29 November 2008

Crazy Tuesday - Radio Show......Men in Shorts (and Kilts)

Rowena Cherry's Crazy Tuesday show - Men in Shorts (and Kilts)

You can join panelists:  Rowena Cherry, Diane Davis White, Jacquie Rogers, 
Emily Bryant (Diana Groe), Jade Lee
and me - December 2nd, where we will
be discussion such a weighty top on Voices of the Internet Radio.

20 November 2008

Contest with Deborah MacGillivray - 22nd November 2008

Book Talk invited you to "Contest with Deborah MacGillivray" on 22 November at 09:00.

Event: Contest with Deborah MacGillivray
       "This weekend!"
What: Informational Meeting
Host: Book Talk with J & J
Start Time: 22 November at 09:00
End Time: 22 November at 17:00
Where: online athttp://booksbypickles.blogspot.com/2008/11/contest-with-deborah-macgillivray.html

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

17 November 2008

Epiphany of Imperfection review of A Restless Knight


Pimp-A-Book Friday!
A Restless Knight by Deborah MacGillivray

Posted by Jen Turner Okay...so I don't have anything for Thursdays yet, and I got busy running errands and other crazy stuff yesterday and didn't make it here. I apologize. :)

But today...today is Pimp-A-Book Friday! What is PABF? It's when I review a book I've recently read and tell you all about it. Now, you should know upfront that I'm extremely hard to impress. Being a writer and all, I tend to pick on things I never would've before I started writing. Sometimes this newly acquired set of traits ruins a book for me, sometimes I wish I could go back to when I wasn't a writer and was oblivious to grammar, plots and pacing...but I digress.

So here we go, the first ever PABF!

A Restless Knight by Deborah MacGillivray

First, you need to know this is THE FIRST Historical Romance I've read since I was 12 and stole one from my mom. :)

But this book was awesome!

It's the story of Julian Challon, an English Knight, and Tamlyn MacShane, the youngest daughter of a Scottish nobel. Mind you, Julian (a.k.a the Black Dragon) is rumored to be the meanest, most dangerous man around...and Tamlyn isn't about to be told by anyone what she should or shouldn't be doing in her father's absence.

I will admit, it took me a little bit to get into this book. But let me say right now: it wasn't because of the writing. Deborah MacGillivray most certainly has a way with words...and she paints the scenes so darn vivid you can see them in your mind. My hesitation was solely because this genre is new for me. The idea of a badass English Knight and fiery Scottish Lass isn't exactly new, but this book tells the tale in such a fresh yet aged way...it made me want to set one of my own stories back in Scotland circa 1296 A.D.

And that means it left me feeling inspired, which is exactly the way I want to feel when I finish a book...

As a reader, I want to be sad that there isn't another page to turn, but completely content and happy that the hero and heroine are with each other, exactly where they should be. I want my brain to be lost in the world I just spent the last few hours in, wishing I was standing on a grassy knoll in a country I've never been to, but now want to spend two weeks in (no matter what it costs me). And last but not least, as a writer/reader, I want to be so captivated, so utterly in love with the sights, smells and feelings I just experienced...that I want to go write my heart out and try to find a way to make my own readers feel the way I do right now.

I can't give this book any more praise than that.


Mu-whahahhaah. Yes, A Restless Knight, happens to be the first book in a series, The Dragons of Challon. Book two, In Her Bed, is just as damn good - and I know because I read that one, too. Right after I finished the first one. And I haven't been inclined to read books of a series back to back for quite some time, especially when it means staying up until the wee hours. (FYI - the last time this happend to me, it was because of this author named Sherrilyn Kenyon...when a little book called Night Play first came out.)

Now, I should tell you there are no dragons in the Challon series...but there is a slight paranormal element running in the books. After all, how can you write about Scotland and ancient Celts without there being some mention of the Fey? I'm convinced ya just can't!

Here's all the skinny on A Restless Knight, a book I would recommend to anyone...even if they think there's nothing appealing about Historical Romance, because boy was I wrong! Which means you could be, too. :P

Title/Author: A Restless Knight by Deborah MacGillivray
Publisher: Zebra Historical Romance, Kensington Publishing
ISBN: 0821780360
Publisher website: http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/
Author website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/

Added note: I bought both A Restless Knight and In Her Bed from the Kensington website for less than $11.00, and that included shipping. Also, I ordered the books on a Friday night and had them in my hands on Wednesday morning.

And that, my friends, is the end of the very first Pimp-A-Book Friday! I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend!

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06 November 2008

Give a gift for Thanksgiving - to needy cats

Give Your Thanksgiving Tribute Gift Today
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As cat lovers, we all know the joy that a cat can bring into our lives. As loyal companions, our feline friends add richness to our days as they play at our feet and snuggle in our beds. We often find ourselves talking about our cats with our friends and laughing at their many zany moments. These wonderful cats are surely something to be thankful for.

And even more, we should be thankful for the feral cats who provide richness to their caregivers - those who visit them daily to provide food, shelter, and care. These cats, who never snuggle at our feet or sleep in our beds, still bring joy to us each and every day as they frolic and thrive in their outdoor homes.

This Thanksgiving, please give a gift of $15, $30, or even more to pay tribute to the special cats in your life – and to the dedicated citizens who work every day to protect our nation’s cats. We will put your donation to work to end the killing of cats in our nation’s pounds and shelters and lead the movement for their humane care.

With a gift of $15 or more, you can post a special tribute to the cats in your life for all to see at the Alley Cat Allies’ Thanksgiving Gallery. The gallery is a unique way for you to express appreciation for the cats in your life – and to help protect cats across the nation at the same time.

Please consider this special way to pay thanks to the cats in your life this Thanksgiving. With your support, Alley Cat Allies can end the killing of cats nationwide.

One half of all royalties earned by sales of Cat O' Nine Tales are donated to Alley Cat.org. This tradesize book, is a perfect Christmas gift for that cat lover you know, and you will be helping a worthy cause when you give a copy.

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