glorious!  So wearing a gown was actually comfortable.

Candy all ready to go!

Always a pleasure to get to see Fool Hearty - Tara and Mark Reed, and visit with them between performances.  We just LOVE them!!

 Tara Reed with an adorable miss - Jessica Rook who plays Alice at the Renfaire.  But don't let those innocent faces fool you (no pun intended)!  Tara is running a clothes pin game - similar the old game where you stuck signs on peoples' backs saying - Kick Me?  Well, this involved a clothes pin with a message written on it.  And yes, Tara got me!  Here she involved Jessica to attempt to tag her daddy, Jeff, in the Macleod kilt.


Ut oh!  They are trying to tag Marquise now!

Candy's Scottish Unicorns
One one beautiful lady who took one home.


And once again, they taggers are at it.

Next we visited storytime with the Disney Princesses.  This was a great hot of a mother and child listening.  It was standing room only, so the mother knelt down, so her daughter could use her lap as a chair.

okay what is Jessica up to now??  lol

Rondini Alexander - hamming it up with Candy and one of her Scottish Unicorns.  He is just a magnificent performer, who draws the largest crowds and keeps them cheering.  But he is such a sweetheart.  So kind and funny.  What an amazing person!

He reminded me that I am always taking pics of Candy and him, so In needed to get in a few shots too.   What a wonderful time at the Renfaire.  So many precious memories and wonderful friends.

My beautiful friend, Angie Greenwell.

The weather are perfect and the weekend so grand!

And we were treated to great performances from TARTANIC

21 June 2015

Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival - Steampunk Weekend.

Me in hat ready to head to the fourth weekend at the Renfaire.

Candy was all sixes and sevens because she had a request order for a chocolate unicorn that she had to do over night, so we could deliver Sunday to a Faerie from Tennessee.  But I think she looked adoreable in roses.

Chocolate Unicorn -  the new owner adored it.

Jeff Rook (in kilt - program director) and Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) entertaining passing people with music.

 Dragon Bob with Marvin the Dragon (Candy made Marvin last year)

And a weekend would be complete without joining the single along with Drunk & Sailor.

Caught a Wood Faerie blowing bubbles

Master performer Rhondini Alexander mesmerizes the crowds each weekend with his swordsmanship and his Houdini routines.  He always has a huge crowd hanging on his performances.  Here he takes a few moments to give Candy and hug and pose for some precious pics!  He is amazing performer and such a sweet man.

In these two shots taken ny TLKonline.com photos of Rhondini surprising Candy with a kiss.  She was laughing so hard she couldn't keep still. 

Where else can you see a kilted stormtrooper?

Dragon Bob being a bit of a dragon...lol.


Faeries Dancing in the rain to Saxon Moon's music.

Saxon Moon providing Celtic/ Mystical Rock

No idea what is going on, but it looks interesting!!

I didn't ask why "Alexander Mackie" has flowers on his head...lol

19 June 2015

New cover and title of Book 2 of the Dragons of Challon

The new cover for the second book in the series Dragons of Challon.  Originally, Damian's story was contained within the first book, but it made the story too long for traditional publishers, so I pulled that story out, entitled it Ravenhawke, and sold both books to Hilary Sares at Kensington Books.  Along the course, she informed me my book was now called In Her Bed, which I supposed worked for sales, but not precisely in keeping with my design of the series.  Now, the original title is being restored as I move to relaunch the series with the coming release of Redemption.  While the Kensington cover saw my book selling like crazy, totally sold out of two print runs, plus a lot of sales overseas in various translations, I do believe going back to my original title and with the new cover is a smart move.

Original Kensington version 2008

Spanish version

Japanese version

German version