28 June 2013

Shipping new copies of A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

That big SQUEEEELLLLLLLLLL you heard yesterday was me getting the first copy of my A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing in my eager little hand.  This is the first tradesize copy of my book, from MONTLAKE Romance, Amazon Publishing.  I have to say Amazon is going first class all the way.  Authors with them are lucky.  These books are produced on the highest quality paper.  Production is sharp, with a cover that feels slightly like suede.  I cannot be more pleased to see my book given this treatment.  And especially nice, while the price is $12.95 for the large size book, Amazon is discounting it 40% - so the cost to reader is less than the mass market price.

Pictures to follow...

A very big thank you, to Montlake!!!

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