21 January 2008

Romance Junkies Blue Ribbon Book of the Month

Romance Junkies Reviewers votes Cat O' Nine Tales as their favourite book of the month of December from the 5 Blue Ribbon reviews.

I wish to thank them, and let everyone know, the book has done so well that there will be a Cat O' Nine Tales 2
Coming late 2008.

Dear Deborah,

Congratulations! Your book, CAT O NINE TALES, has been selected as a Blue Ribbon Favorite for the month of December by the reviewers at Romance Junkies!

Every month, the reviewers at Romance Junkies are invited to nominate the best book they read during the last month for this award. As you can probably guess, our reviewers read a lot of books, and they have chosen yours as one of their favorites.

Congratulations once again, and thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

Blue Ribbon Favorite Co-Coordinator

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