27 September 2015

Saturday with a new resident in La Grange

Saturday's Farmer's Market.  Always great fun, but this week, Candy and I got to introduce Tami Day to her new town.  Tami and bought a lovely cottage this week, and will be moving here.  So we took her around and introduced her to everyone.

It was a little grey looking because we had an all night shower, but it cleared off for a lovely autumn day.

Tami found a grower who grew Japanese veggies, so they discussed different ones and how to prepare them.  The grower said she would grow anything Tami wanted.

Tami struck up a friendship with the lady who made earrings.  Tami wanted to buy some for gifts, but didn't want pierced.  The lady quickly changed them to clip for Tami.  While they were talking, they discovered they were both nurses in prison setting, so had an immediately friendship.  We are going to meet her for lunch sometime soon and get to know each other better.

Our Mayor, Joe Davenport, stopped by to say hello, so I introduced him to Tami and explained she was his newest constituent.

Then she met the real Mayor of La Grange (LOL) - Town Cat.

Town Cat checked her out and pronounced approval of Tami coming to live in La Grange.

Tami and Candy on the bench on the square

Candy, Tami and Me

Tami and me

Tami took this picture of me with Candy (my stupid yellow shoes and cane!!)

Another shot of our Mayor talking with people

All in all, I think Tami saw what a wonderful town this is to live in!!

Welcome Tami Day!!!

23 September 2015

ebay sales fall, print books remain steady...

This is something I predicted when the eBook craze started. It was a new "toy". Ebooks have advantages, when I am doing research - that i need a research book NOW. It's nice for reading on the go - provided your screen works well in bright light.
However, books and reading have existed for many centuries. It's not the same as record technology improving. The love of reading is born when you go into a bookstore and see all the titles. Can touch them, smell them, holding them. Curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, or at night when I cannot sleep, is NOT the same as with an eReader.
And as an author - there is nothing that compares with opening that big box of books - author's copies - from your publisher on release day. To actually HOLD your work in your hands, to see you book on the shelves in Walmart, Krogers and Barnes and Nobles.
Read print books is an experience.
I am happy for people who do enjoy eBooks. I enjoy the convenience. But nothing touches books in print. smile emoticon I said once the new toy's fascination wears off, people would slowly return to print. I have great ebook sale, but nothing compared to my print sales, and many of those readers refuse to get a eBook reader.
So let's hear it for an industry correction...

20 September 2015

Highland Games -- a lovely time

Me with good friend Erika Spidle Napier 

 Erika with Candy....love this shot!!
Erika modeling her new outfit -
 with hat from The Gilded Lily 

Cap'n Amos and his lady
(Bob Watters and Whitney Christiansen)  

It was a much larger crowd this time, and I would say about half came in costumes

It's rather odd to visit Briarwood in the Fall.  Many of the regular vendors are absent.  A lot of our dear friends, such as Tara and Mark Reed, Rondini Alexander, Daniel Higgins and Robert Barker are off doing other Renfaires.   So many of our favourite faces are amongst the missing.

Until June 2015....

16 September 2015

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - in Montlake Spotlight showcase promotion

Magic and fortune have brought a self-proclaimed wolf to Colford Hall.  He’s dressed in a designer suit, drives a Lamborghini Murciélago and apologizes for nothing.  And though Trev doesn’t realize it, wolves mate for life.  That little fact just might toss a spanner in the works.

Revenge — that was Trev’s goal when he first set his sights on Raven Montgomerie.  And a delicious revenge it would be.  He and his two brothers have each selected a Montgomerie sister to systematically seduce and destroy, and this quiet granddaughter of his enemy is perfect.  She lives simply in a cottage, hidden away in the English countryside, a painter, and socializes only with the local Gypsies and a menagerie of misfits: a fat orange tabby, her one-legged seagull, and a midget pony.  In addition to beauty, Raven has fey vulnerability begging to be exploited.  Trev would be only too happy to oblige.  In fact, it felt like fate…
Despite the Tarot’s warning that he was coming, not even the ancient stone walls of her family’s English estate can protect the third Montgomerie sister from her magical destiny— or from the wolfish charms of Trevelyn Mershan, who has come to huff and puff and blow those walls down.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the black-haired man, walking across the opposite side of the room to examine the fortuneteller’s booth.  Her stomach muscles tightened, as his hand reached out and deftly inserted a coin.  His beautiful face was reflected in the glass, held fascinated while he studied the woman as she moved with lifelike gestures.  Placing his hands on either side of the booth, he leaned to the glass, nearly pressing his nose against it to examine the automaton closer.  Finally, when the mannequin stopped moving, he leaned back and took the card.  He stood, not even breathing that she could tell.  Her mind flashed back to the two cards she had drawn, wondering if he pulled the same one. 

   “Surely not.”

Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He turned, his eyes going straight to her, as if he’d been aware of her watching him the whole time.  Then she realized, while she saw the reflection of his face in the glass, he could see her in the bright red dress behind him as well.  Slowly, he lifted the card and turned it until the tarot face showed.  Even across the room there was no mistaking The Lovers.  With a slight lift of his black brows, he spoke volumes.  

A question?  A threat?  A promise…  

She shivered, scared what the cards signified.  Terrified to give credence to him pulling the same one that she had.  

