10 August 2009

5 Blue Ribbons for One Snowy Knight

Title: The Dragons of Challon, Book 3 – One Snowy Knight

Genre: Historical
Author: Deborah Macgillivray
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: October 6, 2009

Author Website: http://deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/
Format: PRINT

Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Scotland, 1296

Following the unfortunate deaths of his parents when he was just a young boy Noel de Servian was taken into Earl Michael’s loving home and raised alongside Julian, his brothers and their cousins at Castle Challon. As a group the boys were sent to be squires to King Edwards and later served as his knights – and earned their reputation as the Dragons of Challon. After years of fighting in the name of the king, Noel is ready for peace and when King Edwards gifts him with Craigendan Keep he thinks the serenity he seeks is finally within reach.

Lady Skena MacIain of Craigendan Keep was not heartbroken when her husband failed to return from warring at Dunbar. Their marriage had never been a love match but their children made their union worth the disappointments. Skena struggles with caring for the people of Craigendan especially since all the men left are old, feeble or too young to protect or hunt. Food and supplies are scarce and Skena worries over the fate of her people.

With her children, Andrew and Annis, missing, Skena sets out from the safety of Craigendan Keep to find them before the snow and darkness make this endeavor too difficult. The last thing she expects is to find them in the company of a magnificent steed and insisting that the horse is a kelpie and it brought Andrew’s Yuletide wish – a knight to protect them. Or Annis’s wish for a knight to care and love them – something she’d never received from her father. Skena doesn’t believe in wishes – none of hers have ever come true but once she sees the unconscious knight laying in the snow she knows that she cannot leave him to an icy fate. Thus begins the wholly unexpected romance between Skena and Noel. As she tirelessly works to save his life after he takes ill thanks to the weather, there can be no denying that he’s a beautiful man and she’s attracted to him as she’s never been to any other man but how will she feel when she learns that he’s the new Lord of Craigendan? And there’s the little issue of Noel’s involvement in her husband’s death – or is Angus truly dead? Skena swears she’s seen him on several occasions and each sighting is coupled with something sinister so what is really happening and why?

ONE SNOWY KNIGHT is the third book in Deborah Macgillivray’s DRAGONS OF CHALLON series. Noel’s a knight who takes his responsibilities seriously first and foremost but he’s got a gentle nature that comes to the forefront especially when it comes to Skena or her children. The bond he shares with his foster brothers really says a lot about him as a man and gives the impression that anytime he needs assistance or they need it of him then they would be there for each other. The relationship between Skena and Noel is fun, passionate and endearing and I really loved the playfulness between them. Deborah Macgillivray always adds a dramatic flair to her storylines that captures the imagination and keeps you smiling through each page of her books.

While it’s certainly not necessary to read all the DRAGONS OF CHALLON books in order to enjoy ONE SNOWY KNIGHT, the other stories are just as delightful so I’d recommend picking them up as well.

The other stories available are:

REDEMPTION is the upcoming DRAGONS OF CHALLON book and it’s due to be released in September 2010.

Curtesty of Romance Junkies

06 August 2009

5 star review for A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - Romance Junkies

5.0 out of 5 stars third installment in Deborah Macgillivray's SISTERS OF COLFORD HALL series, August 6, 2009

By C. Dionne "Chrissy Dionne" (Cloverdale, OREGON USA) -
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Trevelyn Mershan and his brothers have a vendetta against the Montgomerie family that stems from their father's suicide many years ago. The men grew up extremely poor with a mother suffering from mental illness. Each brother has targeted one of Sean Montgomerie's granddaughters to concentrate on while they go about their plans for a hostile takeover of Montgomerie Enterprise. Trevelyn's association with Raven may have started out as an extension of the revenge plot dreamed up by his older brother, but he's falling in love with her.

Raven Montgomerie may have come from a wealthy background but her life is far from glamorous. She chooses to live in a thatched house on her family estate with a toy pony, a one-legged seagull and two fat cats. She loves her family but she prefers the privacy for her painting. At one time she had dreams of marriage and a family but her divorce and subsequent miscarriage put an end to that desire. The last thing she expects is for her belated birthday gift, a mechanical ofisa (Romani for fortunate teller booth), to be so eerily accurate in her predictions. "Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing" is printed on the Lovers card, the first card she receives from the gypsy. Torn between ignoring the card and heeding it's warning, Raven opts to worry about it later but once she catches sight of a man who sends shivers down her spine and she simply knows that this is the wolf the gypsy foretold.

Trevelyn squeezes into Raven's life rather simply. First by saving her from Alec's, her ex-husband, nasty verbal attack at the gala to raise money for a children's orphanage, then he outbid Alec on a beautiful rocking horse that obviously held a great deal of importance to Raven. He liken himself to the big bad wolf in the fairy tale sent to gobble up Red and he and Raven even joke about the similarities between them and the fable. The attraction between them is undeniable and Raven caves in to her desire to invite Trevelyn to her bed. Trevelyn is quickly drawn into Raven's life and even her pets adore him so how can he possibly in good conscious continue with the plan to destroy her family? And if he doesn't follow through with it then how will his brothers react.

A WOLF IN WOLF'S CLOTHING is the third installment in Deborah Macgillivray's SISTERS OF COLFORD HALL series. Trevelyn and Raven's relationship is playful yet poignantly sweet while maintaining an emotional connection that I adored. The secondary characters, including Raven's pets, brought a smile to my face and kept me chuckling at their antics. Ms. Macgillivray incorporates all the elements that bring a story to life for readers - humor, a bit of the paranormal, a few tears, a beautiful romance and plenty of family dynamics. A WOLF IN WOLF'S CLOTHING is a wonderful addition to a series which has already captured my heart and earned a place on the keeper shelf.

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle (The Sisters of Colford Hall, Book 1)
Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall, Book 2)

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)

03 August 2009

5 star review for A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

5.0 out of 5 stars terrific finish to an engaging trilogy, August 2, 2009
Trevelyn Sinclair Mershan understands what it feels like to be schizoid. His goal set by his older brother years ago has been to destroy the Montgomerie family whom he holds culpable for the suicide of his father. However, he has a slight problem as his heart tells him to modify his goal and go after Raven Montgomerie.

She haunts him 24/7. He plans to stay the course by ruining Raven. However, obstinate as he is, the Auld Souls intercede as do an odd mechanical gypsy fortuneteller. Trev feels like a traitor as he is deeply in love with the enemy while invading her home Colford Hall.

The third Mershan brother contemporary romance (see INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE and RIDING THE THUNDER) is an enjoyable tale that runs time-wise parallel to the stories of Trev's siblings; thus he feels remorse and guilt at the same time love because ironically unlike the readers he is unaware that his older brother, who has planned their revenge for years, has the same predicament. A WOLF IN WOLF'S CLOTHING is a terrific finish to an engaging trilogy; kudos to Deborah MacGillivray who stayed consistent throughout the saga yet also entertaining.

Harriet Klausner

01 August 2009

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