29 September 2011

Yield to the Knight cover

For all those emailing me wanting to know when Guillaume's and Rowanne's story will be available - Summer 2012.

ISBN 978-0-9837528-8-2

Methinks the lady has secrets…

Actually, Guillaume Challon knows Rowanne MacShane is keeping dark secrets, ones that threaten to overshadow their growing love. He came to Scotland with his brother, Julian, upon the command of Edward Plantagenet, ordered to take and hold the valley of Glen Shane. His brother rewarded him with the small holding of Glennashaneand the hand of Lady Rowanne for his bride. The rumors that speak the lady may have played a hand in the death of her first husband cause him little pauseused to battles and winning, why should his upcoming marriage be any different? He wants the lady in his bed and will not stop at any cost to attain the prize of her heart. She wants him, he sees it in her eyes, yet in the same breath she continually pushes him away.

Shortly after their marriage, he is summoned to Edward’s side to fight the Scots at the Battle of Sterling. Upon his return to Glennashane, he finds his Scottish bride has locked and barred his fortress against him. He must lay siege to his castle and his lady’s heart. But, unless he unlocks the secrets she hides dearly their very lives are at peril.

25 September 2011

Congrats to my editor, Chris Keeslar

Christopher got married to day!! So all the ladies who used to butter me up hoping to meet him...sorry, he's taken as of today!!

Congrats, Chris. I wish you and your bride all the happiness in the world!!

22 September 2011

Redemption - Book 4 of the Dragons of Challon™

Yes, I am getting requests wanting to know the release. Well, exciting information is coming soon....