30 December 2007

Love Romance and More Nomination for Best Sci-Fi Fantasy 2007

Love Romance and More Cafe has Nominated Riding the Thunder for
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance of 2007

Review they did for Riding the Thunder

29 December 2007

8 LASR Award Nominations my stories

Bad Cat, Chicken What Du Hell. A Very Special Man, Detour to Love

Rider in the Storm, A Very Special Man, Chicken What Du Hell
All I Want For Christmas is a Hula-Hoop...and a Mother

I am stunned!

5 Hearts Review for Riding the Thunder

Crystal Reviews 5 Hearts

Riding The Thunder by Deborah MacGillivray *print book*

Jago Fitzgerald Mershan was on a mission to invade the Montgomerie empire along with his two brothers Trev, and Des. His task was to go to Kentucky and convince a horse park and hotel to sell to Trident Ventures and then the Mershan corporation would buy the Trident stocks. It was not a difficult thing to understand, but it was done with a purpose…revenge. Revenge on Sean Montgomerie for defaulting on a loan payment purposely, resulting in the suicide of the Mershan brothers’ father. Desmond the eldest of the three vowed to run the Montgomeries into the ground, hit them where it hurts, starting with Sean’s Granddaughters.

The moment Asha Montgomerie walked into the diner, Jago knew this woman would be the thing to quench his restlessness. He craved something, it did not take long to figure out the answer was her. He should have been upfront with her from the start, but he wanted so much to accomplish his task. The woman was everything he could ever hope for and so much more. But being torn between his love and loyalty to his brother, he could possibly lose the love of a lifetime.

Asha had learned the hard way not to trust pretty men, but his entrancing green-eyed gaze was something special. They had a connection, once described as Auld Souls. He wanted her land and her body, she wanted him to give up on purchasing The Windmill and the horse farm. But what she wanted most was for him to whisper those three words hanging on the tip of her tongue.

The Windmill was a place for lost souls, even a couple which were not amongst the living. The old 60’s Wurlitzer jukebox had a mind of its own, and Asha was about to find out the reason. With glimpses of another girl’s life with her love by her side, Asha didn’t know what to make of the visions. She chocked it up to her fey intuition, but it was much more than that. It was a constant sign, and the Wurlitzer would be there coming to life and playing songs on its own accord. You see, The Windmill was haunted.

Jago did not come to Kentucky to find love in the eyes of an Irish lass, but thank fate for sending him to Nowheresville! Love is not something to be tampered with, and when Asha finds out the truth she may change her mind about Jago completely. She also has to worry about Monty Faulkner skulking around, plotting revenge against her; hopefully history does not repeat itself.

Deborah MacGillivray’s romance novel, Riding The Thunder is the second book in the Dorchester of the Sisters of Colford Hall series. Riding the Thunder is strong enough to be a stand alone book, but honestly you should read The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, it ties everything together. I could sit and read Deborah MacGillivray’s writings all day, they’re filled with love, romance, and such passion one could only hope to find in their lifetime. Ms. MacGillivray is one of my very favorite authors, she compiles humor into the stories and makes them such a refreshing read. Also, notice the cats in the books, how they just appear! The only fault I have is the silly jukebox song “Surfin’ Bird” is constantly replaying in my mind, no thanks to the old Wurlitzer!!

28 December 2007

Award Nominations!!

In Her Bed and Riding the Thunder received Nomination
for Best Romance for 2007 in the Long Print Category.

Also Riding the Thunder was Best Sci-Fi/Fanatasy Nominee for 2007 in LR Cafe Awards.

For Best Book in E-Format
A Restless Knight (Kindle Edition)

bliadhna mhath ùr

24 December 2007

5 Angels - Recommended Read for Cat O' Nine Tales

Cat O’ Nine Tales - 5 Angels/Recommended Read

Cat O’ Nine Tales is a single-author anthology. There are nine stories, each featuring a cat who is smart enough to help the romantically challenged couples they encounter. The cats are brilliant, Cupids in fur, it seems, with fun names like Elvis, Bubba and Sinnjinn, just to name a few. Each story is unique, perfectly matching the temperament of the cat featured in its tale, or should I say tail?
I haven’t read anything else by Deborah MacGillivray but if Cat O’ Nine Tales is an indication of how this woman writes, she has found a new fan in this reader. I can’t even begin to choose a favorite story from this anthology. Each was better than the last, and every one was spectacular. This is top-notch storytelling, from beginning to end. I felt a particular attachment, I must admit, to Sinnjinn in Rider in the Storm, a story about a quarter of the way into this book. The way this cat cradles and comforts its owner is heartwarming. It’s impossible not to love Sinnjinn, as well as the other felines on these pages. This is a wonderful anthology, filled from beginning to end with great stories. I definitely recommend this one! As an aside, I saw on the publisher’s website that part of the author’s proceeds are going to charity. Isn’t that just icing on an already yummy cake?

Two CAPA Award Nominations!

I just learned I just received two CAPA Award Nominations from The Romance Studio.

The first one was for In Her Bed - Nominated for Best Historical Romance 2007. A Restless Knight received this honour last year, so both Dragons of Challon have been nominated.

However, I was especially delighted to see my anthology, LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE from Highland Press was nominated as Best Anthology. My novella, A Very Special Man, a shapeshifter romance was very fun to write, so I really was ticked to see it honoured, too.

Highland Press authors in the anthology with me, Leanne Burroughs, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Billie Warren Chai and Judith Light

Also, I would like to say Congrats to Rowena Cherry, Devyn Quinn, Joy Nash, Phyliss Campbell, Jennifer Ashley, Jackie Ivie for their nominations for their books, too!

