23 September 2015

ebay sales fall, print books remain steady...

This is something I predicted when the eBook craze started. It was a new "toy". Ebooks have advantages, when I am doing research - that i need a research book NOW. It's nice for reading on the go - provided your screen works well in bright light.
However, books and reading have existed for many centuries. It's not the same as record technology improving. The love of reading is born when you go into a bookstore and see all the titles. Can touch them, smell them, holding them. Curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, or at night when I cannot sleep, is NOT the same as with an eReader.
And as an author - there is nothing that compares with opening that big box of books - author's copies - from your publisher on release day. To actually HOLD your work in your hands, to see you book on the shelves in Walmart, Krogers and Barnes and Nobles.
Read print books is an experience.
I am happy for people who do enjoy eBooks. I enjoy the convenience. But nothing touches books in print. smile emoticon I said once the new toy's fascination wears off, people would slowly return to print. I have great ebook sale, but nothing compared to my print sales, and many of those readers refuse to get a eBook reader.
So let's hear it for an industry correction...

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