15 December 2007

Challon and Damian go to Japan!!

Not in a story, mind...lol. My editor at Kensington Books, Hilary Sares, gave me the exciting news today that A Restless Knight and In Her Bed were both sold to a Japanese Publisher to be put into translation and released there. I am very excited about this. A Restless Knight had already been sold to a German Publisher earlier in the year. So he is becoming rather well travelled!! The Japanese have a great interest in all things Scottish, so this will be a good home for my Dragons of Challon series. Hopefully, my next two historicals, One Snowy Knight (October 2000) and Yield to the Knight (2009) will gain such a wide acceptance as the first in the series.

It's been a busy week for St. Nic, because early this week I signed a two-book contract with Dorchester for more of the Sisters of Colford Hall.
Happy Ho ho ho, to you all!!

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