06 January 2008

5 Blue Ribbon review for Cat O' Nine Tales from Romance Junkies

Title: Cat O'Nine Tales
Category: Anthology
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Author: Deborah MacGillivray
Publisher: Highland Press
Release Date: October 2007
ISBN Number: 9780978713904
Author Homepage: http://deborahmacgillivray.co.uk
Format: PRINT
Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Auggie, Katlyn’s beloved cat, is no mere house cat. According to Katlyn’s neighbor, Ian, the cat bears a striking resemblance to ‘Freddy Krueger in a fur coat.’ Who could have guessed that all Auggie’s bad behavior would result in bringing these neighbors together with such delightful results.

I had to chuckle throughout this story. It’s so easy to envision this oversized cat terrorizing the neighborhood and Ian’s frustration over the whole thing that it’s just a riot.

James is less than enthusiastic about being assigned to cover a Writers’ Renfaire by his editor-in-chief. Sure he writes a weekly column on books and even contributes reviews but no way is he ready for this event. He’s mowed over by an enchanting woman and her very large cat. Since James has given all of her books scalding reviews, Catlynne wants nothing to do with him, unfortunately her traitorous one-eyed cat has other ideas.

This story captures your interest right from the beginning. Caitlynne’s antagonism toward James and the fact that her cat chooses to side with him lends some real humor to the story.

A centuries old feud has Cian and Gillian battling it out over the Castle Dunnascaul. When Cian’s grandfather’s will is read, Cian receives the castle and Gillian a thatched cottage. With the driveway directly to the castle in sorry condition, Cian’s forced to use Gillian’s driveway. The only party that seems unaffected by the goings on is Gillian’s cat - who can’t be bothered with human squabbles - or anything else for that matter.

I love stories where the main characters are squabbling and the sexual tension is blatantly obvious, throw in some humorous situations and a bit of mystery and you have a fabulous read.

It’s been seven years since Ciara’s fiancé Derek died in a car accident. It’s time to go on with life but how does one truly let go of the love they shared. She’s hit the point she doesn’t care if she lives or dies but miracles happen and her’s comes in the form of a stranger who reminds her so much of Derek - even Sinnjinn, Derek’s cat, immediately takes to Roarke.

This story really struck a chord with me. Grief never goes away fully - you just learn to live with your losses but through these Ciara and Derek’s story readers experience the joy and giving in both life - and death. Amazing story - I’d recommend the book for this one alone!

Desdein’s pinning all his hopes for his brother’s safe release from Newgate on one woman - Ashlyn Findlater. He uses his guise as a highwayman called the Devil in Spurs to kidnap her from her coach. He just hadn’t counted on her refusing to leave her beloved cat behind or her wish upon a Blue Moon to be ravished - just once - before she’s too old to enjoy it!

What a delightfully wickedly fun tale. Desdein tries so hard to come off as ‘evil incarnate’ but he just can’t pull it off and Ashlyn’s only real fear is for her ancient cat.

Keon Challenger’s concentrated on raising his five year old daughter Allison alone since his wife death. He’s an excellent father and takes an active interest in her life but fulfilling her Christmas wish list is going to be just a little bit difficult - especially since he isn’t dating - where does one come up with a mother on short order anyway? Fortunately Allison’s new ballet teacher, Miss Leslie, fits both their wish lists quite nicely.

This is a charming story that allows readers to experience the humor and wonder of raising a small child. This story is fun and lighthearted while still maintaining it’s emotional appeal.

Dara Seaforth isn’t relishing the thought of her first Christmas totally alone. Her beloved cat Dexter passed away only six weeks ago and she still misses him terribly. On a whim she sends a request to Dexter in kitty heaven to send her a kitty friend. She just hadn’t actually expected one to show up - of course his owner, Rhys shows up soon afterwards. Maybe it won’t be such a blue Christmas after all...

Dara and Rhys share a past, alibi a brief one, and the cats - both living and deceased - play a part in bringing them together again. I loved the dialogue in this story - very humorous.

Catonia Flemyn’s new to the New Orleans area and already has an admirer or two. Unfortunately one of her admirers, Bubba, keeps leaving snakes for her to find - at least he kills them first. Bubba’s owner, Royce, can’t help but admire Bubba’s tenacity. After all, he’d like to be rubbing up against Catonia himself. Catonia hates snakes and isn’t at all pleased by Bubba’s ‘gifts,’ but she could use a little rubbing from Bubba’s owner.

I love the use of the Cajun accent throughout this story and couldn’t help but laugh at Bubba’s antics. He’s so well... male and almost seems human.

Dezzy leads a lonely life with the exception of her feline companion, Simon. He’s by her side almost constantly and even shares her meals. While she dreams of somehow finding the perfect man to love, Simon’s filled with thoughts of how to make her discover that he’s all she’ll ever need - if he could just remember how to undo the curse.

This is a wonderful laugh out loud story that will have readers eyeballing their house cats in a whole new light. This entire tale is told from Simon’s point of view which adds a certain amount of charm.

Deborah MacGillivray’s CAT O’NINE TALES brings our beloved fur babies to the forefront and gives readers a reason to smile through each of these nine stories. Each story is delightfully different and charming in its own right and displays Ms. MacGillivray’s writing style perfectly. This is definitely a book you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf.

Cats are just pets right? Wrong! Pick up a copy of Deborah MacGillivray’s CAT O’NINE TALES and you’ll experience the personalities and ‘catitude’ that make our furry friends such delightful companions - and even sometimes help us poor humans find love.
AWARDS for this book:

PEARL Award Winner "Double, Double, Toil & Trouble" Best Short Story
PEARL Award Nominee "Rider in the Storm" Best Short Story
PEARL Award Nominee "Devil In Spurs' Best Anthology
RIO Award Winner "Bad Cat" Best Short Story
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist "All I Want For Christmas is a Hula-hoop...and a Mother." Best Short Story.
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - A Very Special Man
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - Bad Cat
LASR Award Nominations for best Print short story - Chicken What Du Hell?
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - Rider in the Storm
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - A Very Special Man
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - Checken What Du Hell?
LASR Award Nominations for best e-Print short story - All I Want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop...and a Mother

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