16 December 2007

The Secret Santa Contest

The Secret Santa Contest

I just closed the Editors Raffle. I wish to thank everyone who bought tickets in the contest to help author Dawn Thompson. THANK YOU!!!

However, three very special authors who wish to remain anonymous bought tickets to help Dawn. They don't need to have their manuscripts read...lol. So thus I formed the The Secret Santa Contest. These wonderful authors donated the $100 entry fee for the tickets. We are offering three lucky winners the chance to win a ticket to the Editor's Raffle, which will be announced on the 21st.

So HURRY...there is only FIVE DAYS to enter. Thursday Midnight is the deadline.

Friday Morning I will notify the three winners of the contest and their names will go into the lottery.

Email your entry to:
There's nothing to do, anyone wishing to have their manuscript read by Hilary Sares, Chris Keeslar, Leah Hultenschmidt, or Leanne Burroughs may enter.

Just fill out this information and send!!
Name of your manuscript:
Is it complete YES ____ NO_____
if no when will it be completed?
Happy Holidays and Good Luck!!!

Deborah and Three Secret Santas!

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