Fearful not to....

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The Invasion of Falgannon Isle in a Montlake spotlight promotion

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Ladies, are you tired of the bustle of life, the stress of big city living?  Tired of men who only want one-night-stands and leave you with “the fuzzy end of the lollipop and a tube of toothpaste all squished out?”  Fed up with traffic jams, MCI calling you at 8:00 a.m. and long checkout lines at the grocery?  Sick of noise pollution?  Smog?  Do you dream of romance in your life―more importantly, a special man wishing matrimony?

If so, consider a vacation to Falgannon Isle…a wee bit of heaven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where magic is present and the past is not so distant.  The air is clean and sweet.  There are few cars so no traffic jams.  The pace is relaxed, the scenery majestic.  The climate is mild since the isle is in the Gulf Stream, and the summer twilight lasts forever…ideal for long romantic walks.  There are white beaches with tidal pools for swimming, lovely green hillocks to wander and explore.  An ancient castle, a stone ring and ancient Pictish ruins dot the hillsides.  I cannot imagine a more romantic place on earth or one more breathtakingly beautiful that stirs the soul… spellbinds the heart!
Ah, but you say, all the gorgeous landscape is fine, but how can there be romance if you don’t have someone with whom you can share it?  Well, Ladies, listen up!  Falgannon Isle has 213 braw Scots lads eager to find a bride.  You see there’s a shortage of marriageable age women on the isle.  Yes, over two hundred males, ages  18-47, and all most anxious to make your acquaintance!

And the best part―you don’t have to do a thing other than fill out this application and submit your picture.  If you’re chosen you’ll receive airfare, lodging and expenses to reach our remote little isle.  You’ll have two weeks to explore the ruins, walk on the sands in the gloaming…and maybe find that special man waiting for you to fill his heart.

If you don’t like our isle and think this isn't the life for you, well you've 
had a free vacation.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.  However, I am betting there is a handsome Islander who can convince you to stay forever.

So come for the vacation of a lifetime…stay for love…

Find incentives by clicking on our Bachelor Registry and see the hundreds of fine Scots lads impatient to welcome you to our island.

Address queries to B.A. Montgomerie
Falgannon Isle, Scotland

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Riding the Thunder on Kindle -- Montlake special promotion

The stranger on the stool again drew Asha’s gaze, compelled her to look at him.  Dared her to look at him.  She tried to mask her glance, nonchalant, as though bored and seeking diversion, letting it sweep the whole room until it finally reached him.  She failed.  Their eyes locked and Asha nearly flinched as she felt the focus of his mind.  A throb of radiant sexuality sent a shiver of physical awareness through her body, slamming into her womb with a force she’d never experienced.

This man unnerved her.  Rarely did men do that to her.  Actually, no man had.  With her intense cat-like eyes, she could look down her nose and set even the strongest ones to feeling like slugs.  That ability second nature to her, she turned on the frost and glared as if he were something she’d stepped in. 

As a rule, that sent them running.  Not this one.  As though he not only knew the rules to the game, but also had a cheat sheet, the stranger leaned back against the counter with a wolfish grin and looked his fill.  Not even pretending to do anything else, he just stared at her.  It was damn unsettling.  She couldn’t even pretend to gaze out the windows at the pastoral scenery of the horse farm across the road; she had asked Rhonda to close the blinds against the harsh afternoon glare.

 “Here you go.”  Netta set an iced Royal Crown Cola, a salad and a basket of rolls before her.  She stepped so that her body blocked Asha from the stranger’s view.  “You know that man at the counter?”

Thankful Netta had given her the perfect excuse for taking her eyes from the invader, Asha broke a roll and buttered it.  “What man?”

Netta gave a mocking laugh and popped her gum a couple times.  “Nice try, Sugarplum.  Men like that are impossible not to notice.”

“Never saw him before in my life.”  Asha sipped the cola.  Oh, she would remember this man had they met.

A master gossip, Netta excelled at knowing when to tell all, when to hint.  With her smart mouth and flashing baby-blue eyes, she’d charm a person’s life history from them in a wink.  The Windmill likely had higher profits this past year and a long line of regulars due to Netta’s down-home charm.  What she knew about the stranger would be forthcoming.

The only way to play the game, Asha mused, was to answer a question with a question.  “Why would you think I know him?”

Sexy Lips has a foreign accent.  British I think, like yours.  Gives a gal shivers.”  Netta hugged herself and then chewed her gum.  “Also, I get this sense he was waiting for something …maybe you.  My granny knew things.  She passed that on to me.”

“Steak’s up, Netta,” Sam, their cook, called through the open space, setting a plate up on the warmer.

“Back in two shakes.”  Netta went to pick up the inch-thick steak and returned to place it before Asha.  “Eat up, Sugarplum.”  She glanced sideways at the black-haired visitor and raised her eyebrows.  “Looks like you’re gonna need all your strength.”

The real Windmill Motel that is the setting for the book

The Montlake Romance team asked me to let you know that RIDING THE THUNDER will be included in our 100 Kindle Romances for $1.99 Each in the US marketplace, starting 9/15/2015 and running through 10/15/2015.


Please note the other titles in the Sisters of Colford Hall series are also included in this promotion