27 September 2015

Saturday with a new resident in La Grange

Saturday's Farmer's Market.  Always great fun, but this week, Candy and I got to introduce Tami Day to her new town.  Tami and bought a lovely cottage this week, and will be moving here.  So we took her around and introduced her to everyone.

It was a little grey looking because we had an all night shower, but it cleared off for a lovely autumn day.

Tami found a grower who grew Japanese veggies, so they discussed different ones and how to prepare them.  The grower said she would grow anything Tami wanted.

Tami struck up a friendship with the lady who made earrings.  Tami wanted to buy some for gifts, but didn't want pierced.  The lady quickly changed them to clip for Tami.  While they were talking, they discovered they were both nurses in prison setting, so had an immediately friendship.  We are going to meet her for lunch sometime soon and get to know each other better.

Our Mayor, Joe Davenport, stopped by to say hello, so I introduced him to Tami and explained she was his newest constituent.

Then she met the real Mayor of La Grange (LOL) - Town Cat.

Town Cat checked her out and pronounced approval of Tami coming to live in La Grange.

Tami and Candy on the bench on the square

Candy, Tami and Me

Tami and me

Tami took this picture of me with Candy (my stupid yellow shoes and cane!!)

Another shot of our Mayor talking with people

All in all, I think Tami saw what a wonderful town this is to live in!!

Welcome Tami Day!!!

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