26 December 2015

Happy Boxing Day!

A few pics of Christmas afternoon at Candy's

Another "Spring" day for Christmas.  The Robins have returned.  They usually don't come until late January, but they are here today.  I have never seen the Robins come back on Christmas

Candy with Lucy - her six month old rescue (and her fuzzy tail!!)

Lucy in her new Cat Cozy
Lucy looking out the door

Candy modeling the blue wig I gave her.  It will go with her blue butterfly dress for the Renfaire come June.

Me in my big ugly Christmas sweater and wearing the hat Candy made me.

Here I am holding the Christmas Santa Snoopy Candy made for me.

I hope everyone had wonderful Holidays!!!

25 December 2015

24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing You and Yours the Warmest of Holidays
and Cheer for the Coming New Year

23 December 2015

Happy Tom Bawcock's Eve!

Cornish Holiday -- Candy and I am off to Keepers Seafood and More, to celebrate the day.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Me at Keepers Seafood & More enjoying a wonderful shrimp dinner celebration

Candy the Elf making merry on our 1st Annual Tom Bawcock's Eve Celebration

14 December 2015

Christmas Lights along Main Street



Dickens Day at the Kentucky Renfaire

me in my Christmas red and tartan cape at Kentucky Renaissance Faire at the performance of Dickens' A Christmas Carol 

Candy's all sparklie with her Victorian Christmas blouse

Every beautiful, Whitney Christansen in marvelous period costume

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Ah, momentarily distracted from the singers by this handmade Santa, horse and kitty.  Guess who ended up taking it home???  lol

The amazingly wonderful Erika Spidle Napier, with Bob Watters performing for the incoming crowd

Michaela's Inn all decade out for Dickens

Erika looking a little droll with the singing...lol

Some of the scenes of the first half of the play.  What great performances!!