30 June 2014

Weekend Five of Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire

Our Fifth weekend at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire was hot and humid, but it was HUGE crowds on both days.  Fool Hardy, Tara and Mark Reed (Ima Nutt and Marquise) were playing to standing room only.  In the audience was Mark's father and aunt.

Marquise with aunt and father

Ima Nutt and Marquise warming up the crowd

since seating was tight because of the huge crowds, Ima decided it was important that everyone scooch together.  And being Ima, she decided to be matchmaker between Candy Thompson and young, and very gallant knight.

Fool School in session!

Marquise and Ima Nutt chatting after the show

Crowds were everywhere!  Here they are watching the Sword fighting


Candy relaxing by Charlie's Place after having a slice of Key Lime Pie.



The Human Chess match was once again a bit hit




Captain Amos encourage his side one - he even finally won a match!



It was too hot, so I went as a pirate again.

Once more, a wonderful time was had by all.

23 June 2014

Renfaire week four - Steampunk and more

Candy took three super pics of me in my new Jack Sparrow hat. 
(Thank you The Feather Place).
It was very hot again, in the middle 90s, but there was a good breeze on Sunday that made it easier to enjoy all the wonderful fun!

Candy looked smarking with her new pirate hat.  Bows and lace just screamed it was perfect for her.

First thing we took in another amazing and delightful performance of Tara and Mark Reed "Fool Hearty"  Each one is so special since the reaction to the coward modifies their repartee.

I had asked Tara if she had met Daniel Higgins, owner of The Gilded Lily, and she said no.  Naturally, Candy and I had to introduce them.

For several photos Tara behaved, but then the merriment broke out as she decided Daniel needed tickling.

We took in the Human Chess Match  

Blue side and their leader


Red side and their leader, Captain Amos

Where else can you see a Stormtrooper in a Kilt?


Where else can you see a Stormtrooper in a kilt in a twirling contest with a bounty hunter.  Stormtrooper won....lol


One of the funniest challenges was a brother vs sister in pushups.  And she nearly beat him.  But never fear - her brother lost to a gallant knight (boyfriend) who beat the brother in a dancing contest.
Blue side won...again...

We lunched on steak on a stick, a huge soft pretzel, and strawberry shortcake, and despite it being a hot weekend, it was a wonderful time had by all.

18 June 2014

Three friends

Love this photo!

Tara Reed, Candy Thompson and me, sitting nattering between Tara's performances.

Photo credit: Paul Messersmith.

Thanks, Paul, for giving us this memory!

15 June 2014

Renfaire on a gorgeous day

(photo credit: Candy Thompson; gown by Knights in White Satin, Wales, UK)

Week 3 of the Renfaire was a Masquerade and Father's Day Celebration.  Fathers got in with paid kids admission.  Of course, Candy and I have seasons passes.  We were a bit late in arriving due to me having a rough night with my knee.  But we arrived just as everything was in full swing.  Candy looked adorable

Candy's whimsical gown was created by Lusty Treasures, a booth at the Renfaire.  It's the only one like it because the seamstress only have enough material to make on - and frankly, I think it was made for Candy!

The crowd was one of the larges I have seen.  So many people coming in costume, so many checking things out after WDRB - Channel 41 did a showcase on the Renfaire earlier in the morning.  Everyone was having a wonderful time!

See Tara and Mark beginning their acts

Despite the big crowd, Candy and I had a lovely visit with Tara Reed (of Fool Hearty)



Rat Chucking proved great fun for all....





Captain Amos was close to winnning

my lovely lacy umbrella was provided by The Gilded Lily - run by Daniel Higgins and his wife, Kimberly.