28 November 2017

Three Days of One Knight Stands contest

Three Days of One Knight Stands contest
Each day I will be giving out print copies of each book.  So Watch for it -  Coming -- 8th, 9th and 10th of December!!!

22 November 2017

postcards are coming

Front and back for One Snowy Knight coming 2018

insert for One Yuletide Knight front and back of postcards

This Bleak November....

I read a book back in 1970 called Bleak November.  Marketed as a murder suspense, it was a Gothic Horror. Well, what it was actually Amityville Horror, though that wouldn't come along for another seven years.  It rather surprised me that the author didn't raise an issue over lifting his story!

Still, the title stuck with me. . .Bleak November.  Rather fitting name for the month. The leaves have lost their glorious colors. Still weeks until the Christmas rush hits. Not winter and neither autumn in a sense.  Some days are warm, but most are cool, hinting at the dreary winter months ahead.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on this day fifty-four years ago.  And to this very day we haven’t learnt the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The day the music died.  Camelot ended.  And the country awoke to a new reality, and in many ways not a better one.  Jack Kennedy was the man for the hour.  Like him or not, he had been there when the country desperately needed him.  Had it not been for him standing toe-to-toe with the Russians and not blinking we would have had WWIII.  The Russians backed down.  They withdrew the missiles from Cuba, and went back to the cold war uneasy peace. . .but a peace nonetheless. 

What a contrast to the president we have now, who meets with Russians on the sly.  And how do we know?  The Russians tell us, they provide pictures.  The Russians were and will always be the enemy.  This is not a Democrat view.  Ronald Reagan didn’t like them.  The first thing he did upon becoming president was prevent the Russians from trooping through US Washington garage.  A small thing.  They used it as a short cut to save them walking a couple blocks a day to the Russian embassy.  Reagan laughed and said walking was good for the health, and shut the garage to them cutting through.  His small thing made a big point.  He wouldn’t make matters easy for them, because they would never make them easy for us.

I often wonder how different the world would be now if on that bleak November day had Jack Kennedy used the bullet proof bubble that has been created for the car.  He would have been 100 now, most likely to die quietly in his sleep.  Instead he was ripped from his family, ripped from the country, and sent us spiraling us down a log troubled road.

One might remember, the man credited with killing Kennedy, defected to Russia, was permitted to return to US with a Russian wife, and kept in contact with the Russians, even visiting the Russian embassy in Mexico.  As I said, Russia is not our friend, and will never be our friend. . .something the current resident of the White House fails to begin to understand.

21 November 2017

Last Day for Black Friday sale on One Yuletide Knight

One Yuletide Knight with my novella "Marriage Made in Hell" - 
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Last Day for Black Friday Sale

Essence of the game is deception...

When her half-sister refuses to marry the powerful earl of Hellborne, Greyson de Verre, Lesslyn de Sancerre sees the chance to have a life, a home and a husband of her own, so she agrees to take her sister's place.  Her sister, in turn, is off to elope with the man she has fallen in love with.  Everything appears fated in this pact the two women seal.  What seemed like a logical solution at the time soon becomes a battle to keep ahead of the lies.  Lesslyn quickly learns plots and schemes are easily concocted, but realities arising from the falsehoods are a different matter altogether.  Especially, when she is quickly falling in love with Greyson de Verre...her husband to be. 
Commanded to wed by royal decree...

When Edward Plantagenet demands you must marry, you have little options...or do you?  King Edward has commanded that the earl of Hellborne must marry the heiress of Sancerre.  After all a bargain is a bargain—even if the earl views the coming marriage with disdain.  Only, the enigmatic lord of Hellborne needs must wed on Yuletide...so wed he shall...no matter what.   
Even if it is a Marriage Made in Hell. . .


