25 June 2013

Happy News Day courtesy of Montlake/Amazon Publishing

Thrilling news from Montlake/Amazon Publishing has released by one of my Sisters of Colford Hall series in tradesize, seeing it available in print again. I am so delighted this book will be available for order through Amazon.com and through all bookstores (brick and online).

Just as exciting...  Montlake has released five of Dawn Thompson books - The Falcon's Bride, The Counterfeit Lady, The Marsh Hawk, The Privateer and Prisoner of the Flames, also in tradesize print.  Many of these sold out quickly when originally put into print by Dorchester and then you couldn't get copies.  Fans who loved Dawn now can order them once again, online and through brick bookstores, thanks to Amazon Publishing.  Some of these were her MacTavish titles and came out in limited quantities so this is exciting news for readers who have long tried to purchase copies of them.



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