2007 certainly is going out on a very high note for me!!

23 December 2007

Nollaig Chridheil agus bliandhna mhath ur

Writing for Multiple Publishers

Writing for Multiple Publishers

by Deborah Macgillivray

Double your pleasure, double your fun...

Writing for more than one publisher? Sheer lunacy or nirvana?

Whatever was I thinking when I forged ahead in following my dream to write Medieval Scottish Historicals and Paranormal Contemporary Romances concurrently? I suppose, had I truly glimpsed the madness that a published author faces nearly every day, I might’ve reconsidered my choices and opted for a less hectic entry into publishing. But then, considering I don’t think I’d be content writing only one genre, perhaps not. Fools rush in―as my grandfather would chide me!

In 2005, I set out to sell two series to two different publishers. I didn’t want to wait on the vagaries of slotting or be forced to write just one category of romance. Branding is a hot topic this year, but I’d soon burn out if limited to only one genre. Switching from one type to another, keeps me fresh. When I finish a Medieval saga I feel drained, as if I cannot face penning another. I move to a Contemporary romance, and suddenly, the magic is back. Once I finish the book with a modern setting, I’m eager to jump into another Historical. The changes see it all new again for me, brings back the creative fire, the passion.

That was the first consideration driving me to prod my then agent to sign me with mutliple publishers. She was negotiating with Dorchester Publishing to sell them a series of Paranormal Contemporary novels. As we waited to go to contract, I pushed her to market my Medieval Scottish Romance, A Restless Knight, as well. I sold the Historicals to Kensington on August 31, 2005 and three weeks later the Contemporary Romances went to Chris Keeslar at Dorchester for their LoveSpell line.

I was a happy camper? You bet.

Then the realities set in. I was no longer writing for just myself, for the sheer pleasure of the prose, no longer able to wait until the muse moved me. I would have deadlines, next would come edits and finally galleys from both publishers. We had left behind the love of writing and moved into commercial writing. I am a rapid writer, so I smugly thought I could handle this. A piece of cake. My friend, Lynsay Sands, turns in at least four books and a couple novellas each year. Surely, if I just applied myself, I could maintain pace. To reach her level of production I would only have to write five pages a day. Here’s the reality part―365 days a year! Still, when you take a deep breath it doesn’t seem like too much, just a few hours each day.

However, you must consider family, acts of nature, the other time-gobbling parts of being an author and the biggie―your health. Your health will be one of the obstacles. A reader has no concept of the stress an author is under constantly. Everyone things you sell your book that you have it made. That is the starting point, where all the work really begins. You have interviews, marketing concerns, book signings, authors’ loops, blogs, plogs, and MySpace; these are just a few of the hours you forget to factor into ‘yeah I can do it’.

During my first year of my publishing career it seemed as if everything came at me all at once. We lived through a tornado, flooding, a part of a tree broke off and embedded itself in our attic, and we took a direct lightning strike. The last destroyed two computers and two external hard drives, along with backup copies of my work. The worst thing that can happen to a writer is to lose it all and have to start over. My agent was hit by hurricane Rita. Contracts were lost. I used up five laptop keyboards; the fan on one computer went out twice. Well, I could go on with problems upon problems, but you get the idea. All these matters were stressful enough, but add in I still had to keep writing and producing novels, the stress level just went up tenfold.

It’s too easy to push on and not take care of yourself. Then your health begins to go down like dominos, and suddenly, all those balls you are juggling in the air crash to the floor.

So why set yourself up for this?

I saw a quote the other day about why a person is a writer. The reply said it was in their head and had to come out. It struck me how true that was. In its simplest term, that line summed up my feelings. All this stories, characters and faraway places are in my head and they have to come out. That was the creative side.

The commercial side of being an author brings in other considerations, reasons why you will see out this hectic path. This business is so risky, the competition fierce. I didn’t want to face that two-book contract, wondering the whole time if the publisher would keep me or let me go at the end of it? To me, security meant having options. Some much of this business is subjective―from the readers right up to the editors. I, and a lot of a newer authors, are taking our careers by the horns, so to speak, and writing for a second, and even a third publisher that can afford us various advantages.

So what are the advantages?

In no particular order for me: the freedom to write for more than one genre; the quicker recognition of your name; the establishing a strong backlist to help build sells for future titles; increased money; and the sense of more control over your career. Any or all of these factors can drive an author to embark on this juggling act. The freedom―in my case the necessity―to write a variety of stories I touched on before, so I will move on to the other pluses.

Quicker recognition of your name. When people read a book by a new author and love it, one of the first thing many do now that we have the Internet is to Google or visit Amazon.com to see what other titles a writer has available. Being a voracious reader, I have done this myself. As a former bookseller, I saw this happen constantly.

Roarke’s Prisoner by Angela Knight (Red Sage Publishing’s Secrets) simply blew me away, so I went in search of her backlist. Much to my disbelief, there was little else by her. It didn’t take long for this very talented author to have the market full of her novels.

However, I have seen writers with a first book out and there is nothing there for a year or two. That’s a long time between books. Lost momentum for the author. With close to two hundred romance books coming out each month, it’s easy for the reader to forget you.

I deemed it advantageous to release several books out there in my first year, with more on the horizon. This tells the reader you’re here to stay and affords them the chance to keep seeking out your works. There is nothing more empty looking than going to Amazon.com and putting in an author’s name―fully intending to buy all their titles―only to find the author has one book there and nothing else.

Many publishers have a long list of authors. Some publishers are putting out only a couple romances a month, some a dozen or more. It’s a game of musical chairs for an author to get their books slotted. If the writer stays with only one house, you are at the whims of the publisher having a slot for you. This can result in that year or two lag between first and second books. No matter how well you are selling, how your editor loves your work, you have to fit into the overall scheme with all their other writers.

