10 December 2007

The Huntress' review of Cat O' Nine Tales

Highland Press October 2007
Genre: See Review
ISBN: 0978713907
Page Count: 274
Price: $12.49
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous


Bad Cat
Ian St. Giles went to his neighbor, Katlyn MacKenzie, to complain - again - about her cat's behavior. He ended up with a dinner date.

Getting It In The End
When James Kinlock, a book reviewer, was assigned to cover a week-long Historical Romance Writers Renaissance Faire, his first thought was that it was going to be the longest week of his life. That changes when he literally bumps into a goddess with a big cat. Too bad she despises him. Turns out the lovely author is one he enjoys giving horrible reviews about.

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble
The feud between the MacKinnon and Grant families has gone on for over a century. Tempers had started to cool until the rightful ownership of a five-hundred-year-old castle came into question. Gillian Grant's family was supposed to inherit the castle when Cian McKinnon's grandfather passed away. Instead, it went to Cian. Gillian's temper is as wild as her cat is fat and Cian loves the fact.

Rider In The Storm
Ciara MacIain's fiancé, Derek Adams, died exactly seven years ago due to a drunk driver. All this time Ciara has grieved. She finally decides it is time to let go of Derek. Very shortly afterward, Ciara stops to help Roarke Devlin, whose car had gotten stuck in the exact spot Derek had died. Ciara cannot help but think there is something special about Roarke. Her cat, Sinnjinn, agrees.

Devil In Spurs
Desdein Deshaunt played the part of the ton buffoon to hide his true identity. He was a horse breeder by day and a buffoon by night. He was also a highwayman on a mission to crush those responsible for his father's death.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula-Hoop ... And A Mother
Keon Challenger is firmly wrapped around his five-year-old daughter's little finger and he knows it. Little Allison did not simply write Santa a letter and send it out in the post; instead Allison sent Santa's letter via email. Sometimes his little girl is too intelligent and mature for her own good. Shortly before Christmas Eve, Keon drives Allison to her ballet class and meets the new teacher, Leslie Seaforth. Looks like Keon's daughter and Leslie's cat have the same Christmas present in mind this year.

Blue Christmas Cat
Dara Seaforth (sister to Leslie from the previous tale) has felt lonely since her cat, Dexter, passed away six weeks ago. How is Dana supposed to write a hot romance by deadline when her own life is so empty? Then Dara hears the mournful meowing outside, in the snowstorm, and rescues a freezing British Blue cat. The tag on the cat’s collar gives the feline's name, Elvis. The cat's human companion, Rhys St.John, is someone Dara is already familiar with.

Chicken What Du Hell (Or Bubba The Cat Plays Matchmaker)
Royce Torqhill Remington Kinross, the thirteenth Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld, was tired of gold digging women constantly hounding him. Now he goes by the name Remy Kinross, in New Orleans, and hides behind a Cajun accent. The only woman making him look twice lately is Catonia Flemyn. But every time she stops by it's because his cat, Bubba, has left another serpent gift for her. (BTW, Bubba is cousin to the cat of the first story.)

A Very Special Man
Desdemona "Dezzy" loves the huge cat, Simon, which had somehow found and adopted her. But she has no idea that Simon is not really a cat.

***** Nine short stories and novellas that will amuse everyone - whether they like cats or not. Historical Romances, Super Natural, Modern Contemporary...this book has a bit of everything. Enchanting tales for the most wicked, award-winning author today! Spellbinding! A treat for all! And a puurrr-fect way to spend any winter night. *****

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

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