21 December 2007

5 star review for Cat O' Nine Tales

*****A Purrfect Read - Something for Everyone

M. Rondeau, CK2 Kwips and Kritiques

CAT O'NINE TALES is a special anthology edition of nine delectable stories of romance and the kitty cats that play critical parts in helping their humans recognize that one special person they need in their life!

BAD CAT - MacGillivray tackles an archaic law from Destin, Florida stating, "Any dog or cat which attacks and bites a person, or another animal without provocation, shall be deemed a `bad dog or `bad cat' and the owner shall pay civil penalty of one hundred dollars". By using that law as the basis of the first story in this wonderful anthology, MacGillivray uses a part Scottish wildcat, Auggie, to drive owner Katlyn's very sexy neighbor, Ian Giles out of his mind. Once Auggie brought over the fence to meet his sexy owner, then it's up to Katlyn to bring him to his knees. Or was it the other way around? Either way, the reader probably won't care because Auggie, the `bad cat' knew what he was doing! This was funny and very hot and steamy!

GETTING IT IN THE END - Romance writer Catlynne Falconer and her half Scottish wildcat Jack attend the Writers Renfaire in York, England. There they run into the one man Catlynne hates, book reviewer James Douglas Kinloch. He has trashed every one of Catlynne's romance books and despite their physical attraction she only wants to distance herself from him - but she never expected him to look like every gorgeous hero she'd ever dreamed of. Obviously, MacGillivray's original cat character Jack is not going to let two people who should be together, let a difference of opinion ruin what he deems to be a match made in heaven. Jack the once finicky cat picks out James to join his family and James is more than willing to chase and win over the very sexy and highly desirable author he'd trashed. Passionate confrontations end up sexy and very steamy when Ms. MacGillivray let's her imagination and originality run loose.

DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE -Setting her story in her beloved Scotland the two protagonists are Gillian Grant and Cian MacKinnon who are being observed by their centuries old forebears. Both are besotted with one another but stubborn pride rules Gillian and Cian needs to somehow break down her defenses in letting go of the age old feud. MacGillivray sets a warm and poignant tale in this contemporary story complete with ghosts from the past, as well as one very fat cat called Basil. Her leads are very much attracted to one another but because of Cian inheriting the Castle Dunnascaul - which legend says was supposed to revert back to the Grants; Gillian, who inherited the caretakers cottage, was going to make Cian's life as miserable as possible in spite of the chemistry that flamed between them. The ghostly presence and observations of their grandparents belief leant a heartwarming touch to this romance.

RIDER IN THE STORM - Ciara MacIain had stopped living seven years ago when her beloved fiancé Derek had died in an automobile accident. On the anniversary of his death she found herself traveling down the same road at the same time of that long ago fateful night and like déjà vu spotted another red sports car plunged off the side of the road in the exact same spot. This story had an almost mystic tone. The driver of the car was not Ciara's beloved Derek, but Roarke Fraser Devlin, a tall dark handsome man who Ciara sensed a peculiar familiarity about him. Earlier Ciara had made a wish on the `blue moon' and she thought that it inspired the feeling of recognition but could it have ignited her very soul? Would her heart recognize his? Awesome imagery, heart tugging intensity this was simply beautiful. Warning - have tissues nearby for this one!