Lesslyn stared, her eyes traveling up the long, strong thighs, encased in soft leathern hose, exposed since he wore no surcoat.  The short black habergeon only came to his narrow hips.  Growing lightheaded, the whole incident was taking on a bizarre dream quality.  She tried to swallow, as she stared up at his muscular legs.  If it were a fantasy, then it must be one born of her darkest desires.  How ironic to meet her bridegroom in such a fashion.
He leaned down and locked his hands behind the small of her back.  “Can you link your arms around my neck?”
She was too weak to nod again, instead, she just did as he asked.
He lifted her, until Lesslyn was on her feet––and pressed up against him!  Her body was flush against his very masculine frame; heat off him rolled over her in a wave.  So flooded with the sense of this man, her heart slammed against her ribs.  The unusual, luring scent of his skin was surprisingly intoxicating.  Lesslyn leaned into him, reveling in the tantalizing fragrance.
“Your breath will come.  Trust me.”  His head dipped closer so he could whisper in her ear.  “You might pass out.  Never fear, I shall catch you and keep you safe.”
Lesslyn felt faint, her legs rubbery.  She started to sway.  Suddenly, air returned and she could draw breath again.  Still dizzy, her legs buckled, but as he promised he caught her and held her close.
“See, I told two truths.  Your breath came back and I did not allow you to fall.”  He gave a grin that nearly stopped her heart.
Lesslyn wheezed, her throat still burning.
“Breathe slowly.  Keep your breaths shallow.  Soon, all will be normal.” 
Lesslyn tried to offer him a reassuring smile, but her body was focused on blessed air.  She had never understood the necessary function, or how something so natural could be taken from you.  Instead, she gave him a small nod, and lowered her eyes, unable to meet his penetrating stare.
The fear was subsiding, only to be replaced by other powerful emotions.  She was aware of this man, on a level that had never touched her before.  Aware she was offering him a life of lies.  It made her ashamed.
He kissed her cheek, ever so faintly, the touch so light she could almost believe she imagined it.  The moment was spoiled as a chunk of snow fell high from the tree, hitting them both.  Hellborne laughed.  It was a deep, rumbling sound that suddenly made her feel happy.
His eyes narrowed and he tilted her head back, his brow flexing into a frown as he checked her forehead.  His thumb faintly brushed over the sore spot.  “You grow a lump.  Did he hit you?”  He turned his head, watching as they led the man past.  If eyes had the power to kill, the enemy warrior would drop to his death on the spot. 
She swallowed hard to push words out.  “Nay...horse...knocked me off.”
The attacker looked worried.  “I was no’ goin’ to harm her.  Wanted the beast, ’tis all...to get away...she stabbed me, she did.”  He raised his bleeding lower arm to show the wound.
“Not harm her?  You forget I blocked your swing as you stood over her.  She was knocked breathless, unable to move.  What?  You lifted your sword against a woman who was flat on her back?”  Fury rode on every word Hellborne spoke.
One of the knights guarding the man held up the knife.  “Your lady is a fighter, I’d say.”
Greyson stepped away from her, though he kept his left hand on her back.  “Knave, want to save your life?  Tell me under whose banner you fought?  Why did you attack this party?”
The man glanced from Hellborne, then to Lesslyn, and then back, buying time before he answered.  Resignation finally lit his eyes.  “No banner, my lord.  We were paid coin—I know not who.  I canno’ give you a name even if I wanted to.”
“What were your orders?
“Just to attack the party and take the woman,” he replied.  At the darkening of Hellborne’s face, he quickly tacked on.  “The command was no’ to harm a hair on her head.  Just take her.”
Hellborne barked, “Take her where?”
“Again, I know not.”
Hellborne held out his right hand for his sword, and his squire quickly passed it to him.  

20 November 2017

16 November 2017

I am at Lindsay Townshend Romance blog today

Lindsay is showcasing my novella  Marriage Made in Hell the first story in the Hell Knights: The Knights of Hellborne series - in One Yuletide Knight anthology from Prairie Rose Publications.

She is also showcasing Dawn Thompson's A Wish Under A Yuletide Moon This was a promised kept as Candy Thompson and I edited Dawn's story so it could be out for her many fans to read.

Lindsay Townshend's Romance Blog

12 November 2017

Using NANO all year around

Doing NANO this November?  Check out my blog post at Prairie Rose Publications on how Nano can keep you pushing yourself and on target all year long