13 July 2012

tired of pirates stealing your books? Try Muso.com

Muso.com just offered me peace of mind!!  I spend so many hours tracking down people stealing my books and selling them online.  It's a headache that every author is battling.

Muso.com is doing something to get that burden off your back.  Go there, and sign up, for a small fee each month, they will alert you to all the links where these books are been listed.  You then can go in and request a DMCA notice is issued.  I signed up and there were 9 lines.  5 were down in half hour.  2 more went down within 2 hours.  The others are pending.

I cannot recommend them enough!!


1 comment:

Jeannie said...

Thanks Deborah! I will check this site out now. It's exhausting to track down all the pirates. Argh!