28 January 2008

A TOP PICK 2007 from Romance Readers at Heart

A RR@H Reviewers' Top Picks For 2007


Author: Deborah MacGillivray
ISBN: 0505526921 10/2007 PARANORMAL

It was all part of the plan. While his brother was in Scotland dethroning the Lady of Falgannon, Jago Mershan was headed to Kentucky. There he would do his share in avenging his father on the Montgomeries. Only, there was a monkey wrench in the works.

Just looking at his alleged enemy's granddaughter made Jago think of his classic black '67 Harley Electra Glide, a motorcycle with clean lines and sleek curves that promised the ride of a man's life. Asha was all woman--and the only woman for him. He'd bet she could go from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye...and not even her claims of paranormal happenings in the diner she ran could put him off. He knew magic: He had a special name for the sights, the sounds, the tastes and smells of that perfect ride. There might be a storm coming, but it was one of passion, and together he and Asha would be...Riding the Thunder.


RIDING THE THUNDER is the second book in a series, following THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE. I read the first book, falling completely under the spell of this tale of revenge and love. RIDING THE THUNDER is Jago and Asha’s story, and continues the story that began with the generations that came before them. The Mershan brothers and the Montgomerie sisters have been thrown together by fate. The fireworks that explode between them, as well as the strong attraction they share, keep Jago and Asha together, at least long enough to make this story one of the most interesting romances I’ve read in a while.

When Jago reaches a small town in Kentucky and finds Asha running The Windmill, a restaurant in the middle of nowhere filled with a cast of quirky characters, he gets more than he’s bargained for. Although he has vowed to help his oldest brother bring the Montgomerie sisters down, Asha is captivating. Jago falls for her, quickly becoming embroiled in a mystery involving a pair of long-dead lovers, a possessed jukebox and too many other unusual (and charming!) details to divulge.

My recommendation? Read Deborah MacGillivray’s RIDING THE THUNDER – you won’t be sorry! This book is fast-paced with a host of loveable characters. I fell in love with everything about this story, right down to the fat, late-named cat. It’s a keeper!

Kay James
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25 January 2008

Best Book for Riding the Thunder

Review: Riding the Thunder

Riding the Thunder
by Deborah MacGillivray

A Storm's Coming...It was all part of the plan. While his brother was in Scotland dethroning the Lady of Falgannon, Jago Mershan was headed to Kentucky. There he would do his share in avenging his father on the Montgomeries. Only, there was a monkey wrench in the works.

Just looking at his alleged enemy's granddaughter made Jago think of his classic black '67 Harley Electra Glide, a motorcycle with clean lines and sleek curves that promised the ride of a man's life. Asha was all woman--and the only woman for him. He'd bet she could go from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye...and not even her claims of paranormal happenings in the diner she ran could put him off. He knew magic: He had a special name for the sights, the sounds, the tastes and smells of that perfect ride. There might be a storm coming, but it was one of passion, and together he and Asha would be...RIDING THE THUNDER

Second in the Seven Sisters of Colford Hall series sequel to The Invasion of Falgannon Isle.

Wow. So, this story was nothing like I expected. I figured there would be humor (there is) and unusual characters (there are) and a convoluted, yet interesting plot (yep...it's there, too!), but I didn't expect a ghost story. Or a murder mystery.

Deborah MacGillivray has packed this book full of a little bit of everything! Even better, it's well written and edited.

From the moment Jago Mershan rides into Kentucky, he's a little off-center. The entire place is like a moment out of the sixties, from the diner with its haunted jukebox to the drive-in theater. But when Asha Montgomerie starts reliving the past through the eyes of teenager who died back in 1964, things get a little dicey. And when someone tries to kill them both, Jago determines to find out just what the heck is going on in the little back water town.

He's quickly adopted by everyone there, including the Cat With No Name who no one has ever seen before, so he feels a little guilty about the nefarious plans his family has to ruin the Montgomerie family as payback for an old debt.

I loved this book even more than the first in this series. With layer after layer of mystery and intrigue as well as a secondary romance between Asha's brother, Liam, and Netta, I didn't want to stop reading! The best part of this book, though, has to be the colorful supporting cast of characters--each so incredibly unique, yet believable, that I'm ready to pack up and move to Kentucky.

