16 December 2007

5 Hearts Review for In Her Bed

Deborah MacGillivray
Love Spell
October 2007
Fantasy Romance

5 Hearts

Asha Montgomerie is used the attention she draws from men, but has no time for them in her life. Running her restaurant, The Windmill, is more than enough to keep her busy. Yet, when a highly sexual stranger walks through the door, the attraction is lightening hot. Everything about him awakens her body to respond to his. Asha can deny her attraction to this handsome man until the cows come home, but some things are just written in the stars.

RIDING THE THUNDER is by authoress Deborah MacGilivray. In this sequel to The Invasion of Falogannon Isle, Ms. MacGilivray crafts a stellar and magical novel of love found between to very sensual characters, Jago and Asha. From the moment RIDING THE THUNDER starts and until the last page, this creative premise never slows or dulls. Each page is an adventure that will keep the readers spellbound, merrily turning the pages to experience the wonders of Ms. MacGilivray’s sassy and clever writing.

Not only are the main characters delightfully refreshing, the secondary ones are perfectly well rounded, filling out and enhancing this tale of love. There is one character, an overweight feline that is a real scene-stealer.

Asha is a woman that seems to have it all: a successful business, good friends and a spirit for life. She is in total control, that is until Jago walks through the door of her restaurant and turns her life upside down. His passionate expertise will be more than Asha can resist.

Jago has come into Asha’s life with an agenda of his own…revenge for a wrong done to his family long ago. Never in his wildest dreams did he think this plan could be altered, directed in another way, but as his relationship with Asha evolves, Jago starts to see things differently, yet he owes his brother. He will have to make some tough choices.RIDING THE THUNDER is not just another feather in Ms. MacGillvray’s cap, it is a jewel in her crown of writing achievements. This author has proven that not only can she pen torrid historical novels, but a true Seanchaidh (storyteller) in whatever genre she sets her sights on!

This reviewer highly recommends this 5-heart read.

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