19 June 2015

New cover and title of Book 2 of the Dragons of Challon

The new cover for the second book in the series Dragons of Challon.  Originally, Damian's story was contained within the first book, but it made the story too long for traditional publishers, so I pulled that story out, entitled it Ravenhawke, and sold both books to Hilary Sares at Kensington Books.  Along the course, she informed me my book was now called In Her Bed, which I supposed worked for sales, but not precisely in keeping with my design of the series.  Now, the original title is being restored as I move to relaunch the series with the coming release of Redemption.  While the Kensington cover saw my book selling like crazy, totally sold out of two print runs, plus a lot of sales overseas in various translations, I do believe going back to my original title and with the new cover is a smart move.

Original Kensington version 2008

Spanish version

Japanese version

German version

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