Deborah MacGillivray has consistently impressed me with her work, and has earned a place on both my keeper shelf and my auto-buy list. I can NOT wait until the next book in this series comes out. I'll be first in line to get a copy.Do yourself a big favor and pick up the books in this series the minute you can. You won't be disappointed.

Rated: Best Book Review by Poppy


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24 January 2008

5 Book Review for The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review: The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by Deborah MacGillivray


There was something about the Brigadoon-like Falgannon, something that kept most of its male inhabitants unwed. From Michael the Story to Callum the Bicycle--and we mustn't forget The Cat Dudley, the slyest poker-playing moggie in the Outer Hebrides--every male of the Isle had happiness dependent upon that of its Lady. So things had been since Pictish times, and so they would be long after the present day.

Despite her machinations, to this point B.A. Montgomerie had been unable to make her men happy. Her first marriage had been against their advice; her husband had been an Irishman, true, but he had failed to meet other necessary requirements...and things had ended badly. Now, another Irishman had come--and was making the natives restless. Yes, the men of Falgannon could sense Desmond Mershan's conquering Viking spirit and his desire for B.A.--which B.A. could sense herself. And while her men would never let anything happen that she didn't want, this Irishman had come to pillage and loot, and nothing was going to stop him. Staring into his vibrant green eyes, B.A. anticipated the battles to come.

What a fun book! Deborah MacGillivray is a "new-to-me" author and has wowed me right off the bat. The Invasion of Falgannon Isle (Book One in The Sisters of Colford Hall series) is chock full of colorful, unique characters peopling an amazing island and taking part in a fun, interesting and complex story.

When Desmond Mershan and his friends Dennis and Wulf show up at Falgannon Isle, it's as though they've found Brigadoon--but a Brigadoon with internet access and only four women (and two don't count!).

BarbaraAnne (B.A. for short) Montgomerie has to wed a black-haired man with green eyes to cancel the curse of Falgannon Isle. She's a young widow, having married a black-haired man with blue eyes already (not quite the right eye color to override the curse), and isn't quite ready to jump into another marriage, despite the need to find wives for the 213 single Scotsmen who live on the Isle. So, instead, she sets up an exclusive Falgannon Dating Website and brings prospective brides to the island.

Desmond, though, the viking...er...pirate is up to something. And he needs to take full advantage of B.A. to achieve his goals. He sets forth to pillage the woman at every opportunity!

Add in The Cat Dudley, a pet that isn't B.A.'s (just ask her, she'll tell you), a few larger than life secondary characters like Michael the Story, Callum the Bicycle and Michael the Fiddle, a pub called The Hanged Man, and the "Morn B.A." club and you're in for a rollicking good time. This is a story you'll want to put on your keeper shelf and visit again and again, because sure as shooting, you'll miss something the first (and second and third) time through that will make it new all over again!

Put a smile on your face and add The Invasion of Falgannon Isle to your collection.


Review by Poppy


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23 January 2008

5 Book Review for In Her Bed from LSR

Review: In Her Bed

In Her Bed
by Deborah MacGillivray


Damian St. Giles has woken up before with a sore head from imbibing too much mead, but finding himself naked and shackled to a bed is an entirely new experience. As if in a dream, a flame-haired enchantress appears and offers him a brew to ease his pain...and enflame his desire. He soon realizes this Highland beauty has given him a potent aphrodisiac and she is fully prepared to take all his body has to offer...


Lady Aithinne Ogilvie knows she must treat this man as nothing more than a stud, for that is what he is to her...a means to get her with child and thus produce an heir who will save her inheritance from ruthless Scottish warriors and greedy King Edward. Yet she cannot deny the instant bond she feels for this handsome stranger--and the feeling that it will be the prisoner in her bed who will end up laying claim to her heart.

This book is the sequel to A Restless Knight and is the second book in the Dragons of Challon series.

Deborah MacGillivray lives up to her promise in A Restless Knight with this second foray into the lives of the Dragons of Challon. Reading this book immediately after A Restless Knight may give the reader a sense of déjà vu, as the two are set virtually during the same sequence of events. It's intriguing to see the same situations through two different sets of characters and an experience I'm glad I didn't miss.

