29 December 2007

5 Hearts Review for Riding the Thunder

Crystal Reviews 5 Hearts

Riding The Thunder by Deborah MacGillivray *print book*

Jago Fitzgerald Mershan was on a mission to invade the Montgomerie empire along with his two brothers Trev, and Des. His task was to go to Kentucky and convince a horse park and hotel to sell to Trident Ventures and then the Mershan corporation would buy the Trident stocks. It was not a difficult thing to understand, but it was done with a purpose…revenge. Revenge on Sean Montgomerie for defaulting on a loan payment purposely, resulting in the suicide of the Mershan brothers’ father. Desmond the eldest of the three vowed to run the Montgomeries into the ground, hit them where it hurts, starting with Sean’s Granddaughters.

The moment Asha Montgomerie walked into the diner, Jago knew this woman would be the thing to quench his restlessness. He craved something, it did not take long to figure out the answer was her. He should have been upfront with her from the start, but he wanted so much to accomplish his task. The woman was everything he could ever hope for and so much more. But being torn between his love and loyalty to his brother, he could possibly lose the love of a lifetime.

Asha had learned the hard way not to trust pretty men, but his entrancing green-eyed gaze was something special. They had a connection, once described as Auld Souls. He wanted her land and her body, she wanted him to give up on purchasing The Windmill and the horse farm. But what she wanted most was for him to whisper those three words hanging on the tip of her tongue.

The Windmill was a place for lost souls, even a couple which were not amongst the living. The old 60’s Wurlitzer jukebox had a mind of its own, and Asha was about to find out the reason. With glimpses of another girl’s life with her love by her side, Asha didn’t know what to make of the visions. She chocked it up to her fey intuition, but it was much more than that. It was a constant sign, and the Wurlitzer would be there coming to life and playing songs on its own accord. You see, The Windmill was haunted.

Jago did not come to Kentucky to find love in the eyes of an Irish lass, but thank fate for sending him to Nowheresville! Love is not something to be tampered with, and when Asha finds out the truth she may change her mind about Jago completely. She also has to worry about Monty Faulkner skulking around, plotting revenge against her; hopefully history does not repeat itself.

Deborah MacGillivray’s romance novel, Riding The Thunder is the second book in the Dorchester of the Sisters of Colford Hall series. Riding the Thunder is strong enough to be a stand alone book, but honestly you should read The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, it ties everything together. I could sit and read Deborah MacGillivray’s writings all day, they’re filled with love, romance, and such passion one could only hope to find in their lifetime. Ms. MacGillivray is one of my very favorite authors, she compiles humor into the stories and makes them such a refreshing read. Also, notice the cats in the books, how they just appear! The only fault I have is the silly jukebox song “Surfin’ Bird” is constantly replaying in my mind, no thanks to the old Wurlitzer!!

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