Generally, most publishers will only take one or two books a year from an author. If a writer has so many ideas in their head ‘waiting to get out’, and the publisher cannot accommodate them in their schedules, then the writer will start looking for that second, and even third contract. With more books seeing release per year, a writer can quickly establish a name and start working on that backlist, steps to building a strong, successful career.

Money is another consideration. The fact is only fifteen percent of all romance writers make enough money to live upon. For an author to succeed, they will have to advertise. When a writer is new, a big part of this marketing will likely come from the author’s pocket. Advances for new, unproven writers are just not that big, as a rule. If you’re hoping to live on your writing career, then second publishers giving you more advances, and later royalties, helps the new author get on their feet. Also, with proven sales on the books, you can, again, quickly establish your career, thus giving you bigger advances in a shorter space of time.

All these issues work to give the author control. You have paced yourself to get the most effective entrance into this highly competitive field.

So what are the disadvantages?

Time is the biggest obstacle facing someone wanting to write for multiple publishers. From my personal experience, I assume writing for more than one publisher likely can only be done by someone writing full-time. I am aware of several authors choosing this path and making it work. All write full-time.

Best-selling author Lynsay Sands has been, until recently, with Dorchester Publishing (Historical Romances―Love is Blind; The Brat) and Kensington Books (Vampire novellas―My Immortal Highlander; Eternal Thirst) and for Avon Books (Vampire Romances―Bite Me If You Can; A Bite To Remember).

Award-winner author Dawn Thompson spent a year writing for Dorchester only (The Ravencliff Bride; The Waterlord; The Falcon’s Bride; Blood Moon; The Brotherhood; The Ravening). In 2006, she moved to carry two contracts with Dorchester―Paranormal Historical Romances under her own name, and Regency Historical Romances under the penname of Dawn MacTavish (The Marsh Hawk; The Privateer). In August 2007, she saw the first release from her second publisher, Kensington Aphrodisia (Lord of the Deep; Lord of the Dark), Historical Erotic Fantasy, bringing it to a total of seven titles for her in 2007.

Nationally Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley might possibly be the queen of juggling multiple contracts. During 2006 and 2007, she has written Historical and Paranormal Romances for Dorchester (both their Leisure and LoveSpell lines―Mad Bad Duke; The Immortals: The Calling), Paranormal Romance for Berkley Sensation, writing as Allyson James (Dragon Heat), History Fiction under her own name for Berkley Trade (The Queen’s Handmaiden, RITA finalist) and Historical Mysteries as Ashley Gardner for Berkley Prime Crime (A Covent Garden Mystery series ). I get tired just reading the list of her titles! Oh, but she is not done! She also writes Erotica for Ellora’s Cave under the Allyson James penname (Double Trouble; Tales of the Shareem: Aiden & Ky). I don’t know how she does it!

The time required to produce a book, edit it and get it into a finished galley, and do this for more than one publisher, can be maddening. Think of the poor mother who has twins―twice the diapers, feeding and expenses―you get the idea of the challenges an author faces when they embark on going to contract with more than one publisher. Dual deadline, dual edits and dual galleys, all combine to take a lot of your time…your life! Add in double expenses―bookmarks, postcards, ads, it can be overwhelming even under the best of conditions.

Other considerations

It’s not for the fainthearted. All the problems that come with being an author are magnified. Scheduling can be one. Some publishers will want to space your books out, fearing they might compete. Kensington slotted my first historical for July 2006. Dorchester then slotted The Invasion of Falgannon Isle for December of the same year, giving me six months between books. After it happened, I think it was seen that if Falgannon had been out sooner, it would have benefited from the high sales from A Restless Knight.

When Kensington slotted the second historical for August 2007, Dorchester picked the release date of October 2007. Nice slotting, because the second book for each publisher will be pushing sales for each other. Happy camper time again. Except….except with this pacing you really have a juggling act of finishing two books, then edits, and the galleys. Like a house of cards, pull out one card the house tumbles down, the same thing can happen to a writer if they are not careful.

Also, your agent or you with have to do more managing with some of the terms of your contracts. You will need it amended so you are able to write for more than one publisher. This is done by limiting the publisher to what you have to offer them first before you can shop it elsewhere. Another way it to take one book contracts, leaving you free to move your books where you wish, finding the best offer.

Sometimes, a publisher won’t go along with this. I am aware of a new trend that an author has to turn in all the books on a contract before they can consider writing for another publisher. As one best-selling author told me, “they just closed the barn door on me.” Meaning she has to do three books before she can write for another house. At the end of that contract, there is another contract, with the same three-book clause. In this instance, they will keep her tied up to where she cannot write for another publisher.

This generally happens when an author has made it big, when a publisher is putting out mega dollars in advertising and career building. They have to protect their investment. Superstar names have written for more than one publisher for as long as there have been Romances. Anne Stuart has written for Harlequin/Mira and Avon; Nora Roberta for Silhouette and Jove; and Jayne Anne Krentz for Putnam and Harlequin/Silhouette. So it remains to be seen if writing for multiple publishers is a growing trend or something more suitable for newer writers still making a name.

Tips to survive the folly

Learn to say no. Once you are published, everyone wants something from you. Interviews, guest blogging, book signings, writers wanting you to mentor them, others wanting to be critique partners and fan mail. It’s imperative you develop the ability to politely draw the lines and set boundaries. Dawn Thompson is very adamant on this―"Your writing has to come first. You have to be willing to make sacrifices for your craft, to court your muse, and to persevere no matter what it takes, with a cheerful, determined heart that never gives up on your dream. She won’t mentor anyone, though she often teaches online classes, nor will she become a critique partner, simply because both take too much time away from her writing. She is one of the most focused writers I know. The fact she has four books out already, and eight books and two novellas due in the next year is a testament she speaks from applying this rule. She demonstrates the discipline of saying no and focusing on your writing daily.

