29 June 2018

One Snowy Knight on secondary market

My third historical novel is listed at for $2,812.49 -- I thought it was high when they had it listed for $2600 last month!! LOL

Never fear. You don't have to pay that!! The new expanded anniversary edition of One Snowy Knight comes out next month!

27 June 2018

Dargon's of Challon™ Book 5 - A Knight Who Dares

Ah, my birthday present!! ( a bit early)  This will be the cover
for the 5th Dragon of Challon ™ 
Darian Challon's story

My second Jon Paul Ferrara cover
Jon Paul Studios
with John De Salvo as the model

Big thank you, Jon Paul!!

05 June 2018


Zowie. Amazon is selling copies of my One Snowy Knight for $1,558.59 + $5.49 shipping + $0.00 estimated tax or $2,630.52 & FREE Shipping + $0.00 estimated tax Hang in there, it's being reprinted in July for MUCH less...lol

my beautiful cover by Jon Paul Studios