Set against a backdrop of ancient magic, myths come to life in the beautiful and enchanting Scottish Highlands as Deborah takes the reader back to another time and place. As I closed the pages of In Her Bed, I found myself wishing the next book in the series was already out. I'm anxiously looking forward to finding out what happens to the other Dragons of Challon.


Review by Rose


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5 Book Review for A Restless Knight

A Defiant LadyIn Scotland's darkest hour, an English warrior dressed all in black has come for her. Blessed with the kenning, Lady Tamlyn MacShane foresaw this day, when the ruthless Lord Julian Challon would conquer her land—and her heart. She is determined to resist him…but she is no match for his strength…or his sensuality.A Resolute Lord

To Julian, the proud Scotswoman should be nothing more than a captive. Yet Tamlyn's fiery beauty ensanares him, body and soul. Now, the warrior known as the Black Dragon is in danger of falling under a spell that cannot be broken—the spell of love…

Deborah MacGillivray has written a series that transports you from the daily routine of your life back in time and space to medieval Scotland. A time when belief in the old gods and old ways were still alive and well and living in the magical glades and hidden places. Deborah gives us a glimpse into these times with an exquisitely written and beautifully researched novel that presents the reader with characters to love, dilemmas for them to work through, and enough suspense to keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

The love that grows between the hero and heroine is preordained from the beginning…and indeed may just be the continuance of an ancient, interrupted love, but each of these strong characters have to come to the knowledge and the acceptance of that love.

The descriptions of the ceremonies, of the period clothing, of the history behind the story are well-drawn and well-researched. If you enjoy Scottish history and a powerfully romantic story, A Restless Knight is a book you will want to consider. The characters are sensual, the suspense is strong, and the resolution is very satisfying. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the Dragons of Challon series from this award winning author.


Long and Short Reviews.com

22 January 2008

Showcase author this week at Long and Short Reviews

Spotlight Author of the Week
This week The Long and The Short of It Reviews
will be featuring my books. Each day they will show case
a book, give you interesting information and you can even
win books! So check them out - a wonderful site for
readers and authors!

21 January 2008

Riding the Thunder is LRC Award Winner

Riding the Thunder took Honorable Mention
2nd Place Winner for Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Romance 2007.

I was really thrilled with this, as I didn't anticipate the nomination, and really didn't expect a win. I thank everyone who votes at the Love Romance And More Review Site.

Romance Junkies Blue Ribbon Book of the Month

Romance Junkies Reviewers votes Cat O' Nine Tales as their favourite book of the month of December from the 5 Blue Ribbon reviews.

I wish to thank them, and let everyone know, the book has done so well that there will be a Cat O' Nine Tales 2
Coming late 2008.

Dear Deborah,

Congratulations! Your book, CAT O NINE TALES, has been selected as a Blue Ribbon Favorite for the month of December by the reviewers at Romance Junkies!

Every month, the reviewers at Romance Junkies are invited to nominate the best book they read during the last month for this award. As you can probably guess, our reviewers read a lot of books, and they have chosen yours as one of their favorites.

Congratulations once again, and thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

Blue Ribbon Favorite Co-Coordinator

to Buy Cat O' Nine Tales:


Barnes & Noble

16 January 2008

Showcase for Riding the Thunder at Fresh Fiction

Riding the Thunder receives showcase today. Fresh Fiction (freshfiction.com) has asked me to be guest blogger on the 16th. Since this is part of the Plano Book Club picking Riding the Thunder as their Book of the Month, they asked me to come blogger today. I chose to talk about the inspiration for Riding the Thunder.
The Plano Book Club have the monthly dinner, after which, I will call in and have a chat with the wonderful ladies about my novel.
I wish to thank Fresh Fiction and the Plano Book Club for this honour.
to order Riding the Thunder:

"Lost for Words" song by Mike Duncan (mike-duncan.org) available on CD.
Used with Permission

15 January 2008

Reviewers' Choice Award for 2007

Single Titles.com just announced their
Reviewers' Choice Awards for 2007
and In Her Bed was a winner.


The first book in the series, A Restless Knight,
also received this award in 2006.


3 time Fantasm Award Finalist

In Her Bed is a
Finalist in the Best Psychic Romance 2007
Finalist in Best Overall Paranormal Romance 2007

Riding the Thunder is:

Finalist in the Best Overall Fantasy Romance 2007

complete listing:

Also congrats to Dawn Thompson who finaled with two books,
Rowena Cherry and Jacquie Rogers.