Learn to say no to your family and friends. Set down rules. This is no longer a hobby, so do not allow people to treat you as if it is. Friends and family should respect your working schedule. Simply because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you are at the beck and call for friends who want to natter on the phone for an hour or great aunt Suzie can drops in for tea unannounced or uninvited. Same with other time-consuming devices. Instant messenger―block only the vital people so you are not disturbed. Better yet, turn it off completely. Distractions eat up time. The clock is ticking. Deadlines are getting closer.

Most importantly―take care of yourself. Eat well, take your vitamins and set up an exercise time. This is coming from do as I say, not as I did. I made the dreadful mistake of not sleeping well, skipping meals and forgetting my vitamins as I finished the first two books. A simple sinus infection became a “for the want of a nail...”, and I ended with my immune system crashing. That in turn, left me open to various flu bugs and nearly every germ that rolled down the pike. You just cannot afford to get down with illness.

You have to keep writing.

Writing for more than one publisher has the rewards that can help build a career quickly. Remember though, it comes with a high cost. Before you jump into waters over your head, I would caution you to speak to fellow authors who have gone through this demanding and rough career choice, really weigh the options before you take on the heavy burden of double or triple deadlines.

But if it’s in your head and has to come out, and you are willing to make the adjustments and sacrifices, writing for more than one publisher might be the career option for you.
Currently, I have a second contract with Kensington Books (One Snowy Knight, October 2008; Yield to the Knight 2009), a second contract with Dorchester Publishing (A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, June 2009; To Bell the Vampire, TBA), and Highland Press for novellas in (Love on on a Harley, 2008; Dance en L'air, 2008; Castle of Dreams, 2008 and Once Upon a Knight 2008). My historicals has been purchases for Droemer Knaur in Germany and Random House Kodansha Ltd. in Japan.

© June 2007 Deborah Macgillivray

All Writers Reserved;
Originally Published in Romance Writers of America Magazine June 2007
May not be reproduced without written permission

21 December 2007

In Her Bed goes to second printing.........

My editor, Hilary Sares just informed me that In Hed Bed just went for a second printing!! A Restless Knight went into a second print run, but it was nearly a year before it did. IHB went back for second printing in 3 1/2 months, and it was twice the numbers as ARK.

Nice final word before my publisher closed the doors for the hols. Super news to encourage me as I am finishing the third book in the series
One Snowy Knight (October 2008) currently.

In Her Bed


A Restless Knight


Holiday Greetings to all!!

5 star review for Cat O' Nine Tales

*****A Purrfect Read - Something for Everyone

M. Rondeau, CK2 Kwips and Kritiques

CAT O'NINE TALES is a special anthology edition of nine delectable stories of romance and the kitty cats that play critical parts in helping their humans recognize that one special person they need in their life!

BAD CAT - MacGillivray tackles an archaic law from Destin, Florida stating, "Any dog or cat which attacks and bites a person, or another animal without provocation, shall be deemed a `bad dog or `bad cat' and the owner shall pay civil penalty of one hundred dollars". By using that law as the basis of the first story in this wonderful anthology, MacGillivray uses a part Scottish wildcat, Auggie, to drive owner Katlyn's very sexy neighbor, Ian Giles out of his mind. Once Auggie brought over the fence to meet his sexy owner, then it's up to Katlyn to bring him to his knees. Or was it the other way around? Either way, the reader probably won't care because Auggie, the `bad cat' knew what he was doing! This was funny and very hot and steamy!

GETTING IT IN THE END - Romance writer Catlynne Falconer and her half Scottish wildcat Jack attend the Writers Renfaire in York, England. There they run into the one man Catlynne hates, book reviewer James Douglas Kinloch. He has trashed every one of Catlynne's romance books and despite their physical attraction she only wants to distance herself from him - but she never expected him to look like every gorgeous hero she'd ever dreamed of. Obviously, MacGillivray's original cat character Jack is not going to let two people who should be together, let a difference of opinion ruin what he deems to be a match made in heaven. Jack the once finicky cat picks out James to join his family and James is more than willing to chase and win over the very sexy and highly desirable author he'd trashed. Passionate confrontations end up sexy and very steamy when Ms. MacGillivray let's her imagination and originality run loose.

DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE -Setting her story in her beloved Scotland the two protagonists are Gillian Grant and Cian MacKinnon who are being observed by their centuries old forebears. Both are besotted with one another but stubborn pride rules Gillian and Cian needs to somehow break down her defenses in letting go of the age old feud. MacGillivray sets a warm and poignant tale in this contemporary story complete with ghosts from the past, as well as one very fat cat called Basil. Her leads are very much attracted to one another but because of Cian inheriting the Castle Dunnascaul - which legend says was supposed to revert back to the Grants; Gillian, who inherited the caretakers cottage, was going to make Cian's life as miserable as possible in spite of the chemistry that flamed between them. The ghostly presence and observations of their grandparents belief leant a heartwarming touch to this romance.

