02 January 2008

TOP PICK for Cat O' Nine Tales from Night Owl Reviews

Cat O' Nine Tales
Deborah MacGillivray (Author Website)
Review Date: 1/2/2008
ISBN: 9780978713904 Date
Available: Out Now
Print Book Price: $12.75
E-Book Price: unk
Publisher: Highland Press- Publisher Website!Genre(s): Anthology

Score (1-5) Hearts: 4.75
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Reviewer: Tammie King

Cat O’Nine Tales is an anthology of 9 stories and each of them includes a very special cat. Each story is unique and has it’s own twist that will make your heart melt. Some of the stories have elements from other stories in the book or other stories by Deborah MacGillivray, but all the stories are stand alones. So, let me get you started by telling you a bit about each story.

The anthology starts out with BAD CAT. In Bad Cat we have Auggie Moggie the cat who is getting a bad reputation. Auggie’s owner Katlyn has a sexy neighbor named Ian and Auggie has been being a nuisance. With a little help and some steak Auggie brings Kat and Ian together.

Next up is GETTING IT IN THE END. When James, a reviewer for Money & Trends magazine, meets a romance author he gave a bad review to they find love.

In DOUBLE, DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE we have Cian and Gillian. They both inherit a portion of land from Cian’s ancestor, but a long-time feud still has these two at each other’s thoughts. Soon Cian and Gillian will find a reason to merge their lands all in the name of love.

RIDER IN THE STORM is about Ciara and how her beloved Derek Died, but she has not picked up her life after 7 years. On the 7th anniversary of Derek’s death Ciara finds a release from the past and a reason to move on.

DEVIL IN SPURS takes us into the past. When Desdein, Marquis de Fourmier’s brother is caught acting like a highwayman Desdein must save him. Desdein is the highwayman and when he holds up lady Ashlyn’s couch he find out that spinsters need love too.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A HULA-HOOP AND A MOTHER stars Keon, Allison his daughter and Leslie. Leslie is Allison’s new ballet teacher. In the end Keon, Allison and Leslie all get what they want for Christmas.

BLUE CHRISTMAS CAT is about Leslie, from the previous stories, sister Dara. After Leslie finds love Dara want’s some too. When a blue cat comes a meowing on a snowy night love has a chance to blossom again. Fifteen years ago Rhys and Dara had something go, but Rhys made a stupid decision. Now it’s his chance to give them the life they really wanted.

In CHICKEN WHAT DU HELL we have Bubba the cat playing matchmaker. Bubba has just put Royce, Marquise of Dunmoor and Seafeld in the hot seat. Royce has been through a divorce and is now hiding out from money grubbing women. Bubba has now picked up that one special woman to compliment Royce and she lives down the road. To get her attention Bubba puts snakes in her bed and she comes a flying down the road to let Royce know about it. The sparks are flying, but in the end love finds a way of making these three into a loving family.

The last story, A VERY SPECIAL MAN, is about Simon a man who has been a cat for 300 years. With the help of his loving owner, Desdemona, they are able to break the spell and find their love skin to skin.

I found each of these stories to be very entertaining. As I ended the last story I craved more and I’ll be looking out for more short stories and novels by the ever entertaining Deborah MacGillivray. It’s just impossible to read any of these stories without coming away feeling warm fuzziest and also getting a huge laugh and a smile on your face. If you are looking for a pick-me up get this book now, as it will have you laughing and smiling in minutes. Way to go Ms. MacGillivray with another special romance.

Special Note: Half of Ms. Macgillivray's royalties will be donated to Alley Cats - alleycats.org - helping homeless cats find homes.
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