24 December 2007

5 Angels - Recommended Read for Cat O' Nine Tales

Cat O’ Nine Tales - 5 Angels/Recommended Read

Cat O’ Nine Tales is a single-author anthology. There are nine stories, each featuring a cat who is smart enough to help the romantically challenged couples they encounter. The cats are brilliant, Cupids in fur, it seems, with fun names like Elvis, Bubba and Sinnjinn, just to name a few. Each story is unique, perfectly matching the temperament of the cat featured in its tale, or should I say tail?
I haven’t read anything else by Deborah MacGillivray but if Cat O’ Nine Tales is an indication of how this woman writes, she has found a new fan in this reader. I can’t even begin to choose a favorite story from this anthology. Each was better than the last, and every one was spectacular. This is top-notch storytelling, from beginning to end. I felt a particular attachment, I must admit, to Sinnjinn in Rider in the Storm, a story about a quarter of the way into this book. The way this cat cradles and comforts its owner is heartwarming. It’s impossible not to love Sinnjinn, as well as the other felines on these pages. This is a wonderful anthology, filled from beginning to end with great stories. I definitely recommend this one! As an aside, I saw on the publisher’s website that part of the author’s proceeds are going to charity. Isn’t that just icing on an already yummy cake?

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