DEVIL IN SPURS - The `Devil in Spurs' was the name given to a mysterious rogue highwayman, who by day was a foppish yet politically powerful nobleman, Desdein Deshaunt, the Marquis de Fournier. Unfortunately, Desdein's beloved brother had been mistakenly arrested as the `devil in spurs' by an enemy that had years ago shot and killed their father. Desdein had to devise a plan to save his brother and take revenge on his enemy. Specifically by kidnapping and holding his enemies daughter hostage... only his hostage would be the one to capture his heart. In this dashing and emotional tale, the author depicts Lady Ashlyn Findlater perfectly as a forlorn young lady whose only experience of being loved was through the companionship of her beloved and aging cat Cyril. Ashlyn wasn't concerned for herself about being carried off by the highwayman but would fight to the death before leaving her cat behind. In using Ashlyn's vulnerability from being neglected by her father, the author made it easy for Desdein to feel protective towards her as the ice around his own heart began to melt. For it was Desdein's feeling of sympathy that allowed him to see into her heart. Even though he was masked Ashlyn recognized Desdein by his eyes. Her only concern was that if she were to die, or be ravished (which she was actually hoping for) that Cyril be taken care of. Delightfully sensual, and emotional are the first words that come to mind when describing this very special love story.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A HULAHOOP...AND A MOTHER - Take one precocious five year old angel, a devastatingly handsome dad, a sexy ballet teacher, one fat cat, a pony, and a blizzard - tuck them away in a snug cabin in the country and you'll have all the ingredients needed to make one magical Christmas where everyone's wish comes true. MacGillivray once again proves whether writing a long Medieval or Contemporary she is entirely up to the challenge of packing a wallop of entertainment into a short story! I had a smile on my face from beginning to end with this delightful tale. Who wouldn't want to be snowbound with a handsome guy with a sexy name like Keon Challenger. Keon's daughter Allison captured your heart immediately, and along with Leslie and her pets, you'll find yourself enchanted. Be they human or animal, MacGillivray continually creates characters that worm their way into the readers heart.

BLUE CHRISTMAS CAT - After 15 years away Rhys St. John, who was Dara Seaforth's first and only love has come back home, wealthy and as handsome as ever. As she faces the prospect of Christmas alone she's particularly miserable since her beloved kitty Dexter had died. Rhys had come back to declare his love for Dara but if looks could kill, he'd be dead. Instead, he's out searching for his unruly cat Elvis who's run away in the midst of a snow storm. At least Rhys could track him by following Elvis' tracks... tracks that led straight to Dara's door. This was really cute, with the author naming the cat Elvis and using the background lyrics from Elvis Presley's song "Blue Christmas" to give more substance to the story. Not that she needed it mind you with Rhys being a truly wonderful take charge kind of guy. After a fifteen year absence most could wonder why this guy could even `think' he had a shot with a woman he'd left behind, but the author tied it all up by having Dara a romance author herself. By reading all of her romance novels, Rhys knew he had a chance, because even he could see, that all her heroes were based on him. Along with the smug cat who just might have been a reincarnation of Dexter - well, you'll just have to read this and form your own opinion. I have mine but I'm not saying!

CHICKEN WHAT DU HELL - Remy (aka Royce Torqhill Remington Kinross, the 13th Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld) and his cat Bubba were not scoring points with the gifts Bubba was dropping off at their beautiful neighbor Catonia's house. Although Bubba, who kept bumping his head in adoration of Catonia's beautiful boob seemed to be getting a lot further along in the romance department than his master; Remy was bound and determined to change that right quick! What a wonderful and amusing story. Next to RIDER IN THE STORM, I think this had to be one of my favorites. I absolutely adored Bubba the cat, whom Remy thought must have been a `rogue' in another life and been turned into a cat by a jealous witch - he seemed so human and was getting all those booby caresses! Remy when he turned on his Cajun accent was a sensual delight, with his wonderfully delicious `pick-up' lines. All the characters were well-developed and this short story simmered with sensuality.

A VERY SPECIAL MAN - Lately, Desdemona "Dezzy" Vashon has been having some very erotic and perfectly sultry dreams. The fact that she wakes up each morning with the blankets on the floor and rather exposed has her confiding in her cat Simon. What Dezzy has no way of knowing is that Simon is really a man, trapped inside a cat's body. Simon knows Dezzy is the only one who can break the curse - with just the right amount of persuasion!

Wrapping up this cleverly conceived and positively entertaining anthology of romances featuring some very special felines, award winning author Deborah MacGillivray manages to offer up a modicum of different genres where kitty cats are oftentimes the real heroes! One thing for sure, no matter how long or short the story, all ends will be tied up nicely while delivered in well-written sparkling prose, including humorous and titillating dialogs, and steamy sensual encounters. This would make the purrfect gift for the cat-lovers on your Christmas list.


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