31 December 2016

Happy New Year's Eve!

This year I will NOT say 2017 has to be better than 2016. Every year I say that and every year seems to get worse. So I will not repeat that mistake. It sets me up for disappointment...lol.

I will also not bother with making resolutions. I cannot recall keeping but one or two over a lifetime. So why bother again? Another manner of setting yourself up for disappointment.

Let's hope for the best, and anticipate the worse. Maybe 2018 will see us still here.

Yeah, yeah, not a cheerleader happy ending of the year or welcoming the new one, but I am not at that place.

Wishing you all, dear friends, a peaceful and safe ending to this bitch of a year, and warm wishes we are strong enough to fight the fight for the coming year.

24 December 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Celebrating Tom Bawcock's Eve at Keepers

Candy and I went to 

Keepers Seafood and More

3350 Lake Jericho Rd
Smithfield, Kentucky
 to celebrate 
Tom Bawcock's Eve

We stated to celebrate in here last year, so this was out 2nd Annual outing.  Keepers it THE best seafood place, so what better place to celebrate Cornwall's Mousehole holiday?

There were shrimp, too!!  But I couldn't wait....lol.

Candy taking off her coat

Candy showing off her Rockette's Christmas sweater.  Poor dear was unaware of all the flap around the Rockette's today, so no political comment made by the sweater....lol

Me in my Grump Hat (Candy made me last year).  Tard suits my mood these days.

The food was excellent, the service great.  It's always such a pleasure to visit Keepers!!

23 December 2016

05 December 2016

Dicken's Festival at Kentucky Renaissance Faire

Me and my muff at the Dicken's Festival at Kentucky Renaissance Faire

 We had dinner - so delicious!!  Chicken and Dumplings, dressing, green beans and crabby sauce.  Dessert was pumpkin pie shooters!

After the wonderful meal, they begin the Christmas Carol  Different players this year than last, different leads, but they were at top form and the presentation was awesome!

Sadly, rain came in and we had to depart.  My knees just will not take a long drive in the rain.
But we had a wonderful time!!

And we got our Seasons Tickets to the coming Renfaire Season!!

04 December 2016

Day 3 of my Holiday blessings -- Monika Wolmarans

Day #3 (sorry I missed yesterday with being out with Candy for her Holiday bazaar)
Today I say thank you for my dear friend Monika Wolmarans. We have been friends for nearly 17 years, since the MSN Groups days. At that time people wondered if the groups -- and the friendships made through them could last. Well, MSN groups went away. Still miss them. But the friendship with Monika has stayed true and strong. While distance separates use, I have never felt very far from there. We both and been through a LOT during those years, but we have always been there for each other.
I cannot thank her enough for being there, for being a part of my life.

Campbellsburg Holiday Marketplace

Me in my Santa Reindeer hate

At the 

Me doing a selfie before heading out to pick up Candy

Me and the new cane...lol

Candy in her hate ready for opening

Table of her crafts 

It was a slow day, but we did have a good time.