30 March 2014

Remembering Dawn Party at Serendipity

Candy made a special treat for Serendipity to offer for April Fool's Gift - she made it as a cross between our friends,
 Tara and Mark Reed (Fool Hardy) a marvelous Renfaire act.  
He is Marquise and she Ima Nutt.
 So she took Ima's colours and Mark's fool costume and did this version for our 
favourite place to visit and eat in town.  She plans on doing version of 
them at some point.  I cannot wait to see them, as they will be even more detailed.

Anyway, Candy asked me if I would drive her to Serendipity this Friday to deliver it.  
I said I would (don't need an excuse to visit there!).  Only, I knew Friday was the anniversary the birthday of Dawn Thompson (Candy's sister).  I know Candy's misses her so much, but she hadn't said anything, such a "stiff upper lip trooper".  So I called Becky Bayer Kimbler (co-owner) and asked if she would make me a special cake for Candy - a birthday cake for Dawn. I knew Dawn loved purple, so I asked her to do a cake with "Remembering Dawn" on it with purple roses.  I didn't tell Candy, just took her up to the magic shop in the middle of Main Street La Grange.  I told her we were having lunch and then at desert Becky brought the cake out.  Candy was so surprised and pleased.  It took a sad occasion and made it a happy memory.

Wish to give a thank you to Becky at Serendipity for 
helping me make a very special day.

(502) 222-4216

Serendipity is ready for Easter!



Candy's Easter purses for kids and her box of punk chicks


17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing everyone Irish and not (but then everyone is Irish today, eh?)

“Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!” 

01 March 2014

Kindle Editors selected The Privateer for a showcase for March

The Privateer by Dawn Thompson, writing as Dawn MacTavish  (Diane Candy Thompson' late sister) has been selected by the Kindle editors to be included in the March Kindle 20 for $2 event! The titles selected for this promotion are all priced at $2.00 and are being promoted with high visibility to Kindle customers.

 You can see the promotion here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000858781