21 June 2015

Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival - Steampunk Weekend.

Me in hat ready to head to the fourth weekend at the Renfaire.

Candy was all sixes and sevens because she had a request order for a chocolate unicorn that she had to do over night, so we could deliver Sunday to a Faerie from Tennessee.  But I think she looked adoreable in roses.

Chocolate Unicorn -  the new owner adored it.

Jeff Rook (in kilt - program director) and Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) entertaining passing people with music.

 Dragon Bob with Marvin the Dragon (Candy made Marvin last year)

And a weekend would be complete without joining the single along with Drunk & Sailor.

Caught a Wood Faerie blowing bubbles

Master performer Rhondini Alexander mesmerizes the crowds each weekend with his swordsmanship and his Houdini routines.  He always has a huge crowd hanging on his performances.  Here he takes a few moments to give Candy and hug and pose for some precious pics!  He is amazing performer and such a sweet man.

In these two shots taken ny TLKonline.com photos of Rhondini surprising Candy with a kiss.  She was laughing so hard she couldn't keep still. 

Where else can you see a kilted stormtrooper?

Dragon Bob being a bit of a dragon...lol.


Faeries Dancing in the rain to Saxon Moon's music.

Saxon Moon providing Celtic/ Mystical Rock

No idea what is going on, but it looks interesting!!

I didn't ask why "Alexander Mackie" has flowers on his head...lol

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