13 December 2007

accepted a second contract with Dorchester

Fans have been asking if there will be more books in The Sisters of Colford Halls series. And the answer is YES!

I have accepted the contract to do two more books for Dorchester's LoveSpell. The next books? Trev Mershan and Raven Montgomerie's romance will be book three. Currently slotted for June 2009 release. A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing.

Sorry, about that date! My first contacts for Kensington and Dorchester came a the same time so there was no "first"; I had been alternating books. However, my second contract with Kensington is considered "first" since I accepted that in August. Look for One Snowy Knight (October 2008), followed by Guillaume Challon and Rowanne MacShane's story in 2009.
The fourth book, To Bell the Vampire, in the Dorchester series will be Britt Montgomerie's and Lucien Delacroix's romance. So yes, more Sisters coming. And yes, I will be doing a book for Netta and Liam's romance (Riding the Thunder) and yes, oh, yes, I will get to sexy Julian Starkadder and LynneAnne Montgomerie's Romance, too. Just give me time!!

Happy Holidays to you all!!

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