15 June 2014

Renfaire on a gorgeous day

(photo credit: Candy Thompson; gown by Knights in White Satin, Wales, UK)

Week 3 of the Renfaire was a Masquerade and Father's Day Celebration.  Fathers got in with paid kids admission.  Of course, Candy and I have seasons passes.  We were a bit late in arriving due to me having a rough night with my knee.  But we arrived just as everything was in full swing.  Candy looked adorable

Candy's whimsical gown was created by Lusty Treasures, a booth at the Renfaire.  It's the only one like it because the seamstress only have enough material to make on - and frankly, I think it was made for Candy!

The crowd was one of the larges I have seen.  So many people coming in costume, so many checking things out after WDRB - Channel 41 did a showcase on the Renfaire earlier in the morning.  Everyone was having a wonderful time!

See Tara and Mark beginning their acts

Despite the big crowd, Candy and I had a lovely visit with Tara Reed (of Fool Hearty)



Rat Chucking proved great fun for all....





Captain Amos was close to winnning

my lovely lacy umbrella was provided by The Gilded Lily - run by Daniel Higgins and his wife, Kimberly.

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