Riding the Thunder -http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0505526921

In Her Bed -

09 January 2008

Riding the Thunder showcased on Publishers' Weekly blog

this past Friday, Barbara Vey, blogger extraordinare for Publishers Weekly, blogged about my Book Riding the Thunder, along with fellow Dorchester author Kathryne Kennedy's new book, Enchanting the Lady.

It was the second most commented upon thread since the blog started, and I know both Kathryne and I appreciate that Barbara gave us both this mini-showcase.
Riding the Thunder will receive another showcase this coming week. Fresh Fiction (freshfiction.com) has asked me to be guest blogger on the 15th. This is leading in to a dinner for the Plano Book Club in Texas holding their monthly dinner. They picked Riding the Thunder as their Book of the Month, and I will call in and have a chat with them about the book.

08 January 2008

Cat O' Nine Tales is picked Book of the Month by Mistique Books

Our Choice for January

Half of Ms. Macgillivray's royalties will be donated to Alley Cats - www.alleycats.org - helping homeless cats find homes.

Explore Deborah's other titles:

Also Available at Amazon.com

Cat O'Nine Tales

Nine tales of the power of love under the watchful eye of some very special pussycats, who always know best. There is Auggie Moggie, Jack, Basil, Cyril, Sinnjinn, Elvis, Edward, Bubba--and we mustn't forget Simon. Simon is a very special cat, indeed, as his owner is about to find out.

Deborah Macgillivray's award-winning short stories and novellas, plus a new novella entitled A Very Special Man, now presented for the first time as a set in this Collector's Edition.

Cat O'Nine Tales by Deborah MacGillivray - $13.00 (Paperback)

Romantic Times ad - Feb 2008

February Romantic Times Ad

06 January 2008

5 Blue Ribbon review for Cat O' Nine Tales from Romance Junkies

Title: Cat O'Nine Tales
Category: Anthology
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Author: Deborah MacGillivray
Publisher: Highland Press
Release Date: October 2007
ISBN Number: 9780978713904
Author Homepage: http://deborahmacgillivray.co.uk
Format: PRINT
Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Auggie, Katlyn’s beloved cat, is no mere house cat. According to Katlyn’s neighbor, Ian, the cat bears a striking resemblance to ‘Freddy Krueger in a fur coat.’ Who could have guessed that all Auggie’s bad behavior would result in bringing these neighbors together with such delightful results.

I had to chuckle throughout this story. It’s so easy to envision this oversized cat terrorizing the neighborhood and Ian’s frustration over the whole thing that it’s just a riot.

James is less than enthusiastic about being assigned to cover a Writers’ Renfaire by his editor-in-chief. Sure he writes a weekly column on books and even contributes reviews but no way is he ready for this event. He’s mowed over by an enchanting woman and her very large cat. Since James has given all of her books scalding reviews, Catlynne wants nothing to do with him, unfortunately her traitorous one-eyed cat has other ideas.

This story captures your interest right from the beginning. Caitlynne’s antagonism toward James and the fact that her cat chooses to side with him lends some real humor to the story.

A centuries old feud has Cian and Gillian battling it out over the Castle Dunnascaul. When Cian’s grandfather’s will is read, Cian receives the castle and Gillian a thatched cottage. With the driveway directly to the castle in sorry condition, Cian’s forced to use Gillian’s driveway. The only party that seems unaffected by the goings on is Gillian’s cat - who can’t be bothered with human squabbles - or anything else for that matter.

I love stories where the main characters are squabbling and the sexual tension is blatantly obvious, throw in some humorous situations and a bit of mystery and you have a fabulous read.

It’s been seven years since Ciara’s fiancé Derek died in a car accident. It’s time to go on with life but how does one truly let go of the love they shared. She’s hit the point she doesn’t care if she lives or dies but miracles happen and her’s comes in the form of a stranger who reminds her so much of Derek - even Sinnjinn, Derek’s cat, immediately takes to Roarke.

This story really struck a chord with me. Grief never goes away fully - you just learn to live with your losses but through these Ciara and Derek’s story readers experience the joy and giving in both life - and death. Amazing story - I’d recommend the book for this one alone!