RIDER IN THE STORM - Ciara MacIain had stopped living seven years ago when her beloved fiancé Derek had died in an automobile accident. On the anniversary of his death she found herself traveling down the same road at the same time of that long ago fateful night and like déjà vu spotted another red sports car plunged off the side of the road in the exact same spot. This story had an almost mystic tone. The driver of the car was not Ciara's beloved Derek, but Roarke Fraser Devlin, a tall dark handsome man who Ciara sensed a peculiar familiarity about him. Earlier Ciara had made a wish on the `blue moon' and she thought that it inspired the feeling of recognition but could it have ignited her very soul? Would her heart recognize his? Awesome imagery, heart tugging intensity this was simply beautiful. Warning - have tissues nearby for this one!

DEVIL IN SPURS - The `Devil in Spurs' was the name given to a mysterious rogue highwayman, who by day was a foppish yet politically powerful nobleman, Desdein Deshaunt, the Marquis de Fournier. Unfortunately, Desdein's beloved brother had been mistakenly arrested as the `devil in spurs' by an enemy that had years ago shot and killed their father. Desdein had to devise a plan to save his brother and take revenge on his enemy. Specifically by kidnapping and holding his enemies daughter hostage... only his hostage would be the one to capture his heart. In this dashing and emotional tale, the author depicts Lady Ashlyn Findlater perfectly as a forlorn young lady whose only experience of being loved was through the companionship of her beloved and aging cat Cyril. Ashlyn wasn't concerned for herself about being carried off by the highwayman but would fight to the death before leaving her cat behind. In using Ashlyn's vulnerability from being neglected by her father, the author made it easy for Desdein to feel protective towards her as the ice around his own heart began to melt. For it was Desdein's feeling of sympathy that allowed him to see into her heart. Even though he was masked Ashlyn recognized Desdein by his eyes. Her only concern was that if she were to die, or be ravished (which she was actually hoping for) that Cyril be taken care of. Delightfully sensual, and emotional are the first words that come to mind when describing this very special love story.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A HULAHOOP...AND A MOTHER - Take one precocious five year old angel, a devastatingly handsome dad, a sexy ballet teacher, one fat cat, a pony, and a blizzard - tuck them away in a snug cabin in the country and you'll have all the ingredients needed to make one magical Christmas where everyone's wish comes true. MacGillivray once again proves whether writing a long Medieval or Contemporary she is entirely up to the challenge of packing a wallop of entertainment into a short story! I had a smile on my face from beginning to end with this delightful tale. Who wouldn't want to be snowbound with a handsome guy with a sexy name like Keon Challenger. Keon's daughter Allison captured your heart immediately, and along with Leslie and her pets, you'll find yourself enchanted. Be they human or animal, MacGillivray continually creates characters that worm their way into the readers heart.

BLUE CHRISTMAS CAT - After 15 years away Rhys St. John, who was Dara Seaforth's first and only love has come back home, wealthy and as handsome as ever. As she faces the prospect of Christmas alone she's particularly miserable since her beloved kitty Dexter had died. Rhys had come back to declare his love for Dara but if looks could kill, he'd be dead. Instead, he's out searching for his unruly cat Elvis who's run away in the midst of a snow storm. At least Rhys could track him by following Elvis' tracks... tracks that led straight to Dara's door. This was really cute, with the author naming the cat Elvis and using the background lyrics from Elvis Presley's song "Blue Christmas" to give more substance to the story. Not that she needed it mind you with Rhys being a truly wonderful take charge kind of guy. After a fifteen year absence most could wonder why this guy could even `think' he had a shot with a woman he'd left behind, but the author tied it all up by having Dara a romance author herself. By reading all of her romance novels, Rhys knew he had a chance, because even he could see, that all her heroes were based on him. Along with the smug cat who just might have been a reincarnation of Dexter - well, you'll just have to read this and form your own opinion. I have mine but I'm not saying!

CHICKEN WHAT DU HELL - Remy (aka Royce Torqhill Remington Kinross, the 13th Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld) and his cat Bubba were not scoring points with the gifts Bubba was dropping off at their beautiful neighbor Catonia's house. Although Bubba, who kept bumping his head in adoration of Catonia's beautiful boob seemed to be getting a lot further along in the romance department than his master; Remy was bound and determined to change that right quick! What a wonderful and amusing story. Next to RIDER IN THE STORM, I think this had to be one of my favorites. I absolutely adored Bubba the cat, whom Remy thought must have been a `rogue' in another life and been turned into a cat by a jealous witch - he seemed so human and was getting all those booby caresses! Remy when he turned on his Cajun accent was a sensual delight, with his wonderfully delicious `pick-up' lines. All the characters were well-developed and this short story simmered with sensuality.

A VERY SPECIAL MAN - Lately, Desdemona "Dezzy" Vashon has been having some very erotic and perfectly sultry dreams. The fact that she wakes up each morning with the blankets on the floor and rather exposed has her confiding in her cat Simon. What Dezzy has no way of knowing is that Simon is really a man, trapped inside a cat's body. Simon knows Dezzy is the only one who can break the curse - with just the right amount of persuasion!

Wrapping up this cleverly conceived and positively entertaining anthology of romances featuring some very special felines, award winning author Deborah MacGillivray manages to offer up a modicum of different genres where kitty cats are oftentimes the real heroes! One thing for sure, no matter how long or short the story, all ends will be tied up nicely while delivered in well-written sparkling prose, including humorous and titillating dialogs, and steamy sensual encounters. This would make the purrfect gift for the cat-lovers on your Christmas list.


16 December 2007

5 Hearts Review for In Her Bed

Deborah MacGillivray
Love Spell
October 2007
Fantasy Romance

5 Hearts

Asha Montgomerie is used the attention she draws from men, but has no time for them in her life. Running her restaurant, The Windmill, is more than enough to keep her busy. Yet, when a highly sexual stranger walks through the door, the attraction is lightening hot. Everything about him awakens her body to respond to his. Asha can deny her attraction to this handsome man until the cows come home, but some things are just written in the stars.

