16 September 2015

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - in Montlake Spotlight showcase promotion

Magic and fortune have brought a self-proclaimed wolf to Colford Hall.  He’s dressed in a designer suit, drives a Lamborghini Murciélago and apologizes for nothing.  And though Trev doesn’t realize it, wolves mate for life.  That little fact just might toss a spanner in the works.

Revenge — that was Trev’s goal when he first set his sights on Raven Montgomerie.  And a delicious revenge it would be.  He and his two brothers have each selected a Montgomerie sister to systematically seduce and destroy, and this quiet granddaughter of his enemy is perfect.  She lives simply in a cottage, hidden away in the English countryside, a painter, and socializes only with the local Gypsies and a menagerie of misfits: a fat orange tabby, her one-legged seagull, and a midget pony.  In addition to beauty, Raven has fey vulnerability begging to be exploited.  Trev would be only too happy to oblige.  In fact, it felt like fate…
Despite the Tarot’s warning that he was coming, not even the ancient stone walls of her family’s English estate can protect the third Montgomerie sister from her magical destiny— or from the wolfish charms of Trevelyn Mershan, who has come to huff and puff and blow those walls down.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the black-haired man, walking across the opposite side of the room to examine the fortuneteller’s booth.  Her stomach muscles tightened, as his hand reached out and deftly inserted a coin.  His beautiful face was reflected in the glass, held fascinated while he studied the woman as she moved with lifelike gestures.  Placing his hands on either side of the booth, he leaned to the glass, nearly pressing his nose against it to examine the automaton closer.  Finally, when the mannequin stopped moving, he leaned back and took the card.  He stood, not even breathing that she could tell.  Her mind flashed back to the two cards she had drawn, wondering if he pulled the same one. 

   “Surely not.”

Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He turned, his eyes going straight to her, as if he’d been aware of her watching him the whole time.  Then she realized, while she saw the reflection of his face in the glass, he could see her in the bright red dress behind him as well.  Slowly, he lifted the card and turned it until the tarot face showed.  Even across the room there was no mistaking The Lovers.  With a slight lift of his black brows, he spoke volumes.  

A question?  A threat?  A promise…  

She shivered, scared what the cards signified.  Terrified to give credence to him pulling the same one that she had.  

Fearful not to....

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