Desdein’s pinning all his hopes for his brother’s safe release from Newgate on one woman - Ashlyn Findlater. He uses his guise as a highwayman called the Devil in Spurs to kidnap her from her coach. He just hadn’t counted on her refusing to leave her beloved cat behind or her wish upon a Blue Moon to be ravished - just once - before she’s too old to enjoy it!

What a delightfully wickedly fun tale. Desdein tries so hard to come off as ‘evil incarnate’ but he just can’t pull it off and Ashlyn’s only real fear is for her ancient cat.

Keon Challenger’s concentrated on raising his five year old daughter Allison alone since his wife death. He’s an excellent father and takes an active interest in her life but fulfilling her Christmas wish list is going to be just a little bit difficult - especially since he isn’t dating - where does one come up with a mother on short order anyway? Fortunately Allison’s new ballet teacher, Miss Leslie, fits both their wish lists quite nicely.

This is a charming story that allows readers to experience the humor and wonder of raising a small child. This story is fun and lighthearted while still maintaining it’s emotional appeal.

Dara Seaforth isn’t relishing the thought of her first Christmas totally alone. Her beloved cat Dexter passed away only six weeks ago and she still misses him terribly. On a whim she sends a request to Dexter in kitty heaven to send her a kitty friend. She just hadn’t actually expected one to show up - of course his owner, Rhys shows up soon afterwards. Maybe it won’t be such a blue Christmas after all...

Dara and Rhys share a past, alibi a brief one, and the cats - both living and deceased - play a part in bringing them together again. I loved the dialogue in this story - very humorous.

Catonia Flemyn’s new to the New Orleans area and already has an admirer or two. Unfortunately one of her admirers, Bubba, keeps leaving snakes for her to find - at least he kills them first. Bubba’s owner, Royce, can’t help but admire Bubba’s tenacity. After all, he’d like to be rubbing up against Catonia himself. Catonia hates snakes and isn’t at all pleased by Bubba’s ‘gifts,’ but she could use a little rubbing from Bubba’s owner.

I love the use of the Cajun accent throughout this story and couldn’t help but laugh at Bubba’s antics. He’s so well... male and almost seems human.

Dezzy leads a lonely life with the exception of her feline companion, Simon. He’s by her side almost constantly and even shares her meals. While she dreams of somehow finding the perfect man to love, Simon’s filled with thoughts of how to make her discover that he’s all she’ll ever need - if he could just remember how to undo the curse.

This is a wonderful laugh out loud story that will have readers eyeballing their house cats in a whole new light. This entire tale is told from Simon’s point of view which adds a certain amount of charm.

Deborah MacGillivray’s CAT O’NINE TALES brings our beloved fur babies to the forefront and gives readers a reason to smile through each of these nine stories. Each story is delightfully different and charming in its own right and displays Ms. MacGillivray’s writing style perfectly. This is definitely a book you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf.

Cats are just pets right? Wrong! Pick up a copy of Deborah MacGillivray’s CAT O’NINE TALES and you’ll experience the personalities and ‘catitude’ that make our furry friends such delightful companions - and even sometimes help us poor humans find love.
AWARDS for this book:

PEARL Award Winner "Double, Double, Toil & Trouble" Best Short Story
PEARL Award Nominee "Rider in the Storm" Best Short Story
PEARL Award Nominee "Devil In Spurs' Best Anthology
RIO Award Winner "Bad Cat" Best Short Story
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist "All I Want For Christmas is a Hula-hoop...and a Mother." Best Short Story.
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - A Very Special Man
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - Bad Cat
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - Chicken What Du Hell?
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - Rider in the Storm
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - A Very Special Man
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - Checken What Du Hell?
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - All I Want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop...and a Mother

You can vote for these stories at

04 January 2008

5 Blue Ribbons review from Romance Junkies

Title: Love Under the Mistletoe

Category: Anthology (Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal)

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

Author: Leanne Burroughs, Judith Leigh, Amy Blizzard, Bille Warren Chai, Gerri Bowen, Deborah MacGillivray

Publisher: Highland Press

Release Date: December 2007

ISBN Number: 9780980035629

Author Homepage: http://www.leanneburroughs.com/ http://www.judithleigh.com/ http://www.billiewarrenchai.com/ http://www.gerribowen.com/ http://deborahmacgillivray.co.uk

Format: PRINT

Rating: 5 blue ribbonsPublish Post

FOREVER LOVE by Leanne Burrough

Hank Beaumont can’t help his attraction to the lovely young woman he rescues after her stagecoach is robbed and the men aboard murdered. He assumes that Jessica had been traveling with her husband, a man to whom Hank had agreed to sell his hotel.

