30 August 2014

Invasion of Falgannon Isle included on Amazon's Gold Box deal Today

I was delighted to find that my Invasion of Falgannon Isle was included in the Amazon.com's Gold Box Deal on Amazon today 


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26 August 2014

24 August 2014

Kentucky State Fair -- What a Day

Candy and I decided to tackle the Kentucky State Fair this year.  She really enjoyed the Oldham County Fair, but couldn't believe when I told her how huge the state fair was.  Well, she learned! :-)

There were so many beautiful quilts

We checked out the arts and crafts first, because two of her dolls were entered.  They had won blue at the County Fair, but we didn't get the notice for entry timeline soon enough, so she could only enter the two from the County Fair that won blue.

Her Knight & Lady, which she made for me using a special crochet stitch, won third place.  These dolls were not meant for competition, so we were delighted with the win.

got some great shots of the two carousels they had

Candy in her rainbow cap I bought her.  Think she looks adorable!!!

Me in the East Wing food court enjoying a lemonade.

All in all, we had a great time.  Spent 8 hours looking at everything, eating pulled pork BBQ, and riding the merry go round.  Candy is already planning what she will enter in the fair come next year.

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing in Amazon Labor Day promotion

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing will be included in Amazon's Labor Day Promotion! 

This promotion will feature $1..99 Kindle Deals for Labor Day, and will be starting August 24th and running through September 1st. 

Beginning August 24th, you will see the promotion here:http://www.amazon.com/b/?node=9931158011.

08 August 2014

Farewell to Maggie Davis.....

I learned today that a dear dear friend died in June. Maggie Davis, who was a bestselling author as Katherine Deauxville, passed away after a long illness in June. Her youngest son, Cambren, finally got into her email and found my address to let me know.

Damn damn damn. Miz Maggie was always been there for me. She was talented, funny, and knew more about the publishing business that all others have forgotten. She was caring, supportive and just so much of a "mother mentor" to me that I could never do and say enough to ring the peal of her praise. Her last email to me was talking about her work on her newest book. She sent me a lot of chapters to read -- another great Maggie Davis book. Now, her wonderful presence is gone. The world is a much duller presence with her passing.

Needless to say, I sat and cried like a baby. I will miss you, Miz Maggie.