28 June 2013

Shipping new copies of A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

That big SQUEEEELLLLLLLLLL you heard yesterday was me getting the first copy of my A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing in my eager little hand.  This is the first tradesize copy of my book, from MONTLAKE Romance, Amazon Publishing.  I have to say Amazon is going first class all the way.  Authors with them are lucky.  These books are produced on the highest quality paper.  Production is sharp, with a cover that feels slightly like suede.  I cannot be more pleased to see my book given this treatment.  And especially nice, while the price is $12.95 for the large size book, Amazon is discounting it 40% - so the cost to reader is less than the mass market price.

Pictures to follow...

A very big thank you, to Montlake!!!

25 June 2013

Happy News Day courtesy of Montlake/Amazon Publishing

Thrilling news from Montlake/Amazon Publishing has released by one of my Sisters of Colford Hall series in tradesize, seeing it available in print again. I am so delighted this book will be available for order through Amazon.com and through all bookstores (brick and online).

Just as exciting...  Montlake has released five of Dawn Thompson books - The Falcon's Bride, The Counterfeit Lady, The Marsh Hawk, The Privateer and Prisoner of the Flames, also in tradesize print.  Many of these sold out quickly when originally put into print by Dorchester and then you couldn't get copies.  Fans who loved Dawn now can order them once again, online and through brick bookstores, thanks to Amazon Publishing.  Some of these were her MacTavish titles and came out in limited quantities so this is exciting news for readers who have long tried to purchase copies of them.



Happy Faerie Day!!!!!!

Did you celebrate Faerie Day??  
Candy Thompson and I did.  We went to The Sisters Tea Room
 since they were having a special Faerie Celebration.



24 June 2013

Kentucky Renaissance Festival Weekend


Candy and I took off on an adventure this weekend, going to the Kentucky Renaissance Festival in Eminence, Kentucky.  We saw faeries, dragon wizards, Gypsies, tavern wenches, lords, ladies and Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles.  A fine time (absolutely fine time!) was had by all.  We cannot wait to go again.  

These are a few of the pictures of our bold adventure.  We can see more in my Facebook Album  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151679334905709.1073741832.659475708&type=3


Even ran into my good friend Angie Greenwell.

20 June 2013

Romance is in the Air...

Romance Weekend at the Highland Renaissance Festival
Saturday and Sunday

Kentucky Renaissance Fair, LLC

2013 Highland Renaissance Festival Dates
June 1st, 2013 - July 7th, 2013 (Sat & Sunday Only)

Gate Ticket Prices:

Adult Day Pass (13 yrs & older) $14.00
Child Day Pass (6yrs - 12yrs) $7.00

Adult Weekend Pass (13yrs & older) $25.00
Child Weekend Pass (6yrs - 12 yrs) $12.00

Season Pass (Good for all 6 weekends) $65.00

Children 5 yrs & under FREE

FREE Parking

Advance Discount Tickets for events can be purchased online at the
www.kyrenfaire.com website, or at the gate.
Visit our website for more information and upcoming events.

Welcoming the Summer Solstice

 In honor of the upcoming June solstice.
  The solstice comes at June 21
1:04 a.m. EST Daylight Time.

Coming in July

25 Historical Authors - 25 International Prizes
$50 Grand Prize Gift Certificate

16 June 2013

Amazon is such a supportive publisher

I was, and continue to be, thrilled to be on board with Montlake/ Amazon Publishing team.  They are just doing so many things to revitalize the publishing industry that has been on the death bed for a number of years.  It's just a great experience in dealing with them, but even more delightful is seeing how they support their authors with continued PR exposure.  I just received a "blast" from them showing what they would be sending out to readers.  

Farmers and Artisan Market

Out and about at the
Farmers and Artisan Market this morning.

(picture credit:  Candy Thompson)

Candy and I enjoyed the morning on the Court House Square.  We bought farm fresh eggs, strawberries, raspberries, honey, handmade cards and soaps.  We were entertained by musicians who make their own instruments and found many wonderful people to pass the time with.

This is Barbara Todd of B T Beads. She does the most beautiful earrings.

Candy Thompson, Dawn Thompson's sister

14 June 2013

99 cents today on Amazon Kindle


There was something about the Brigadoon-like Falgannon, something that kept most of its male inhabitants unwed. From Michael the Story to Callum the Bicycle--and we mustn't forget The Cat Dudley, the slyest poker-playing moggie in the Outer Hebrides--every male of the Isle had happiness dependent upon that of its Lady. So things had been since Pictish times, and so they would be long after the present day.

Despite her machinations, to this point B.A. Montgomerie had been unable to make her men happy. Her first marriage had been against their advice; her husband had been an Irishman, true, but he had failed to meet other necessary requirements...and things had ended badly. Now, another Irishman had come--and was making the natives restless. Yes, the men of Falgannon could sense Desmond Mershan's conquering Viking spirit and his desire for B.A.--which B.A. could sense herself. And while her men would never let anything happen that she didn't want, this Irishman had come to pillage and loot, and nothing was going to stop him. Staring into his vibrant green eyes, B.A. anticipated the battles to come.

Amazon is promoting The Invasion of Falgannon Isle again...so take advantage and save $7.

12 June 2013

Finding Magic in ordinary and odd places

This is SO NEAT!! (well, to me, at least...lol).  The setting for my book Riding the Thunder was based on a Once Upon A Time very real spot in Kentucky.  It's a love story, but also a ghost story – a ghost love story, too ― so I suppose a "ghostly" setting that held a magic only my eyes ever saw was perfect.  The sad place is years gone, made way for Lexington pushing its limits toward Nicholasville.  What few photos I had of the restaurant, motel, drive-in and swim club from the 1960s were lost in the house fire.  Ever since, I have tirelessly looked for photos of the old Windmill outside of Lexington, Kentucky on the net, but alas...I fear, none are about who recognized the dark magic of the tired old place.  It’s long gone.  Few likely remember if, and if they do in passing, they didn’t understand it truly was a magical place.  They would probably laugh at my conviction!

However, last night on eBay, I found one of the very old linen postcards they must have put out in the 30s-50s era.  And it was a buy-it-now-deal from a dealer in California.  YEAH.  The postcard was a bit idealized painting made from a photo.  Things are missing, clearly edited out, and when I knew it, the place was in a very very sad state of lack of care for decades.  This had to be at the start of its life, not the end.  To me, the odd place had always seemed almost trapped in the time of late 1950s and early 1960s. . . sort of like the Bates Motel - sans Norman and Mother.

Still, I found magic in the off-the-beaten-path spot and harvested those seeds to plant at a later date.  :-D  I think my creative soul that has to "visit" The Windmill from time to time is crying to go visiting again... see Oooit, Netta, Liam, Jago and Asha. . .wonder what will be playing at the drive-in??

This evening I just found another postcard.  My lucky day, eh?