Hank is no stranger to the harsh realities of the West. He doesn’t believe that Jessia will really stay but that doesn’t stop him from constantly hoping she will. Will he be able to resist her allure and how will he feel when he learns that she isn’t a widow after all?

Leanne Burrough brings this story to life on so many levels and gives readers a true sense of pleasure in the fortitude of the characters. I loved being privy to Hank and Jessica’s frustration with each other and the underlying sexual tension, but also adored the impact that the secondary characters have throughout this story.



Kacey Michaels’s ex-husband’s callous attitude has her making a radical decision. After viewing a travel magazine she packs up and moves to Mistletoe, Tennessee, hoping for a new lease on life.

Once in Mistletoe, Kacey takes a delightful job at a toy store working for Nick Klaus. It’s just too perfect and after meeting Nick and his children she’s convinced that this is exactly where she wants to be, but can she learn to trust her heart and believe that magic and dreams truly can come true - even for her?

What a delightfully fun tale. Judith Leigh brings a great deal of sensitivity into this storyline and really captures Kacey’s emotional upheaval over her inability to have children - fortunately Nick has lots of kids and he’d be more than happy to share.



Matt Watson’s dreams of winning the annual gingerbread house contest have just met with disaster. His only hope of being able to enter and win lie in the hands of his eternally optimistic artist neighbor.

Matt has a purely practical outlook on the whole project, while Riley sees the beauty behind of it and relishes the challenge. Through her Matt will begin to see the world through less cynical eyes and even view Christmas as a magical time - especially when he’s got such a warmhearted giving woman at his side.

Amy Blizzard won me over with this charming tale. There’s no doubt Matt is a scrooge but Riley is free spirited and lighthearted enough for both of them. I loved the mixture of seriousness and joy throughout this tale and found myself crossing my fingers as I waited for the outcome of the competition.

CALLING HAILEY’S BLUFF by Billie Warren Chai

Hailey is determined to fix the problem with the lunar rover and leave Houston before Lt. Col. Todd Coppersmith returns from Cape Canaveral. She’s a professional poker player and while she’s still in love with Todd, she doesn’t want him knowing that she’s carrying his child because trapping him is the last thing she wants to do.

Todd returns to Houston earlier than expected. Previously unaware of Hailey’s pregnancy he’s convinced that she’s lying about the due date and believes that baby is his... it’s just a matter of CALLING HAILEY’S BLUFF.

I absolutely love this story. Billie Warren Chai makes the battle between Hailey and Todd humorous while at the same time poignantly sweet. Hailey’s poker face comes into play more than once but Todd doesn’t give up easily. I eagerly anticipated the moment that she’d admit the baby is his, but also when they’d admit to their feelings for each other.



Melody’s been invited to spend the Christmas holiday with Spode Hall - which means that she’d be spending a great deal of time in Trevor’s presence. She knows that he still hasn’t forgiven her for the Unfortunate Incident, which ultimately resulted in the loss of his concentration and his leg during battle.

Melody’s been in love with Trevor for many years and she’s determined to pursue him. If she fails to snag him then her brother intends to marry her off to a match he has in mind. Melody’s whole future is riding on her ability to make Trevor see reason before the holiday is over.

Gerri Bowen infuses a great deal of humor into this charming tale filled with determined characters, witty dialogue and a very curious reference to a Unfortunate Incident, which has the reader wondering what could have possibly been so bad to have Trevor furious with Melody for years?


A VERY SPECIAL MAN by Deborah MacGillivray

Simon is much more than Dezzy’s very large cat, he’s a man who’s been in the feline form so long that he’s forgotten what it’s like to be human or what he has to do to reverse the cause of his infliction. To complicate matters, he’s in love with his ‘owner.’

Dezzy’s lonely and while she loves Simon, he’s a cat and doesn’t stop her from longing for a man in her life. Simon’s determined to be the one to fulfill Dezzy’s wishes - all she has to do is make her wish and then kiss his nose but how can he convey this to her... and more importantly how is she going to react when her beloved cat disappears and the man of her dreams takes his place?

