20 April 2012

Sad farewell to Jonathan Frid - RIP

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Frid
on Friday thr 13th. I was lucky enough to see the actor
when he tour as Jonathan Brewster in Arsneic and Old Lace.
He was wickely funny in the show. He will be greatly missed by his many fans.

11 April 2012

Okay...a challenge from Jacquie Rogers

Jacquie wrote: "Meg Mims tagged me for the 777 game, so I'm tagging Caroline Clemmons, Troy Smith, Deborah Macgillivray, Celia Yeary, Sarah McNeal, Eilis Flynn, and Cindy Nord. All you have to do is go to page 77 of your work in progress, go down 7 lines, and copy the next 7 sentences to your blog. Here's mine: http://jacquierogers.blogspot.com/2012/04/jacquie-rogers-777-game.html It will be great fun to see what everyone's working on!"

soooooooooooo....here is the excerpt from REDEMPTION:

“Blast your stubbornness. You may not bear the Challon name―due to your grandsire inheriting distaff holdings―yet you seize every opportunity to prove you carry Challon blood. Your whole left side is likely numb,” Dare chided. Reaching out, he pulled his extra mantle from about her legs.

The frigid drizzle made itself felt instantly. Redam shivered, and the chill caused Gillian to stir within his embrace. Her head whipped around, frightened. The disquiet turned to terror as she spotted Dare’s hands reaching for her.....