RIDING THE THUNDER is by authoress Deborah MacGilivray. In this sequel to The Invasion of Falogannon Isle, Ms. MacGilivray crafts a stellar and magical novel of love found between to very sensual characters, Jago and Asha. From the moment RIDING THE THUNDER starts and until the last page, this creative premise never slows or dulls. Each page is an adventure that will keep the readers spellbound, merrily turning the pages to experience the wonders of Ms. MacGilivray’s sassy and clever writing.

Not only are the main characters delightfully refreshing, the secondary ones are perfectly well rounded, filling out and enhancing this tale of love. There is one character, an overweight feline that is a real scene-stealer.

Asha is a woman that seems to have it all: a successful business, good friends and a spirit for life. She is in total control, that is until Jago walks through the door of her restaurant and turns her life upside down. His passionate expertise will be more than Asha can resist.

Jago has come into Asha’s life with an agenda of his own…revenge for a wrong done to his family long ago. Never in his wildest dreams did he think this plan could be altered, directed in another way, but as his relationship with Asha evolves, Jago starts to see things differently, yet he owes his brother. He will have to make some tough choices.RIDING THE THUNDER is not just another feather in Ms. MacGillvray’s cap, it is a jewel in her crown of writing achievements. This author has proven that not only can she pen torrid historical novels, but a true Seanchaidh (storyteller) in whatever genre she sets her sights on!

This reviewer highly recommends this 5-heart read.

The Secret Santa Contest

The Secret Santa Contest

I just closed the Editors Raffle. I wish to thank everyone who bought tickets in the contest to help author Dawn Thompson. THANK YOU!!!

However, three very special authors who wish to remain anonymous bought tickets to help Dawn. They don't need to have their manuscripts read...lol. So thus I formed the The Secret Santa Contest. These wonderful authors donated the $100 entry fee for the tickets. We are offering three lucky winners the chance to win a ticket to the Editor's Raffle, which will be announced on the 21st.

So HURRY...there is only FIVE DAYS to enter. Thursday Midnight is the deadline.

Friday Morning I will notify the three winners of the contest and their names will go into the lottery.

Email your entry to:
There's nothing to do, anyone wishing to have their manuscript read by Hilary Sares, Chris Keeslar, Leah Hultenschmidt, or Leanne Burroughs may enter.

Just fill out this information and send!!
Name of your manuscript:
Is it complete YES ____ NO_____
if no when will it be completed?
Happy Holidays and Good Luck!!!

Deborah and Three Secret Santas!

15 December 2007

Challon and Damian go to Japan!!

Not in a story, mind...lol. My editor at Kensington Books, Hilary Sares, gave me the exciting news today that A Restless Knight and In Her Bed were both sold to a Japanese Publisher to be put into translation and released there. I am very excited about this. A Restless Knight had already been sold to a German Publisher earlier in the year. So he is becoming rather well travelled!! The Japanese have a great interest in all things Scottish, so this will be a good home for my Dragons of Challon series. Hopefully, my next two historicals, One Snowy Knight (October 2000) and Yield to the Knight (2009) will gain such a wide acceptance as the first in the series.

It's been a busy week for St. Nic, because early this week I signed a two-book contract with Dorchester for more of the Sisters of Colford Hall.
Happy Ho ho ho, to you all!!

14 December 2007

Dorchester author sampler

Nina Bangs, Rowena Cherry, Susan Grant, Colby Hodge, Jade Lee, Deborah Macgillivray, Kathleen Nance, Joy Nash, Robin T. Popp, and Cathleen Spangler....Test drive us!!

If you might like Futuristics and other Paranormal romances, but would rather try out a first chapter before making a decision, here are first chapters (Cathy Spangler, Susan Grant, Nina Bangs, Kathleen Nance, Joy Nash, Rowena Cherry, Deborah MacGillivray, Colby Hodge, Robin T Popp and Jade Lee) all in one downloadable, free, pdf

Feel free to share the pdf or the url!

13 December 2007

accepted a second contract with Dorchester

Fans have been asking if there will be more books in The Sisters of Colford Halls series. And the answer is YES!

I have accepted the contract to do two more books for Dorchester's LoveSpell. The next books? Trev Mershan and Raven Montgomerie's romance will be book three. Currently slotted for June 2009 release. A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing.

Sorry, about that date! My first contacts for Kensington and Dorchester came a the same time so there was no "first"; I had been alternating books. However, my second contract with Kensington is considered "first" since I accepted that in August. Look for One Snowy Knight (October 2008), followed by Guillaume Challon and Rowanne MacShane's story in 2009.
The fourth book, To Bell the Vampire, in the Dorchester series will be Britt Montgomerie's and Lucien Delacroix's romance. So yes, more Sisters coming. And yes, I will be doing a book for Netta and Liam's romance (Riding the Thunder) and yes, oh, yes, I will get to sexy Julian Starkadder and LynneAnne Montgomerie's Romance, too. Just give me time!!

Happy Holidays to you all!!

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10 December 2007

The Huntress' review of Cat O' Nine Tales

Highland Press October 2007
Genre: See Review
ISBN: 0978713907
Page Count: 274
Price: $12.49
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous


Bad Cat
Ian St. Giles went to his neighbor, Katlyn MacKenzie, to complain - again - about her cat's behavior. He ended up with a dinner date.

Getting It In The End
When James Kinlock, a book reviewer, was assigned to cover a week-long Historical Romance Writers Renaissance Faire, his first thought was that it was going to be the longest week of his life. That changes when he literally bumps into a goddess with a big cat. Too bad she despises him. Turns out the lovely author is one he enjoys giving horrible reviews about.

