25 August 2013

A quiet birthday (cough cough)

(sitting outside Heirloom Antiques watching the train,
 a bit puffy faced from coughing for a week!!)

I caught a horrid virus going around last Friday, and have been down all week.  I slept Tuesday and Wednesday, just too sick to do anything.  I am missing my morning walks, but the bronchitis make it impossible for now.  Hubby is down with it, too.  So birthday was very quiet.  Candy, however, would allow it to pass without some celebrating.

She lured me to dinner at Serendipity.  Then, we took a walk down Main Street, watched people having fun window shopping and watching the train coming down the center of the street.  Everyone has their phone of snapping away when it comes through.

I didn't feel too great, but it was a fun evening and raised my spirits.  She also had a cake for me-- white with butter cream and red roses.  How lovely!

(Miz Candy, looking a lot like her sister Dawn)

Today, we went to The Copper Awnings parking lot sale.  They had all their dealers there making great deals.  I just wanted to look (famous last words...lol).  I came hone with a truck load of amazing finds.

My best treasure is this 19th Century Queen Anne Secretary.  I also found two brass flower pot covers, a flower cart, a basket, two end tables, a lighthouse painting for Candy, two concrete garden leprechauns, and a recliner/rocker for her and Addie.

So despite being very sick all week, the weekend was very lovely.

Julie Harris dies...

Another sad loss today― actress Julie Harris.  In an era of sex goddesses, this mousy actress carved out an impressive list of movies, along with an extraordinary body of stage work.  The only actress to win a record five Tony Awards for ‘best actress in a play’, she was honored with a six for lifetime achievement in 2002.  She also won several Emmys for her television work

Despite her long list of critically acclaimed roles, I think the one I loved most of all was as Eleanor in The Haunting, (1963) with Richard Johnson, Russ Tamblyn and Claire Bloom.  Robert Wise directed the adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel, The Haunting of Hill House.  I love ghost stories and this is one of the best, but Harris captivated me as the shy Eleanor, a woman who had spent her life taking care of her invalid mother,  who had never had the chance to really live.  She touches your heart with her yearnings for love, for a place to belong.

Julie was a “crow among the peacocks” of Hollywood, but she outshone then all with her beautiful talent. 
 I’m feeling a bit sad upon hearing of her passing.  I think I shall go put on The Haunting and treasure her gift to us one more time.

23 August 2013

Say hello to new family members

Say hello to my third stay cat, Bootsy.  Miss Mouthy has been with us since last April.  Algie came in the summer and is now the carport cat.  Last winter a stray came begging food and I couldn't turn him away.  Algie and he do not get along, but I am juggling them to keep them apart for now.  They don't know it, but they are going to be bunk mates this winter.  He is the sweetest kitty and my heart breaks when he looks at me like "no one loves me, no one cares if I starve"....well, I care.  He's getting fat now and comes to the door every evening for dindin.  Bootsy has a forever home.

and if it isn't enough that I have another kitty....

Candy has adopted a baby boy named Addie.

About three months ago, Candy discovered that a mama cat was using an abandoned house next to hers that is going to be torn down.  She has one kitten and was using a hole in the foundation to live with her baby.  But then she went away and didn't come back.  Candy had been feeding them both, hoping to get them out of the house before it had to be torn down.  Since he was dependent upon Candy, he quickly made her mom cat.  As of earlier this month, he got his forever home, too.

22 August 2013

Yep...it's that time again... Happy Birthday to ME

Last Friday on the town and dinner at Serendipity

Me being perfectly still and trying not to laugh at Candy's antics behind the camera
couldn't hold it in...mwahahhaa

Looks innocent does she??  Never trust that little grin

Here she is in Serendipity

Look how skinny she is now!!!


you can dine outside on the open air patio ( did I mention they make THE best burger in town??)

They have an old fashioned ice cream parlor

They offer so many beautiful gifts, Jim Shore and even local talent.





It'is a wonderland!!  I cannot wait to see it decorated for Christmas!

It's a handmade candy store, ice cream parlor, cafe that seves you inside, on the sidewalk or patio...it's magic stop that lets you step back into a bygone era.


16 August 2013

Car license tags, antiquing and other adventures in downtown La Grange.

Sitting at Serendipity enjoying the beautiful day after dashing madly about for various errands.   The day was warmer than Thursday, but still quite glorious.  We stopped by to renew the license on the truck and car.  The Court House is so beautiful.  We love pausing to sit on the benches in the shady maple trees.



Spotting a neat Harley parked at the Court House

We lunched at Serendipity

Candy posting by the train beside Rainy Days.

Candy hiding in Rainy Days after flashing her new jeans at a driver...lol

We found some great things are The Bargain Rack and The Copper Awning both.

The GIANT Mickey Mouse Clock came from The Bargain Rack, What I am going to do with a 2 foot MM Clock I don't know, but I couldn't resist.

Some great buys on lawn furniture.  These items came for The Copper Awning.

Rocking Horse in the window of Absolutely Fabulous.  They are hosting a fashion show tonight.  Hum...what trouble will be get into next?? lol

15 August 2013

Trainspotting in La Grange on a perfect day

Sitting outside of my fav cafe - Serendipity on a glorious morning, trainspotting, and plotting my next Sisters of Colford Hall novel, Some Things Never Change, with Candy Thompson

The day was perfect, one of those glorious ones that you wish you could bottle and sell.  We did our 4 miles walk, stopped by City Hall to register to vote.

We shopped at Serendipity (and later returned for a great lunch), then moved on to Rainy Day where Debbie helped me find jeans for skinny Candy. 

 Wal-mart was next - for fertilizer and weedkiller for the lawn.  Finally ended up at The Bargain Rack.  Ah, we do our share to support hometown Main Street Shops.

During a two hours period this morning, we had seven different trains 
coming down Main Street.