28 July 2012

Meet Miss Mouthy

As some of you know, I lost my Foutchie in the house fire.  It was devastating to lose my cherished friend in this fashion.  It left me unable to really open my heart to another kitty for the past two years.  In olden times people were in mourning for two years.  The first year was "deep" mourning.  You wore black, didn't go out and stayed in to grieve.  The second year was a slow awakening.  You put away the black, and wore lavenders.  You started going out in the world and learning to live again.  In a fashion, that is what I have gone through with the fire and it's aftermath.

So now it was time to open my home to a new friend.  Miss Mouthy came to me early in May.  She's not quite a year old.  She was scared, lonely and hungry.  It took several weeks to get her to come up to me.  Then I was allow three pats--no more.  Slowing, she came to trust me.  It hurt me to see her sleeping in the flower bed or in the yard, with no place to go.  When a bad storm came up, enough was enough.  I brought her inside, and she's been there ever since.  She fit in so perfectly.  She keeps me company while I write.  She cuddles on my feet or legs at night.  And she talks.  Boy, does she talk.

The time was right for her and me both.

nature's blessing

What a lovely coral miniature rose.
It took a pounding of thunderstorms
and shares its beauty unbowed.

26 July 2012

Amazon Publishing/ Montlake buys the Sisters of Colford Hall series

Amazon Publishing/Montlake made me an offer yesterday.  They are buying my books from the defunct Dorchester Publishing and will give my series a new home.  They will be available immediately in Kindle, but down the road with be back in print and even hardback!!  Amazon Publishing was even kind enough to purchases the original covers, so I will keep them!

I am very excited about this new opportunity.  Big thank you to Amazon Publishing for swooping in and saving them!

13 July 2012

tired of pirates stealing your books? Try Muso.com

Muso.com just offered me peace of mind!!  I spend so many hours tracking down people stealing my books and selling them online.  It's a headache that every author is battling.

Muso.com is doing something to get that burden off your back.  Go there, and sign up, for a small fee each month, they will alert you to all the links where these books are been listed.  You then can go in and request a DMCA notice is issued.  I signed up and there were 9 lines.  5 were down in half hour.  2 more went down within 2 hours.  The others are pending.

I cannot recommend them enough!!


06 July 2012

Amazon to buy out Dorchester backlist

It's been announced on Publishers Weekly and other places, that Amazon Publishing will buy out the backlist of Dorchester Publishing.  They will be making offers to authors with "active titles", putting their books out immediately in e-book, then hardback, trade and even audio books.

This is good news for authors of Dorch Pub, who have been in limbo for nearly a year. 

Keep "tuned" for more news....