Deborah MacGillivray brings this humorous story to life by telling it through Simon’s eyes. You get a cat’s eye view of people, TV, cat toys and human food all while he wins you over with his feelings for Dezzy. This is a story that is sure to win readers hearts and have you viewing cat products in a whole new light.


LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a fun anthology that infuses the beauty of the season with fun characters and unforgettable situations. This is one of those books that you can read year round and still derive great pleasure from each of the charming stories.


Looking for a Christmas anthology that can infuse the holiday season into your life year round? LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is one book that can fill that need.

02 January 2008

TOP PICK for Cat O' Nine Tales from Night Owl Reviews

Cat O' Nine Tales
Deborah MacGillivray (Author Website)
Review Date: 1/2/2008
ISBN: 9780978713904 Date
Available: Out Now
Print Book Price: $12.75
E-Book Price: unk
Publisher: Highland Press- Publisher Website!Genre(s): Anthology

Score (1-5) Hearts: 4.75
Read or Find an Excerpt
Purchase This Book Now!
Reviewer: Tammie King

Cat O’Nine Tales is an anthology of 9 stories and each of them includes a very special cat. Each story is unique and has it’s own twist that will make your heart melt. Some of the stories have elements from other stories in the book or other stories by Deborah MacGillivray, but all the stories are stand alones. So, let me get you started by telling you a bit about each story.

The anthology starts out with BAD CAT. In Bad Cat we have Auggie Moggie the cat who is getting a bad reputation. Auggie’s owner Katlyn has a sexy neighbor named Ian and Auggie has been being a nuisance. With a little help and some steak Auggie brings Kat and Ian together.

Next up is GETTING IT IN THE END. When James, a reviewer for Money & Trends magazine, meets a romance author he gave a bad review to they find love.

In DOUBLE, DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE we have Cian and Gillian. They both inherit a portion of land from Cian’s ancestor, but a long-time feud still has these two at each other’s thoughts. Soon Cian and Gillian will find a reason to merge their lands all in the name of love.

RIDER IN THE STORM is about Ciara and how her beloved Derek Died, but she has not picked up her life after 7 years. On the 7th anniversary of Derek’s death Ciara finds a release from the past and a reason to move on.

DEVIL IN SPURS takes us into the past. When Desdein, Marquis de Fourmier’s brother is caught acting like a highwayman Desdein must save him. Desdein is the highwayman and when he holds up lady Ashlyn’s couch he find out that spinsters need love too.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A HULA-HOOP AND A MOTHER stars Keon, Allison his daughter and Leslie. Leslie is Allison’s new ballet teacher. In the end Keon, Allison and Leslie all get what they want for Christmas.

BLUE CHRISTMAS CAT is about Leslie, from the previous stories, sister Dara. After Leslie finds love Dara want’s some too. When a blue cat comes a meowing on a snowy night love has a chance to blossom again. Fifteen years ago Rhys and Dara had something go, but Rhys made a stupid decision. Now it’s his chance to give them the life they really wanted.

In CHICKEN WHAT DU HELL we have Bubba the cat playing matchmaker. Bubba has just put Royce, Marquise of Dunmoor and Seafeld in the hot seat. Royce has been through a divorce and is now hiding out from money grubbing women. Bubba has now picked up that one special woman to compliment Royce and she lives down the road. To get her attention Bubba puts snakes in her bed and she comes a flying down the road to let Royce know about it. The sparks are flying, but in the end love finds a way of making these three into a loving family.

The last story, A VERY SPECIAL MAN, is about Simon a man who has been a cat for 300 years. With the help of his loving owner, Desdemona, they are able to break the spell and find their love skin to skin.

I found each of these stories to be very entertaining. As I ended the last story I craved more and I’ll be looking out for more short stories and novels by the ever entertaining Deborah MacGillivray. It’s just impossible to read any of these stories without coming away feeling warm fuzziest and also getting a huge laugh and a smile on your face. If you are looking for a pick-me up get this book now, as it will have you laughing and smiling in minutes. Way to go Ms. MacGillivray with another special romance.

Special Note: Half of Ms. Macgillivray's royalties will be donated to Alley Cats - alleycats.org - helping homeless cats find homes.
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