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble
The feud between the MacKinnon and Grant families has gone on for over a century. Tempers had started to cool until the rightful ownership of a five-hundred-year-old castle came into question. Gillian Grant's family was supposed to inherit the castle when Cian McKinnon's grandfather passed away. Instead, it went to Cian. Gillian's temper is as wild as her cat is fat and Cian loves the fact.

Rider In The Storm
Ciara MacIain's fiancé, Derek Adams, died exactly seven years ago due to a drunk driver. All this time Ciara has grieved. She finally decides it is time to let go of Derek. Very shortly afterward, Ciara stops to help Roarke Devlin, whose car had gotten stuck in the exact spot Derek had died. Ciara cannot help but think there is something special about Roarke. Her cat, Sinnjinn, agrees.

Devil In Spurs
Desdein Deshaunt played the part of the ton buffoon to hide his true identity. He was a horse breeder by day and a buffoon by night. He was also a highwayman on a mission to crush those responsible for his father's death.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula-Hoop ... And A Mother
Keon Challenger is firmly wrapped around his five-year-old daughter's little finger and he knows it. Little Allison did not simply write Santa a letter and send it out in the post; instead Allison sent Santa's letter via email. Sometimes his little girl is too intelligent and mature for her own good. Shortly before Christmas Eve, Keon drives Allison to her ballet class and meets the new teacher, Leslie Seaforth. Looks like Keon's daughter and Leslie's cat have the same Christmas present in mind this year.

Blue Christmas Cat
Dara Seaforth (sister to Leslie from the previous tale) has felt lonely since her cat, Dexter, passed away six weeks ago. How is Dana supposed to write a hot romance by deadline when her own life is so empty? Then Dara hears the mournful meowing outside, in the snowstorm, and rescues a freezing British Blue cat. The tag on the cat’s collar gives the feline's name, Elvis. The cat's human companion, Rhys St.John, is someone Dara is already familiar with.

Chicken What Du Hell (Or Bubba The Cat Plays Matchmaker)
Royce Torqhill Remington Kinross, the thirteenth Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld, was tired of gold digging women constantly hounding him. Now he goes by the name Remy Kinross, in New Orleans, and hides behind a Cajun accent. The only woman making him look twice lately is Catonia Flemyn. But every time she stops by it's because his cat, Bubba, has left another serpent gift for her. (BTW, Bubba is cousin to the cat of the first story.)

A Very Special Man
Desdemona "Dezzy" loves the huge cat, Simon, which had somehow found and adopted her. But she has no idea that Simon is not really a cat.

***** Nine short stories and novellas that will amuse everyone - whether they like cats or not. Historical Romances, Super Natural, Modern Contemporary...this book has a bit of everything. Enchanting tales for the most wicked, award-winning author today! Spellbinding! A treat for all! And a puurrr-fect way to spend any winter night. *****

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

07 December 2007

e-release of Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Double, Double Toil and Trouble
Available in Cat O' Nine Tales (and No Law Against Love)
Author: Deborah MacGillivray

$2.00 $1.60Save: 20% off
ISBN (Print): 9780978713904
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 10/01/2007
Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/

Gillian Grant is at war with Cian Mackinnon, the laird of Castle Dunnascaul. A longstanding feud between their clans, Bonnie Prince Charlie's missing gold, and two ghosts determined to play matchmaker, quickly sees Gillian in Cian's arms, right where he wants her to be.

PEARL Award Winner 2006

e-release of Rider in the Storm

Rider In The Storm Available in Cat O' Nine Tales (and Blue Moon Magic)
Author : Deborah MacGillivray

$2.25 $1.80Save: 20% off
ISBN (Print): 9780978713904
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 10/01/2007
Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/
Seven years ago this very night, Ciara MacIain lost her fiance, Derek, in a tragic car accident. As she takes the curve in the storm—at the exact spot he died—Ciara sees a car off the road. A man flags her down asking for help, and he takes her on a journey of the souls, ending in a truth Ciara never expects.

PEARL Award Nominee 2006

e-release of Getting it in the End at Coffeetime Romance

Getting It In The End
Available in Cat O' Nine Tales (and No Law Against Love)
Author: Deborah MacGillivray

$2.00 $1.60Save: 20% off
ISBN (Print): 9780978713904ISBN (Electronic)

Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 10/01/2007

Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/

06 December 2007

e-release of Bad Cat at Coffee Time Romance

Bad Cat
Available in Cat O' Nine Tales and also in No Law Against Love

Author: Deborah Macgillivray

Regular $2.00 Sale: $1.60 Save: 20% off
ISBN (Print): 9780978713904ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 10/01/2007
Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/


e-release of A Very Special Man at Coffee Time Romance

A Very Special Man

Love Under the Mistletoe (and, Cat O' Nine Tales)
Author Deborah MacGillivray

$2.75 $2.20
Save: 20% off

ISBN (Print): 978-0-9800356-2-9
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2007
Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk


04 December 2007

Detour to Love released in e-book at Coffee Time Romance

Detour to Love
Author: Deborah MacGillivray

larger image $3.50 $2.80Save: 20% off
ISBN (Print): 978-0-9800356-1-2ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2007
Publisher: Highland Press
Author's Website: http://deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/


Morgan Galloway made the mistake of allowing Kaelyn Reynolds to slip through his fingers. Both too young, and too many years between them, he didn't know just how precious love was until it was gone. Fate had finally brought Kaelyn back to Pandora's Landing. When a winter snowstorm sends Morgan to playing 'Welcome Wagon,' he plans on making this a Christmas to remember.

