26 September 2012

new bookmarks are in!!!

As usual, the bunch at Iconix.biz are such amazing people to work with.  They take my designs and make the stunning bookmarks that are on heavy paper and plastic coated so they last.  And in 1, 2, 3, days they are HERE.  I am so thrilled with this company and cannot recommend them enough!!

22 September 2012


I hit the jack pot on Knockout Roses.  A lovely nursery down the road was selling them for $10.   So Candy Thompson and I rode down last week and picked up a truck load.  The lady who does my yard put in the bed today.  17 reds, 5 yellows in a bed 25 foot long at the very back of the yard.  Next week they will come back with landscape timbers and form around the bed, then fill the bed with red mulch.  I was out watering them this evening and the neighbor came over to tell me how beautiful they looked.

Miss Mouthy's anniversary

Miss Mouthy has been with us for six months now.  Since I took her in that stormy night in spring she hasn't asked to go outside again.  She loves it inside.  She had put on weight, plays, sits in the window and watches the birds in the bird bath, but she is quite delighted at being a pampered indoor baby.

She spends  every afternoon beside me, napping while I write.  I am very lucky she came into my life.

Welcome Autumn in all your glory

20 September 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and boy did it seem like the day is spreading in attention!!  Even on the news they were talking about it.  It really started gaining force with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but being a pirate seems to really have captured people's imagination.  As you can see by my Snoopy Flag, I celebrate it openly, though my hubby frowned on the Muppets Treasure Island going full blast this morning!

So hope all your scurvy sons of a bilge rat had a rum and toasted our favourite pirate, Cap'n Jack!!!


12 September 2012

A BIG thank you to White Knight Amazon Publishing

I had a very grand surprise to awaken to this morning!!

All sleepy-eyed and in the mood to pull the blanket over my head and snooze for another hour, I rolled the bed and, I usually do -- check my email.  Well, imagine to my surprise when I spy an e-mail from Amazon Publishing/Montlake.  The beautiful email was announcing that they had done a bank transfer of the money that Dorchester Publishing has owed me for nearly two years.  Amazon bought the rights to my Sisters of Colford Hall™ series, and had promised me, as well as the other Dorchester authors signing with them, that they would honor the money owed by Dorchester before they went out of business.

I simply cannot thank Amazon Publishing/Montlake enough for stepping in and saving the Dorchester authors.  It's been too long with nothing but bad news for these authors, so it amazing to see Amazon's caring and prompt handling.

06 September 2012

Sisters of Colford Hall - available again on Kindle

I am delighted to say Amazon Publishing/Montlake is moving fast after acquiring my titles from the Dorchester selling of the active backlist titles.  They have already put the first three of the series out in Kindle, so are available for immediate download.

These books were never out of print, until Dorchester's end, with The Invasion of Falgannon Isle going to a second printing just as Dorchester began having problems, and Riding the Thunder had sold out of print.  All there had been slated for tradesize release July 2012, which never happened.  Montlake has promised me they will be available again soon in print, so I am very delighted with their new home.