As Kaelyn stared unspeaking into Morgan's countenance, it was clear he bore the stamp of both parents. Mason's Black Irish coloring mixed with Dora's loveliness and her fey eyes to produce a son who was beautiful, yet in a way that was pure male. Totally unprepared to face the man who had haunted her dreams throughout her life, she couldn't function. Suddenly, nineteen years ago was only yesterday. Her blood sped through her, burning like fire, hitting her heart to where it was painful. The memories rushed back, flooding through her entire being, their power paralyzing her. "Kaylee." His sensual mouth spread into a smile, it reaching those pale eyes. Morgan had always persisted in teasing her by calling her Kaylee girl, one of the few things which told her that he even knew she existed. She always assumed it was his way of taunting the doe-eyed kid who followed him around, just hoping he'd look at her.

Pretending she didn't recall, she corrected, "Kaelyn."

"Yes, I remember. But I called you Kaylee girl to get your dander up." Seeing she had her footing back, he finally released her. "Are you spending the holidays in your aunt and uncle's cottage?"

"It's mine now. I guess I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or not." Kaelyn wanted to run away from all these raw emotions, sort out what she was feeling, convince herself it was merely seeing him again that brought out the old love. Feigning interest in the small hand basket which she had dropped, she knelt and started to gather the items that had spilled out.

Morgan squatted and snagged the rolling can of oysters, a brow arching as he read the label on the side. His mouth quirked up sexily at one corner, silently remarking on the seafood's aphrodisiac properties.

"You do remember me, Kaylee, don't you?"

She was pretending to ignore him as she collected the supplies, but his words caused her to glance up and their stares collided. He held her spellbound, breathless. Morgan had changed from the young man of twenty-five who'd stolen her heart. Only now, gone were those safety cushions she'd conjured over the years―no potbelly, no balding head, and while she couldn't see his arse from this angle, she figured that it didn't sag, judging by the rest of him. Age, if anything, had only made Morgan Galloway more devastatingly attractive. His body carried more weight, muscle not fat, that masculinity which hits men when they reach their middle thirties, leaving the boy behind and moving to M-A-N. The change imbued them with a raw sexuality they lacked before. There was a harder edge to Morgan's face, as if life had put marks on his soul, a face still too damn beautiful. A knife to her heart, she knew it didn't matter. He was still out of reach for her. And only now did she recognize she had never stopped loving him.
Kaelyn swallowed hard.

"Yes, Morgan. I remember you."

They seemed stuck in an awkward staring contest, old friends, and yet never really friends. The whole situation was embarrassing, made more so because she could merely gaze at Morgan and want him with the same old longing, only worse now―she desired him as a woman. Nevertheless, all the yearning in the world wouldn't make it so―and she knew it.

03 December 2007

Coffee Time Romance for Love Under the Mistletoe



ISBN: 978-0-9800356-2-9
November 2007
Highland Press

Trade Paperback$9.95
230 pages

Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs

Jessica Ashbury has lived a life of luxury, so moving out West will be an adventure. Meeting Henry Morrison Beaumont, known to his friends as Hank, was certainly not part of her plans. Since they partners in the hotel and salon, they need to spend a lot of time together. Jessica is not sure what to do with her feelings about Hank and as for Hank, he is twisted in knots and cannot see himself in a relationship. Ms. Burroughs took the world of the 1800s and brought it to life again. Jessica and Hank have to deal with real issues. Sparks fly between them. Can they let themselves go?

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judith Leigh

Kacey Michaels has never taken a risk in her whole life. Now she is not only leaving her home, but also moving to an entirely different state. With the help of a local woman, she is able to find a job. Yet, something is still missing in her life. Is her boss in Mistletoe, Nick Klaus the answer?
Ms. Leigh is able to make her characters seem to jump off the pages. I hoped Kacey would get through all her issues. She needs to find contentment in her life. I completely fell in love with this story.

Gingerbread and Mistletoe by Amy Blizzard

Matt Watson is stuck. His business partner, Bethany is off getting married leaving him with no help with the Gingerbread House competition. On a whim, he asks his neighbor, Riley Callahan to help him since she is artistic. Will it be something Matt regrets? Ms. Blizzard writes a charming story that will sweep you off your feet. Riley and Matt have a difficult time seeing eye-to-eye. Will they find there is more than they imagined.

Calling Hailey’s Bluff by Billie Warren Chai

Hailey James can no longer hide her pregnancy, but she refuses to name the father. She wants to go back home and keep everything a secret. Lt. Col. Todd Coopersmith thinks the child is his but cannot prove it. Will the truth ever be revealed? Ms. Chai creates wonderful conflict that must be resolved. Hailey and Todd are both stubborn people. I kept hoping that they would swallow their pride and see what they could have with each other.

A Chorus Singing Love by Gerri Bowen

Melody had always known she was supposed to be with Trevor Wilde. But an event that happened ten years ago has kept them apart. Now Melody has a second chance but Trevor will not let her near him. Will she finally be able to tell him the truth? Ms. Bowen amazes me with her way with words. I could not stop reading to find out would happen between Melody and Trevor. I needed to know the secret.

A Very Special Man by Deborah MacGillivray

Simon could not remember how he ended up stuck in cat form. He only wishes to be human again because he wants to be with Dezzy. Desdemona just might be the one to save him. She has no idea that there is more to him. Ms. MacGillivray creates a fantasy world that I could not get enough of. I am impressed with the background of the characters. There is so much more than I could imagine.

All six stories are full of passion and wishes. My two favorites were A Very Special Man and A Chorus Singing Love. They are both magical. All the authors found a way to fit magic in perfectly. I definitely want to check out more books by these authors. I am sure things can only get better.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books